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One of the most common questions these days is what the future of Airbnb in Pakistan is. For those of you who do not know what Airbnb is and for the people who want to know about its future in Pakistan this article is going to give answers to your questions and further it is going to provide you with more knowledge regarding Airbnb.

Airbnb is basically an online marketplace that serves to connect people in such a way that there are two categories. First are the ones who are looking for clients or are looking for people to rent out their homes. The other category is of the people who are searching for rental homes, apartments, or penthouses. Airbnb provides people with various opportunities and held in linking and connecting people from all around the globe. This article will help you understand the working of Airbnb, its future in Pakistan, and how can you use it.

How Airbnb Works?


Airbnb Inc. is an American company that is basically a platform for online vacation renting of houses, apartments, and penthouses, etc. The company established in 2008, has its head office located in San Francisco, California, United States. It helps in creating beautiful experiences for tourists. It is basically a platform that helps tourists find the perfect spot at cost-effective rates. The other aspect is that it allows people to post or provide their hoses or apartments for rents. The company charges a 3% host service fee and 0-20% are the service charges for the clients.

To book you have to go to the Airbnb official website or their app available at both google play store and apple app store. Further, the user just has to provide a location and thousands of search results are displayed for them. These results are flexible, and the user can check for what bests suit him/her. The user can book an accommodation of his own choice. The website guides you in every possible way you just have to make an account and you are open to a wide range of homes, apartments, guest houses, and penthouses.

Future of Airbnb in Pakistan


Although Airbnb has not yet been officially launched in Pakistan but has surprisingly gained major popularity in the major cities which include Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and various northern cities of Pakistan. It has gained massive popularity and has gained a strong position in the online vacation renting marketplace. This platform I used by thousands of people for its services all across Pakistan. Think! This platform is not yet officially launched and has so many users in Pakistan then what will happen when it will officially launch in Pakistan. Airbnb will gain a monopoly in this industry in Pakistan.

Airbnb is going to be the next big trend in Pakistan. Even now we can see that many hoses in DHA Karachi and Bahria Town etc. have their lavish and exquisite apartments on this platform. After observing the changing trends in the real estate sector of Pakistan most people can easily predict that this platform will help investors in gaining profit and the website will serve to be a source of generating rental income. This platform is going to provide massive returns due to its popularity and strong market share. For tourists looking for rental hoses, apartments, or guesthouses this platform provides easy, flexible, and cost-effective results.

How would you use Airbnb?


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