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Blue World City Awami Complex

Blue World City

Blue World City developers have always taken their investors by surprise. It is keeping up with its traditions of bringing the best news in the town for its investors. So gear up yourself this time as well. The good news is arriving at the doors of investors – Blue World City Awami Complex prices are rising!

The sole aim of this complex was to follow the vision of Naya Pakistan of PM Imran Khan. The Blue World City Awami Residential Complex will be providing its potential investors with low-cost housing options. It is a step towards accommodating people who are pinching pennies by providing them access to every conceivable facility to raise their standard of living.

Owners and Developers of Blue World City Awami Complex?

The seed of Blue World City Awami Complex was sowed by two of Pakistan’s most reliable and trustworthy real estate developers: Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperium Group of Companies (IGC). Both firms feel that, in addition to earning money, priority should be given to corporate responsibility. They started this initiative with this goal in mind. The joint venture between these two firms is anticipated to pool their finest resources in order to make this endeavor a success.

Old Rates Vs New Rates- Blue World City Awami Complex

According to the Blue World City latest updates, the current rates of Blue World City Awami Complex for 3.5 Marla plots are PKR 5,94,000. By the end of August, these rates will rise by 25%. The new rates would be PKR 7,42,500. If we compare the old rates with the Blue World City new rates, there would be a mere difference of PKR 1,48,500. It implies that, even with the rise, the Blue World City Islamabad prices remain cheap and budget-friendly.

You might be wondering how these prices will help you. The answer is that if you purchase the 3.5 Marla land in Blue World City Awami Complex before August 31st, you will make a guaranteed profit of PKR 1,48,000. Profits might skyrocket as a result of the other variables stated above.

Summarizing the Blue World City Awami Complex payment plan:

  • Old Rate/ Current rate: PKR 5,94,000
  • New Rate after 25% increase: PKR 7,42,500

Blue World City Awami Complex New Payment Plan 2023:

Blue World City Awami Complex has launched a new plot cutting n the high demand. The 4.5 Marla plot is launched at a price of 1,080,000 with a downpayment of 87,500.

Blue World City Awami Complex

Where Is the Location of This Block?

Although the developers are asking a low price for the Blue World City Awami Complex since it is all about affordability. Yet, it provides investors with the best Blue World City location. The site is mapped on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), making it just a stone’s throw from significant areas of the twin cities.
To be even more precise, it is on the right of the general block’s extension.

What Makes Up Awami Residential Complex?

Only 3.5 Marla (20 X 35) apartments and plots are available in the Blue World City Awami Complex. So let’s talk about them exclusively. These apartments are split into three categories by the management of Blue World City Awami Complex: studio apartments, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. The development work at the Awami Residential Complex gated community is still underway. However, if you want to see the design of these buildings, you can visit the model apartments, which are adjacent to the Blue World City site office. You may get to the office if you enter the housing society through gate 2.

Talking about each of the Awami Residential Complex apartment sizes, here is a detailed explanation:

  • Studio apartments have a small kitchen, an attached bath, and a bedroom, all on 375 sq. ft.
  • 1-bed family apartments comprise an open kitchen along with a living room. It has a single bedroom with the Attached Bath in an area of 550 sq. ft.
  • 2-bed family apartments have attached baths & a closed kitchen on 830 sq. ft. It also has a spacious living room.

One of the most common inquiries we receive regarding the apartments is if they are as furnished as depicted in the models. They are, indeed! However, if you wish to design the apartment in your own way, you can request the Blue World City housing society to keep it unfurnished for you. The furnished apartments may be slightly more expensive than the unfurnished apartments.

Blue World City Awami Complex

Why Are the Prices Rising?

Makeen Marketing has received a notification from the developers that they are considering changing the rates by 25% from 31 August onwards. Do not worry, as these apartments will still be affordable as you will not find any other housing society with such prices in the surrounding areas.

Because of its ideal location, the services and amenities it provides, the increasing demand for the Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale, and the investor’s faith in the Blue Group of Companies, the complex is projected to experience a further increase in prices.

Blue World City Awami Complex
Blue World City Awami Complex- development images

How Can I Reserve a Plot in Awami Block?

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about the Blue World City Awami Complex, make sure you have the following papers on hand before reserving a plot:

  • A copy of the applicant’s CNIC
  • Copy of the applicant’s ID card if they are related to the applicant.
  • A passport-size photograph of the applicant’s next of kin
  • Fill out the form that Makeen Marketing will make readily available to you.
  • The payment for the reservation will be made by check, cash, or bank draught.

* To make Blue World City Awami Complex booking easy for you, we provide 24/7 assistance.

When Will the Awami Block Balloting Begin?

Another good news your ears might be waiting to hear is that the balloting will be completed by December 2021 for Blue World City Awami Complex. The investors will be assigned a plot number and a street number. They then begin development on the land.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs:

1- Who is the owner of Blue World City Islamabad?

Blue World City Islamabad is owned by Ch Saad Nazir, son of Ex. Deputy Commissioner.

2- What is the location of Blue World City Islamabad?

The position of Blue World City Islamabad is situated on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange.

3- What are the other blocks of Blue World City Islamabad?

The following are the blocks of BWC Islamabad:

  • General block
  • Awami block
  • Overseas block
  • Hollywood block
  • Waterfront block
  • Sports valley block

4- What are the online services provided by Blue World City Islamabad?

For the ease of its customers, the management has launched an online portal.

5- What is the development status of Blue World City Islamabad?

The grand entrance of the project is completed under the supervision of Chinese Architects. Furthermore, the tallest horse mascots are now complete and a renowned coffee shop Second Cup Coffee is functional there.

6- How long is the installment plan of this society?

The Society has launched a payment plan of 4 years.

7- When Will the Awami Block Balloting Begin?

It will begin in December.


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