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Having a decent interior design set up can make the world of difference to the entire vibe of your home. Your interior design ideas are the best reflection of your styles and tastes. The way you prefer to decorate your home is quite personal and can even be ritualistic for some people.

They might enjoy sitting down with a planner, deciding on which color to paint their walls in order to match their aesthetic. And while it’s always good to follow your own tastes when it comes to home decoration, even the best interior designer could always use a little inspiration.

We have found that browsing the internet is a great way to come across good interior design ideas. Our experts have compiled a list of our favorite design blogs for you to get all your newest interior design ideas from!


So the first on our list of interior design blogs is Inhabitat. What makes this design blog especially attractive is that it offers a wide variety of sustainability projects. Thus, this blog is especially helpful to those who are looking to make environmentally conscious decisions for their interior design.

This blog is the perfect blend of technology, design, and environmentalism.  The blog offers some brilliant way to introduce eco-friendliness in your interior design ideas for bedrooms.



We just had to add ArchDaily to our list of interior design blogs! It’s one of the most highly ranked architecture websites in the world! This blog will give you some of the best interior design ideas you’ll ever come across.

This blog is the epitome of innovation and following the guides provided by it ensures a masterpiece of an interior design. Visit their website today and find the best ideas for living rooms.

Home and Design

Home and decor website

This is another great source for interior design ideas. What sets this blog aside apart from the rest of our picks is that it’s an actual magazine. So, you have beautifully curated galleries of interior design ideas at your fingertips.

The website’s interface is very minimalistic and easy to navigate thus making all these clever design tips easy to research. The blog offers you a host of ideas for every corner of your home. Our favorite types of blogs are the ones that cover extensively each and every aspect of a room— from the flooring to the wallpaper, the fixtures, and the kind of bedding that would go best with your aesthetic.


Dwell is a personal favorite of ours when it comes to interior design ideas since it covers a wide range of décor related topics. You’ll find interior design ideas for living rooms, ideas for bedrooms as well as home tours, extensive décor guides, and articles.

Moreover, you can visit their website to shop for home furnishing items such as lighting and fans, bath, and bedroom items as well as furniture and kitchen and dining room accessories. They have the cutest shelving units and glove cabinets.

Makeen Marketing’s Interior Design Ideas

MakeenMarketing blog interior design ideas

Makeen Marketing is a leading housing and real estate firm in Islamabad. Apart from dealing in properties, we run a widely successful home décor blog. While most of our blogs are designed to cater to the masses, however, some are more geared towards Pakistani homeowners in particular.

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We have some great articles on rustic farmhouse bedroom ideas and how to stage your home before you have to show it to potential buyers. We highly recommend these blogs for interior design ideas and guarantee following them will transform your home.

About Makeen Marketing:

Makeen Marketing is a real estate consultancy firm operating in the heart of Islamabad. We deal in a host of real estate projects, but the most notable ones are Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City. For more details, call us at (+92) 300-0525925.

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