4 Strategies on Attracting Real Estate Buyers in Pakistan

real estate buyers in Pakistan

Real estate is, undoubtedly, a booming business throughout the world—hey, everyone needs a place to live! Apart from needing a place to rest your head, real estate offers people a great place to invest. Real estate investment is known to be one of the more certain and sturdy investment types. If you’re just starting with your own real estate business and need strategies on how to attract real estate buyers in Pakistan, then read on.

Reach Out to Real Estate Buyers in Pakistan

reach out to real estate buyers through social media

Our experts at Makeen Marketing believe that the best way to reach out to your clientele is through numerous social media platforms. Not only are you going to get in touch with existing and prospective, but you can use it as a place to work on your company’s reputation and establish an online presence.

Social media is a great way to bridge the communication gap between you and your audience. Below are a couple of social media platforms every digital marketer needs to be on.


Over the years, Facebook has evolved from being a platform you can reconnect with old classmates to a great place to connect with potential real estate buyers in Pakistan. We highly recommend you make a business account on Facebook and fill it up with useful links and information regarding your business.

There are two basic ways to advertise your properties on Facebook— free organic publications and paid publications. If you’re going along with paid publications, you must make sure that you generate optimized ads which will get you the maximum amount of engagement.


Yelp is the holy grail of reviews and company ratings. Think about it, when you look up the products and services of a new company, the first thing you do is look up whether the firm is legit, and what previous clients have to say about it. Everyone does this on a subconscious level.

Thus, a professional, and highly experienced agent in the real estate industry knows how important it is to gain positive reviews from your clients. This can put your head and shoulders above the rest of the market competition. Additionally, many potential clients might be looking up real estate businesses to get in touch with on Yelp. Having good ratings will help you get more business.

Start a Real Estate Blog

Start a real estate blog for real estate buyers in Pakistan

According to HubSpot, companies that tend to publish at least 17 blogs per month tend to reach out to a bigger audience and get 3.5x more traffic on their website. Seems like an important practice, right? Despite this, many real estate businesses refuse to put up blogs on their website.

As a well-renowned marketing firm in Islamabad, we know how great an impact blogs can make in grabbing the attention of real estate buyers in Pakistan. You should write on interesting topics that your target audience can relate to— travel, home décor, as well as project-specific topics. Check out one of our highly ranked blogs down below.

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Remember to optimize all the content you’re putting forth, and make sure you stick with what’s relevant to your niche.

High-Quality Videos

High Quality Videos for Real estate buyers in Pakistan

We’re all living a fast-paced life and simply don’t have the time to sit there and read extremely long articles for a bit of information. Perhaps the most effective way you can attract real estate buyers in Pakistan is by creating engaging video content.

The best part about a good company video is that you’re able to convey loads of information in a short amount of time. Moreover, videos don’t demand a lot of attention from the viewers. Instead of sitting down and actively reading, the viewer can have your video open in the background and listen while doing chores around the house. Click below for a prime example of what an engaging, informative video on real estate looks like.


Some important real estate categories to cover in your videos are introductory videos, that give a background of your work. You should work on producing testimonial videos of positive reviews by clients. This adds legitimacy to your company. Moreover, neighborhood videos are extremely crucial in showing off the surrounding of your real estate project. Real estate buyers in Pakistan pay special attention to these things.

Make Use of Google Ads

make use of google ads for real estate buyers in pakistan

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is advertising your services on Google Ads. Because this isn’t a cheap feat, experts at Makeen Marketing recommend you do this last. Use the tips mentioned above to create an online presence and fly into the radar of potential clients.

There’s no doubt that advertising on Google Ads will be extremely beneficial to your company in reaching out to more real estate buyers in Pakistan. Getting a high rank on Google organically will be difficult due to high competition.

This strategy allows you to position your ad among the top 3 searches on the first page. It’ll be the first thing potential real estate buyers in Pakistan see on the SERP. Moreover, Google Ads works well for real estate agencies because it allows you to set metrics that allow you to target an audience in specific locations.

We hope this guide was helpful in giving you a working knowledge of how to attract real estate buyers in Pakistan.  Makeen Marketing is an incredibly accomplished real estate consultancy firm in Islamabad and these strategies have worked wonders for our firm. If you’re looking to buy real estate anywhere in Pakistan, let us help! Click here to contact us.

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