Al-Noor Orchard Lahore


Al Noor Orchard Lahore, a stunning housing society, has been approved by the Lahore Development Authority and is the result of the efforts of the globally renowned Al-Jalil developers. Positioned in Lahore, the society is situated on the main Bazar Sharaqpur Shareef Road, directly across from Al-Raziq Garden, on the main Jaranwala Road. The society is a gated community, providing residents with access to lavish facilities and amenities right at their doorstep. The balloting was held in September 2018, and the developers had a single objective in mind when designing and developing the project, which was to provide investors with a modern and high-tech lifestyle. In addition, potential buyers can take advantage of simple payment plans to acquire property. It spans over a substantial 40-acre area of prime land and is an affordable and marvelous residential project.

Al-Noor Orchard Owner & Developers:

Al-Jalil developers, a company founded by Nasrullah Khan in 2002, are responsible for the development of a well-known residential society in Lahore. The company’s primary objective was to create a community that reflects the values of modern society in the 21st century. To achieve this, they employed highly experienced architects and civil engineers to ensure that the infrastructure development meets the standards of modern urban town planning. Al-Jalil developers have a reputation for delivering unique housing projects that meet the expectations of investors. Their previous project, Al-Jalil Garden, was a great success, and investors have placed their trust in the company to provide them with similar one-of-a-kind housing projects.

When designing and developing the Al Noor Orchard, the developers took into account all globally applied urban town planning principles. They hired the best professionals to maintain the high standards that they always promise. The society has been highly praised by keen investors for its excellent infrastructure and modern amenities.

Al Jalil Developers

Al-Jalil developers have demonstrated their commitment to providing high-quality housing projects that meet the needs and expectations of investors. Their attention to detail and emphasis on modern urban town planning principles has made them a highly regarded company in the real estate industry.

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Al-Noor Orchard NOC

The management team of Al-Noor Orchard Lahore has successfully obtained an official No Objection Certificate (NOC) with the reference number LDA/DMP1/SKP/913 from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The NOC was approved by the LDA in October of 2019, and a society balloting process was conducted in September of 2018 for approximately 150-200 plots in Blocks A and B. This NOC is a crucial document that enables the developers to commence the construction and development of necessary infrastructure within the community. Interested individuals can access the officially approved NOC from the LDA’s website.

Al-Noor Orchard Location

The Al-Noor Orchard Lahore is situated in a highly desirable area within the city of Lahore. Specifically, it can be found directly across from the Faizpur Interchange and adjacent to the Al-Raziq Garden. Additionally, the location is easily accessible from the nearby Al-Jalil Garden, as it is just a short drive away.

The Al-Noor Orchard Lahore is positioned along the Main Bazar Sharaqpur Sharif Road, which serves as a vital link between Lahore and Jaranwala. This road is a major thoroughfare, allowing for easy transportation in and out of the city. Moreover, the Al-Noor Orchard Lahore is strategically located at the intersection of the Karachi-Lahore Motorway and the Faizpur Interchange, providing convenient access to both. In addition, the Al-Noor Orchard Lahore is in close proximity to other important interchanges, such as the Babu Sabu Interchange. Furthermore, the Ravi Tool Plaza is located a mere 1.3 kilometers away from the site, making it easily accessible for those traveling to and from the area. Overall, the Al-Noor Orchard Lahore’s location is considered to be highly advantageous due to its prime positioning in one of Lahore’s most sought-after areas.

Al-Noor Orchard Master Plan

The 40-acre land of premium and affordable real estate is thoughtfully divided into multiple blocks, each of which is specifically designed to cater to different plot size preferences. These blocks provide ample options for potential buyers to choose from, including plots of 3, 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

In addition to these plot sizes, the developers have also included the availability of commercial plots, with 4 Marla plots being offered. For those who prefer to own a home, the developers have also included the option to purchase homes with a plot size of either 3.5 or 5 Marla. Overall, the Al-Noor Orchard Lahore development offers a diverse range of options for potential buyers to choose from. Whether one is interested in a large or small plot, a commercial space or a residential home, the development has something to offer for everyone’s preference and budget.


The society is divided into the following:

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block A Extension

Plot Dimensions:

Following are the sizes of residential plots in Al-Noor Orchard Lahore:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Marina Sports City

Marina Sports City Residencia is a newly developed residential area that has been added to the real estate market in Lahore. This development offers a variety of different plot sizes to meet the diverse needs and preferences of potential homebuyers.

The residential plots available at Marina Sports City Residencia are available in sizes that include

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla,
  • 20 Marla

This diverse range of plot sizes offers a wide selection of options to potential buyers with varying requirements and budgets. Marina Sports City Residencia is a promising new addition to Lahore’s real estate market, providing a range of options for those in search of a new home in the area. The development’s range of plot sizes is likely to appeal to a diverse group of buyers, making it a highly attractive and competitive residential area in the city.

West Marina

Al-Noor Orchards has introduced a unique and highly desirable housing society that caters to the needs of every homebuyer. Among the different blocks within the development, the West Marina Block has emerged as a highly sought-after option due to its many attractive features.

The West Marina Block stands out from the other blocks, offering limited plots in sizes that range from 5, 10 & 11 Marla, 1 Kanal, to 2 Kanal. This provides potential buyers with a variety of plot size options to choose from.

In addition to the plot sizes, Al-Noor Orchards is offering a flexible 5-year payment plan, making it easier for potential buyers to invest in their dream home. The payment plan is designed to be affordable and convenient, allowing individuals to budget and plan accordingly. The West Marina Block at Al-Noor Orchards is an exclusive and highly sought-after option that provides a unique opportunity for individuals looking for their ideal home. With a variety of plot sizes and flexible payment plans, this block is an attractive and competitive option for potential homebuyers.

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West Marina Commercial


The developers of Al Noor Orchard Lahore have announced an exciting new initiative to launch an extension of Block A. This comes after the great success of the original Block A and the increasing demand from customers for more properties in the area. The location of the new Block A Extension is prime, as it will be situated adjacent to the existing Block A in Al Noor Orchard. In addition, Block C and Block D are also located nearby, adding to the convenience and accessibility of the location.

Al-Noor Orchard Block A

Al-Noor Orchard villa

Facilities & Amenities

The administration of Al Noor Orchard is committed to providing its residents with a wide range of basic and modern facilities. These facilities have been carefully chosen to ensure that residents can enjoy a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Some of the basic facilities that will be provided include access to water, gas, and electricity. Additionally, the housing society will have well-maintained carpeted roads and boulevards, ensuring easy access to all areas of the community. To enhance security, CCTV cameras will be installed throughout the community.

The housing society will also have an efficient drainage system to ensure that rainwater is properly channeled away from residential areas. To promote an eco-friendly environment, green belts will be maintained, and garbage disposal facilities will be provided. Residents will also have access to educational institutes and hospitals within the community, making it easier for them to access essential services.

Parks and playgrounds will be available for children and families to enjoy, and mosques will be conveniently located within the community for prayer and worship. To ensure the safety of residents, a security team will be deployed, and street lights will be installed to provide adequate lighting at night.

Overall, the Al Noor Orchard is committed to providing its residents with a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, with all the essential facilities and amenities they need to live a happy and healthy life.


The launch of Al Noor Orchard Lahore is expected to meet the growing demand for high-quality properties in this popular area of Lahore. With its prime location and proximity to other blocks in Al Noor Orchard, the new extension is set to offer residents an even more convenient and comfortable lifestyle. The developers of Al Noor Orchard are committed to providing their customers with the best possible living experience, and is just one more step in achieving that goal.


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