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RDA Approved housing societies

List of Legal RDA Approved Housing Societies in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is one of the ancient cities in the subcontinent, with a plethora of features dating back to time immemorial. Unlike the planned city of Islamabad neighboring it, Rawalpindi is unplanned. Rawalpindi’s development was rather spontaneous, with commercial areas and houses built at a rapid pace, with little or no symmetrical structure. In this blog,…

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businesses affected by covid 19

Helpful Advice to Businesses Affected by COVID-19

This article will offer advice of the different ways businesses affected by COVID-19 can make a comeback. Its been a little over a year since the first outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis. A year later, and shocks of this pandemic are still left throughout the rest of the world. It redefined our sense of norm…

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