Bahria Town Peshawar | Payment Plan 2023

Bahria Town Peshawar:

Bahria Town Peshawar is a highly anticipated project by Bahria Town Private Limited in Pakistan. The project is a well-known real estate developer in the country and has gained a reputation for developing large-scale, modern housing societies and commercial projects. Malik Riaz, the founder of Bahria Town, is a prominent figure in the real estate sector. He has played a significant role in transforming the real estate landscape in Pakistan. His company has been involved in various successful projects across the country. Earning recognition and awards on national and international levels.

The announcement of Bahria Town Peshawar is seen as a positive development, particularly for the residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province. The project is touted as the second-largest venture by Bahria Town, indicating its scale and significance.

Bahria Town Peshawar Location:

The potential location of Bahria Town Peshawar near Northern Bypass and M2 Expressway seems to be strategically chosen, offering several beneficial points for potential residents and investors:

  • Strong Road Networking: Being near the Northern Bypass and M2 Expressway provides easy access and connectivity to other areas of the city and beyond. Good road connectivity is crucial for convenience and accessibility.
  • Central Hub of Peshawar: The project’s central location in Peshawar makes it an attractive choice for those who want to live or invest in a well-connected and main area of the city.
  • Trade, Business, and Investment Activities: The area’s existing popularity among people for trade, business, and investment activities could indicate a thriving economic environment. This can be appealing to those seeking opportunities for commercial ventures.
  • Availability of Facilities: Proximity to various facilities and amenities is a significant factor for potential residents. Having essential services, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and recreational options nearby adds convenience and enhances the quality of life.

Bahria Town Peshawar Map:

Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar Masterplan:

Bahria Town Peshawar is planned to offer a diverse range of properties, catering to both residential and commercial needs. The inclusion of plots in various sizes, as well as the launch of villas and apartments, indicates that the project aims to accommodate a wide spectrum of potential buyers.

In the residential category, Bahria Town Peshawar will offer plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal sizes. These different plot sizes cater to the varying needs and preferences of homebuyers, providing options for those looking for smaller or larger residential spaces.

Additionally, the availability of commercial plots in two different sizes signifies the project’s intention to attract businesses and investors interested in setting up commercial ventures within the Bahria Town Peshawar development. Overall, the diversity of property offerings is likely to be appealing to a broad range of buyers, making Bahria Town Peshawar an attractive option for both residential and commercial investments in the region.


The residential plot sizes available in Bahria Town Peshawar are expected to be as follows:

  • 5 Marla Residential Plots
  • 10 Marla Residential Plots
  • 1 Kanal Residential Plots

For commercial plots, the sizes offered in Bahria Town Peshawar are expected to be:

  • 5 Marla Commercial Plots
  • 8 Marla Commercial Plots

Bahria Town Peshawar is also expected to offer villas/houses for sale in the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla Villas
  • 10 Marla Villas
  • 1 Kanal Villas

Bahria Town Peshawar Expected Payment Plan (Residential):

The expected prices for residential plots in Bahria Town Peshawar are as follows:

5 Marla plot: Expected price range of 25 lacs (2.5 million) Pakistan Rupees.

10 Marla plot: Expected price range of 40 lacs to 45 lacs (4 to 4.5 million) Pakistan Rupees.

1 Kanal plot: Expected price range of 60 lacs to 70 lacs (6 to 7 million) Pakistan Rupees.

2 Kanal plot: Expected price range of 1.10 crores to 1.30 crores (11 to 13 million) Pakistan Rupees.

Bahria Town Peshawar Expected Payment Plan (Commercial):

The expected prices for commercial plots are as follows:

5 Marla commercial plot: The expected price of 70 lacs (7 million) Pakistan Rupees.

8 Marla commercial plot: The expected price of 1.30 crores (13 million) Pakistan Rupees.


Booking plots can be a straightforward process. Below are the general steps to book a plot in the project:

  • Contact Makeen Marketing Customer Representative: Get in touch with a customer representative from Makeen Marketing. They are authorized sales partners of Bahria Town Peshawar. They will guide you through the booking process and provide you with the necessary information.
  • Provide Necessary Documents and Basic Information: You will be required to provide certain documents and basic information, such as your identification documents, proof of income, and contact details. These documents are usually needed for the booking process and to ensure the authenticity of the transaction.
  • Complete the Booking Process: Once you have provided the required documents and information, you will proceed with the booking process. This involves selecting the plot size and types you wish to book, agreeing to the terms and conditions, and making the necessary payments as per the payment plan.
  • Completion of Plot File: After completing the booking process and making the required payments, your plot file will be processed by the relevant authorities. This process typically takes around 30-40 days. During which the necessary paperwork and documentation for your plot will be finalized and completed.


This much-anticipated project by Bahria Town Private Limited holds great promise as it prepares for its launch. The development’s appeal is further bolstered by its proximity to areas known for trade, business, and investment activities, making it an attractive option for both residential and commercial ventures. The availability of essential facilities nearby enhances its allure, providing convenience and a promising lifestyle for future residents. As the project unfolds, potential investors and residents who are eagerly waiting for this profitable investment should contact Makeen Marketing. With the reputation of Bahria Town as a leading real estate developer in Pakistan, the launch of this project is eagerly anticipated. Its success has the potential to further contribute to the growth and development of the region.

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