Top Benefits of Investing in Blue World City Overseas Block


A part of Blue World City which is the latest trend in the real estate world is Blue World City Overseas Block. Blue World City is a Pak-China friendly city and is the mega project introduced by BGC-IGC Consortium. Blue World City is located adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M2) at a 20-minute derive from New Islamabad International Airport. It is Pakistan’s first tourist attraction being constructed at international standards. Blue World City Overseas Block is equipped with replicas of the world’s greatest architectural marvels and tourist destinations. These include Burj al Arab, Blue Mosque, Rumi’s Square, a word-class theme water park, a 5-star hotel, and the world’s tallest Horse Mascot.

Moreover, Blue World City is going to be one of the most luxurious and deluxe places for tourists to visit. This mega project portrays one of the best architectural creations. This luxurious community comes with all the lifestyle requirements for a modern society. The main attractions of this community include Blue Mosque, Water Theme Park, Night Safari Zoo, Burj al Arab, Horse Mascot, and Rumi’s Square.

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Booking with Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd

Blue World City Overseas block bookings

Blue World City is being marketed by various real estate agencies one of which the finest firm located in Islamabad is known as Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd. The company was founded in 2020 by CEO Mr. Hassan Talal. It is a digital real estate agency that works hard to equip potential investors with the knowledge and information which would enable such investors to invest in real estate for profit and future growth. Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd Provides its clients with the best tailor-made investment solutions so that these clients may easily invest in real estate for maximum future returns. It is one of the top firms that are marketing Blue World City Overseas Block.

Moreover, Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd is best when it comes to providing its clients with services which include Real Estate Consultancy, Invest Management, Property Management, Real Estate Management, Transaction Management, Digital Marketing Services, Property Development Plans, and Real Estate Portfolio Management. The company also aims to provide individuals with real estate and marketing training so that they may compete and excel in the marketplace. Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd is also in collaboration with public and private firms to develop and provide the best solutions to investors for maximum returns on their investments.

Blue World City Overseas Block for Pakistani’s Abroad

Blue World City has introduced this block for Pakistanis living abroad so that they can enjoy the world-class luxuries and lifestyle right here in their home country. The options available for buying plots and villas range from 7 to 10 Marla and 1 to 2 Kanal. Blue World City Overseas Block is a gated community which includes CCTV and Surveillance, E-Tagging System, Schools, Hospitals, and Mosque, Security System, Overseas Lagoon Club, Green Service Area, and much more. The Overseas Block is situated on the main boulevard and is the most lavish part of Blue World City offering maximum returns to the investors.

Moreover, Blue World City Overseas Block offers benefits that not many communities in the region offer. It is a secure and gated community with all surveillance equipment included. The overseas block is not like other normal parts of a community it has a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. The overseas block is built on international standards with cost-effective payment plans and offers huge returns on investment. The overseas block itself is a community that has its own Mosque, school, Lawns, Green areas, Parks, and an overseas lagoon club. The Overseas Block has the maximum profit potential in the community.  Blue World city offers many flexible and cost-efficient installment plans which help individuals for future growth. Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd has been providing its clients with all the insights about Blue World City Overseas Block and how and when to invest in this mega project.

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