Blue World City Islamabad plots for sale in Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad | Location & NOC | Payment Plan & Booking Process

Blue World City Islamabad is a prolific real estate investment destination in Pakistan’s Capital with some of the most attractive features and facilities in the Capital. The payment plan of Blue World housing project is easy and convenient for local as well as overseas Pakistanis. Therefore, this project is a welcome sign for the real estate industry of Pakistan and its location alongside proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road provides investors with a chance to earn maximum profits on their investment.

This article includes all the details regarding Blue World City location, NOC, Payment Plan, Installment Plan, tourism features, Blue World Overseas block, and much more.

Blue World City Islamabad Introduction

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the top housing projects under the jurisdiction of RDA. It is located on Chakri Road near to the M2 Motorway and is being referred to as an upcoming tourism destination in Islamabad. Out of all the housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Blue World City is the most affordable housing project. Investing in Pak China Housing Society means that you are investing a real estate project that will provide you with maximum returns with minimum investment.

You can book your plots in Blue World City Islamabad through an easy installment plan with affordable monthly and semi-annual installments. The Blue World City file entails all the details regarding modes of payment, and the overall information regarding the Blue World payment plan. Once you pay your 10% down payment, you can easily book your plot in Blue World City Overseas Block, General Block, or Awami Residential Complex as well.



In addition to this, Blue World City Islamabad location is situated right next to the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. This will provide this location with a boost in the upcoming few years and this Blue World housing scheme is expected to increase in worth and value. This housing project is in the middle of the CPEC route, and it is brilliant opportunity for investors to buy plots in Blue World City to secure their future.

Blue World City Location in Islamabad

Blue World City is considered to be a prolific investment opportunity because of its location that is strategically profitable for investors. Located near to the M2 Motorway and just a few minutes away from the New Islamabad International Airport, this housing project is known as the future of real estate in Islamabad. It is precisely positioned near the Chakri Interchange that links Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and the name of the parent region in Moza Sihal.

Blue World City Location

One of the most appealing aspect of Blue World City Islamabad is its location at the main Chakri Road. This gives the project an advantage because recently this road has become an ideal location for investors to invest. Most of the latest projects are being constructed at this prime location. This road gives an easy access to many residential societies inclusive of Blue World City. This road has its significance as it connect the urban and rural parts of the city and most importantly leads straight to M2. Moreover, the fact the Blue World City Location is ideal, plays the major role in making this project a success. This road houses commercial areas, schools, colleges, hospitals, and much more which makes the project more appealing to the potential investors. One of the major aspects of any society is its entrance and the roads that connect it. So, taking in account this case scenario Chari road has enhanced this aspect of Blue World City.

One of the most rapid developing projects in Islamabad is Blue World City. One of the factors that play an important role in its fast development is its proximity to New Islamabad Airport. The project is at a 20-minute drive from the New Islamabad Airport. The project has the most marvelous architectural constructions one of which is the world’s tallest Horse Mascot which can be seen from the adjacent Lahore Islamabad Motorway (M2). Taking in account the distance of this mega project from Chakri Interchange it is almost at 9.3 KM i.e. approximately an 11-minute drive via Chakri Road. Many factors have enhanced the importance of Blue World City Islamabad. For instance, the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road which is proposed to be built near Blue world City has a tremendous impact on the overall value of the real estate project.  This means that this mega construction will uplift the overall rates and the value of this project, consequently leading to an increase in the future returns for investors. 

Blue World City Payment Plan

The most interesting aspect Blue World City Islamabad is its payment plan. The Blue World City Payment is designed in such a way that it may create ease for its potential customers. The customer satisfaction and convenience is the ultimate goal of this project. The project provides fascinating and flexible payment plans. What is most important to an investor is the payment plan which has been smartly designed by Blue World City. The Blue World City Payment Plan 2018 was somewhat different.

The payment plan has been gradually been changing since then. The Blue World City Islamabad old payment plan has been replaced by the new one. Good news is that the Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan 2020 creates more ease for the investors. The Blue world City New Payment Plan offers booking of plot on only initial 10% down payment. The updated Blue World City Installment play consists of a duration of 4 years. The project offers a wide range of plots that are set to prices that are quite affordable and the projects aims to cater with the problem to provide plots to people from lower middle-income class.  The commercial Block, General Block, and Awami Residential Complex all have installment plans designed in such a way that it would be easy and convenient for customers to invest.

BWC General Block Payment Plan

Talking about Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan Overseas block, it is designed in such a way so that overseas Pakistani can easily book their plot. The installment plan that Blue World City offers for its overseas block is of 4 years i.e. if you opt for  monthly installments then it adds up to making a 40 installment plan or if you consider making it a 6 months plan it will be a total 8 installments. Not may societies provide such incentives but at the same time Blue World City Payment Plan allows you to book your plot only at 10% down payment. The overall Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plans are designed in such a way that they turn out to me more profitable and beneficial to the customer.

In the Blue World City Overseas Payment Plan plots of the size of 7 Marla at PKR 135,000/-, 10 Marla at PKR 190,000/-, 1 Kanal at PKR 350,000/-, 2 Kanal at PKR 560,000/-, 5 Marla Commercial at PKR 600,000/- and 10 Marl Commercial at PKR 1,200,000/-.

BWC Overseas Block Payment Plan

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plans have created a boom in the real estate world of the country as not many societies offer this much luxury at prices which Blue World City has to offer. Blue World City Payment Plans have struck a major blow to the over price societies in the country.

Blue World City Installment Plan Details

By now you must have already figured out the ways in which Blue World City Islamabad stands head and shoulders above other housing societies in Islamabad. So, what does the Blue World City payment schedule look like exactly?

Looking back, we find a steady increase in the prices of plots offered by the project. Investors and clients who had put money into the project in its early stages—in 2018— have seen great returns on their investment. The prices have been updated a total for 4 times since its inauguration in 2018.

The Blue World City Islamabad installment plan for 2019 was updated in November. According to it, the housing project offered residential plot sizes in the following ranges: 5-marla, 8-marla, 10-marla, 1 and 2- kanal. furthermore, they offered commercial land cut into 5-marla and 10-marla plots. While a year ago, in 2019, a 5-marla plot was sold for approximately 8 lac whereas in the year 2020 it is PKR 990,000. This shows us an increment of almost 2 lac. 

In 2020, the installment schedule was updated once more. The Blue World payment plan for 2020 included residential plots of the following cutting: 5-marla, 8-marla, 10-marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal. The total price of these plots are PKR 990,000, PKR 1,265,000 PKR 1,520,000, PKR 2,50,00 PKR 4,50,000 respectively. There is a 10% down payment on the purchase of these plots. You can pay off these plots in the form of installments spread over 40 months.

Blue World City Map

Blue World City Islamabad is a promising upcoming project by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). The project is said to be located near the Rawalpindi Ring Road. According to the Blue World City Google map search, it is located on the main Chakri Road close by the Chakri Interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad M2 Motorway.

Blue World City Map

If you observe the Blue World City Islamabad map PDF, you will note that the project has several access points. Because of where it is situated, the building project is accessible by two routes: firstly, via the M2 to Chakri Road if you are approaching from Islamabad. The second access point is through the Rawalpindi Ring Road—once it’s construction comes to fruition. The Ring road route is predicted to heavily facilitate those people who will be travelling from afar areas such as DHA and Bahria Town.

Perhaps the most prestigious block this housing scheme has to offer is its Overseas Block. Over time, many have witnessed this block become the crowning jewel of the project. This is for a few reasons: the block aims at catering to the high standards of living that overseas Pakistanis are accustomed to. They offer a number of high-end facilities which make this block extremely sought after.

Studying the Blue World City Overseas Block map, development authorities have reserved expansive areas of land for the construction of parks and other foliage. This gated community boasts of state of the art schools, hospitals, restaurants as well as an Overseas Lagoon Club.

Getting into the details of the plots, looking at the Blue World City Islamabad Plot maps, we can ascertain that clusters of land have been designated for different sized plots and villas. As of yet, the Blue Group of Companies is offering a handful of sizes of residential plots: 7-marla, 10-marla 14-marla, 1-kanal and 2-kanal plots of land. Commercial plots are available for 5 and 10 marla.

Blue World City Islamabad Master Plan

This futuristic housing project, located between the Twin Cities, is the first society to be fully constructed using Chinese building techniques. The colossal housing venture is said to be an expression of the ever-growing Pak-China friendship.

Blue World City Islamabad Master Plan

According to the Blue World City Islamabad master plan, the housing project is set to be built over an expanse of 51,000 kanal. “Sehal”, a village, acts as the moza of the housing project. The Blue World City master plan reveals just how prime the location of this project is—on the main Chakri Road near the M2 Motorway as well as the Islamabad Airport.

Since the society is being developed using foreign construction methods, it’s incontrovertible to say that the master plan of Blue World City exudes modernity. The project boasts of state-of-the-art roads and infrastructure. The suggested road plan is perhaps one of the most attractive features of the Blue World City Islamabad project. The developers have proposed an intricate web of carpeted roads. The width of the Main Boulevard, main roads and streets 120 ft, 80 ft and, 40 ft, respectively.

Other features that make it a pinnacle of modern housing societies are its cinemas, hospitals, shopping mall complex, 5-star hotels and restaurants as well as its 18-hole golf course— just a few of the many amenities offered by the project.


Studying the master plan carefully, we find that the housing project offers clients residential and commercial land as well as farmhouses. In the residential category, the Blue World City master plan indicates that the plot sizes are 5-marla, 8-marla, 1-marla, 1 and 2 kanal. Additionally, the image of the master plan reveals that commercial allotments are available for 5 and 8 marla. Lastly, the housing project offers luxurious farmhouses of 4 and 8 kanal.

Wondering what the future holds for Blue Word City Islamabad? Here are some Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Islamabad.

Blue World City Neighboring Projects

One of the best housing societies on Chakri road is Blue World City Islamabad located at an approximate 11-minutes’ drive from Chakri Interchange. This mega project is surrounded by one of the topmost real estate projects of the Islamabad. Blue World City neighboring projects include Pakistan’s first ever smart city known as Capital Smart City. This project is based on the vision for sustainable development in the country. Another well reputed neighboring society is Top City. This marvelous society shares the vision of becoming a landmark for the most luxurious destination for investors.

Other neighboring societies include Al-Haram City which is introduced to provide plots at the cheapest rates possible, University Town which is incorporated with state of the art technology and serene environment so that its residents can live a clean, healthy and luxurious life, and Mumtaz city which aims to provide international standard living to its residents. Other than this Smart Agro Farms is one of the neighboring societies of Blue World City Islamabad. This society stretches over thousands of acres which offers farmhouses for future development of farming businesses. Also, Abdullah city is in the list of Blue World City neighboring projects.

Witnessing all these Blue World City Islamabad neighboring projects its quite difficult to decide where to invest. In comparison of Blue World City with its neighboring projects it is better in all aspects whether it is land, rates, returns or its future. Talking about the land, this society has the most mature land than any others listed. Its land is considered to be very rich and tough in terms of construction. Other than this compared to Capital Smart City, the land there is not as much up to the mark as such land can turn out to be dangerous for constructions.

Talking in terms the prices, Blue World City Islamabad offers the best and most cost-efficient prices than any other society especially compared to Capital Smart City which is quite expensive. Moreover, no other society provides such handsome returns on invest like Blue World City has to offer. Blue World City Islamabad leads its investor to a very great and lavish future. The society offers a promising future as it hoses international standard constructions and there are limited tourist destinations in Islamabad. So, Blue World City tend to be the major attraction in the city. Investing in this society will make your money and efforts worth investing.

Blue World City NOC Details

Most of the time, whether a client is willing to invest in your housing project or not is contingent upon a single document— the NOC.

So, what is the NOC and why is it so crucial? The NOC, otherwise known as No-Objection Certificate is basically a statement issued by a government construction and development regulatory body. It could be granted to a company or an individual allowing them to go ahead with construction and development on a plot of land. It is a document of proof that can be shown to local authorities during the development of a housing scheme.

If a project fails to acquire a NOC then it may not receive amenities such as electricity, water and gas from local authorities. It also is a good way of showing authorities and clients that your property or housing society is safe from any anticipated or natural hazards.

So, you might be wondering as to what the Blue World NOC status is. Experts at Makeen Marketing are here to dispel any doubts or rumors you might have heard.

The Blue World City NOC status is similar to that of Capital Smart City in that is it essentially waiting for NOC approval on its extension areas. In early 2019, the Rawalpindi Development Authority issued a NOC to Blue World City against Vide Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. This granted the project preliminary planning permission for 427 kanals.

There were a few rumors regarding Blue World City NOC being cancelled in March 2020 however, the chairperson of the project, Saad Nazir, issued a statement dispelling the rumor. He stressed that the NOC approval process was an arduous process. The project had already acquired a no- objection certificate from other departments such as Regulation NOC, Revenue NOC as well as Water and Sanitation NOC. Furthermore, Mr. Nazir declared that the RDA had approved their land verification documents regarding approximately 1534 kanal of land.

In keeping with the latest Blue World City Islamabad NOC news, the project is yet to receive a no objection certificate by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. For now, the NOC is still under process as reported by the RDA.

The Overseas block is one of the most prestigious blocks the project has to offer. It is said to be constructed in one of the highest, most scenic point of the society. It is designed for overseas Pakistanis since most of the infrastructure and facilities installed are done so to accommodate the high living standards of Pakistanis living abroad.

This block offers land cut into 7-marla, 10-marla, 1-kanal and 2-kanal plots. Find the Blue World City Islamabad payment plan for overseas block below:

·         7-marla plots cost PKR 1,36,000/-,

·         10-marla plots cost PKR 1,90,500/-,

·         1-kanal plots cost PKR 3,50,000/-,

·         Lastly, 2-kanal plots cost 5,60,000/-

Studying the payment plan trend over the last 2 years, experts at Makeen Marketing are predicting a 10% increment in the year 2021.

Need more information on Blue World City Balloting? Get in contact with our expert real estate agents at Makeen Marketing.

Blue world City Overseas Block

The most extravagant and lavish is the Blue World City Overseas block of the project. This beautiful part of the project is created for the sole purpose i.e. to cater to the investments of overseas Pakistanis. It is by far the best opportunity for overseas Pakistanis to invest in their home country. This is a very beautiful block that provides the most lavish and posh living with every amenity provided on international standard. Overseas Block allows overseas investors to easily invest and to enjoy the best that their country has to offer.

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block is constructed in such a way that it has its own separate entrance. This lavish living will provide luxury at its peak. The separate entrance will provide easy access to the residents of this block. Furthermore, this block is equipped with most of the tourist attractions and constructions. The convenient access and attractions make it the most important part of this project. This entire block is structured and designed with international standards with its unique and best architectural tourist attractions. All these features support the fact that invest in this block offers maximum returns on your investment.

Overseas Block Location

The Blue World City Islamabad Overseas block map reveals the fact that the overseas block is located at the southern part of this entire project. This means that this block is going to have its own separate entrance from Chakri road that will give easy access to the residents. Investing in this block is a wise decision due to such a reason. The latest Blue World City payment plan 2020 is made in such a way that it makes it easy for investors to buy their future homes in this block. The minimum is Blue World City Overseas Block 7 Marla that is what this project has to offer from this unique block.

Blue World City Overseas Block Payment Plans

The BWC Overseas Block Payment Plan reveals the entire structure of this block. The installment plan is made in such a way that it creates ease and convenience for the investors. The Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Payment Plan 2020 reveals that it easy for investors to just book their block on only a 10% down payment. The investors have to pay a total of 5% on confirmation and further the investors have a choice. Either the investor can opt for option 1 which allows investors with options of 40 months payment plan or 8 Half payment plans. The other is option 2 which allows investors to opt for 16 quarterly installment plans. The payment plan starts from Blue World City Overseas block 7 Marla.

Blue World City Islamabad Farmhouses

Looking for affordable farmhouses in Islamabad? Blue World City Islamabad farms might just be what you have been looking for. These farmhouses offer the perfect retreat— somewhere you and your family can recover the hustle-bustle of everyday life.

Farmhouses are extremely versatile in that you can not only use them as a weekend get-away but also as venues to host birthdays, family get-togethers and even engagement parties. That’s right—an increasing number of people use farmhouses for events in Islamabad!

While there is a consensus that purchasing a farmhouse puts a dent in your finances, Blue World City farmhouses are here to break that stereotype. Going through the Blue World City farmhouse payment plan, you will find that these are in fact quite affordable. 

Blue World City Farm Houses

The housing project offers farmhouse cuttings of 4-kanal and 8-kanal. The total prices are PKR 7,200,00 and PKR 12,150,000, respectively. A 10% down payment applies on both plots. You, the investor, are allowed to pay this off over a 40-month installment period.

You will be able to sit back and enjoy the picturesque view. To get a better idea, visit these farmhouses for sale in Chakshahzad.

Blue Hills Country Farms

Blue Hills farmhouses Islamabad are an elite class of farmhouses offered by Blue World City Islamabad. If you are someone looking for an agro-farm, then these farms are the ideal. This is because the Blue Hills estate is located along Chakri Road, the land is extremely fertile— just what you need to realize all your gardening dreams!

You will be happy to know that these farms are available at different plot cuttings with extremely flexible payment plans:

·         2-kanal plots for a total price of PKR 3,400,000/-,

·         4-kanal plots for a total price of PKR 6,200,000/-,

·         8-kanal plots for a total price of PKR 11,200,000/-,

·         16-kanal plots for a total price of PKR 20,000,000/-

Bookings start with a 15% down payment— the remainder of the amount can be paid over a span of 40 monthly installments.

The Blue Hills map reveals that many amenities will be made available to the owners of these farmhouses. These include recreational outdoor activities such as horse riding, cattle farming, a golf course as well as using the Blue Hills hiking trail.

These attractive features coupled with ideal Blue Hills location make these country farmhouses quite sought after.

Want to find out more on Blue World City NOC and Legal Issues? Or Balloting Details and Information? Get in touch with experts at Makeen Marketing.

Blue World City Awami Complex

One of the most affordable plots in Islamabad are located in the very famous developing project known as the Blue World City Islamabad. Specifically, if we talk about the Blue World City Awami Complex it has the most affordable plots in Islamabad. This part of the project is specifically designed for the people who could barely afford to buy plots in Islamabad. This project provided a golden opportunity to the low-income class so that they can book their very own plot in Islamabad and live the life they have always desired.

The Blue World City Islamabad Awami Complex’s location is unique in such a way that it has its own entrance and is located at the western edge of the entire project. This special part of the project is built with the reason to accommodate people from the low-income group. The special feature of the entire Blue World City Islamabad project is that it has offers for every type of income group. So, to some extent, the project helps cater to the problem of overpopulation and poverty. The CEO of this project is a visionary person and just for the people of this state he acquired a quick solution to develop this part of the project.

A very unique aspect is the Blue World City Awami Complex payment plan as these revels the easy affordability of plots in this block. This payment plan shows that the Awami complex 3.5 Marla residential plot has an area of 675 sq. ft. This is a 4-year payment plan and allows investors to easily book their plot at a 10% down payment and the confirmation price is only 5%. The total price of Blue world Awami Complex 3.5 Marla residential plot is only PKR 5,94,000/- Furthermore, this installment plan provides investors with two options. Either the investor can opt for 40 monthly installments or 8 half-yearly installments. The Awami Complex plots for sale are very limited due to the features that they have to offer. This block has attracted the attention of investors from all across the country.

Blue World City Awami Complex Residential Apartments

Alongside with residential 3.5 Marla plots, Blue World City Islamabad Awami Complex residential apartments are also available for the public. This block is not just all plots but alongside this, the investors also have an option that they can also opt for the residential apartments. One of the best apartments for sale in Islamabad is available in this block of Blue World City Islamabad. The price of these apartments gives it a major edge because of which it is appreciated and has become the next destination to invest in for investors.

These are one of the cheap apartments for sale in Islamabad. The price has made a boom in the real estate world and everyone seems to be interested in Blue World City Islamabad apartments. Blue World City apartment prices are unique and show that investing in this destination is going to be worth it.

Blue World City 3.5 Marla

Both the two opportunities are quite premium. Either we consider 3.5 residential plots or apartments in this block. Talking about the residential plots, not many societies offer 3.5 Marla plots in Islamabad. So, finding low-cost plots in Islamabad has become quite difficult for investors these days. The Naya Pakistan Housing Project has a subsidy of PKR 30 Billion and is just been dedicated to carter with the problem of providing people from low-income segments houses so that they can pursue their future growth.

Blue World city Islamabad 3.5 Marla Payment Plan

The CEO of Blue World City Islamabad is contributing to the Naya Pakistan Housing Project and is providing 5000 apartments to the public. In conclusion, the Blue World City 3.5 Marla residential plots are a golden opportunity and can be your next investment destination. It can be the destination where your new future begins.

Blue World City Awami Villas

Another unique feature that the Awami Complex has to offer is Awami Villas. One of the most famous types is the Duplex Villas at Awami Complex. This type of residential structure is basically based on two floors. This lavished structured construction is favored by people from around the globe. This is a semi-detached living style and is available at very optimum rates in Blue World Awami Complex. Such constructions are very attractive to potential investors.

Blue World City Islamabad Awami Block has all these three incentives serve to be an opportunity of a lifetime for low-income segment people of the country. So due to the Blue World City Islamabad Awami Complex Block the overall project has gained a massive value and offers huge returns. For Blue World City Awami file verification visit the experts of the real estate in Islamabad i.e. Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Owners and Developers of Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad has been making headlines in the world of real estate for some time now. It is said to be one of the housing projects at the acme of the real estate sector. Perhaps one reason for why this might be is the fact that Blue World City is owned by the Blue Group of Companies—one of the foremost real estate developers in Pakistan.

Moreover, the Blue World City Islamabad owners are working in collaboration with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering— a Chinese firm tasked with the construction and development of the residential project. Many speculate that recruiting Blue World City developers from our neighboring ally is step a towards strengthening ties between the two countries. It is for this reason that the project has been dubbed a “Pak-China Friendly City”.

Given the fact that Blue World City builders and developers are a Chinese company, you can expect the housing project to be built upholding stringent international standards. This is quite evident taking a glance at the master plan of the project; in an opening statement, the chairman of Blue Group of Companies, Saad Nazir, voiced his intention of fulfilling his promise to create a “modernized residential and commercial hub”. A quick side note here: Saad Nazir was previously appointed as the CEO of Blue World City however he was elected as chairman of the project in June 2020. The Blue World City CEO position has since then been filled in by Nadeem Ejaz—the former Managing Director of the project. 

The housing society will be offering its residents many amenities including well-designed roads and infrastructure, 5-star hotels and restaurants, as well as other recreational hubs. Plots offered will be categorized into 3 areas: residential, commercial and farmhouse.

Saad Nazir, the Chairman of BWC and son of ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore Chaudhry Nazir, founded the Blue Group of Companies in 1998 and has quickly become a well-known real estate tycoon. Saad Nazir has spearheaded many successful housing projects in the past including Blue Sapphire, PIA Co-operative Society and Central Park in Lahore. It is because of his stellar track record that many expect Blue World City Islamabad to be a success.

Blue World City Latest Development

Blue World City Islamabad is a recent project sponsored by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). The project is also in association with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering— a Chinese construction and development company. Because this project is in collaboration with companies from both Pakistan and China, it has been speculated that the community will represent Pak-China comradery.

The housing project is being watched carefully by investors all over Pakistan, so let us try and track some Blue World development work. 

Grand Entrance Near Chakri Interchange

Considering the fact that the project was started in 2017, Blue World City Islamabad has made tremendous strides in development. Perhaps the biggest proof of that is in the grand entrance construction as well as that of the main boulevard. These two are extremely close to fruition. They are quite strategic to the project as they connect to the main Chakri Road on the Lahore-Islamabad M2 Motorway. The main boulevard connects to famous housing schemes surrounding the project such as Capital Smart City as well as Mumtaz City and Top City.

Another monumental Blue World development work that has taken place is the commencement of the land clearing in phase 1 of the housing project. This is the process of preparing a building lot for construction by removing any vegetation and debris.  The next step to this is carrying out plot mapping and levelling. This is the process of creating a layout showing the architecture and utility runs of the plot.

Forces Cadet College in BWC

Apart from this, there have been steps taken to lay down the foundations of the Blue World Cadet College. this is a new Blue World development work update. With the release of this update, Blue World City Islamabad established itself as a lot more than just another housing society.

Furthermore, there has been progress in installing the 125 ft Blue World horse mascot. The housing society is setting the standard of having the tallest mascot in the world. With this landmark, the project hopes to bring in multitudes of tourists from all over the country as well as abroad.

Speaking of landmarks, the project completed its construction of a Burj-Al Arab replica; its ceremony took place in July 2020. With the replica of Burj Al-Arab Blue World City Islamabad sets itself apart from other housing societies. It presents its residents with an array of attractions that add to the beautification of the housing society.

Blue World City Islamabad Balloting

Apart from these ground breaking developments, as of September 2020, Blue World City has announced the balloting of plots. It is said that the status of general balloted plots has been confirmed and investors will be granted possession of their plots buy December 2020.

As one can deduct from the rapid development and urbanization of this housing project, Blue World City Islamabad is a force to be reckoned with. Here are a few more Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Islamabad. If you are looking for real estate agents in Islamabad to help offer guidance, then avail Makeen Marketing’s services.

Pak-China Friendly Society

Blue World City Islamabad is a Pak-China friendly society that is one of the top trending investment destinations in the capital territory. The housing project is sponsored by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). Moreover, this project is in association with Shan Jian Municipal— a leading Chinese development and construction company. It is said that this housing society is the embodiment of the ever-blooming Pak-China comradery.

Unlike any other trending housing society, Blue World city Islamabad is the first Pak-China friendly city in the country featuring modern infrastructure and state of the art architecture. Pakistan and China friendship has always been of importance for both countries. This friendship has proven to be fruitful in terms of strength and economy for both countries. The establishment of this friendship has turned out to be a major driving force for both countries to stand dominant in the world.

Considering the most famous Pak-China joint venture known as China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the strong alliance of the two republics can be observed. CPEC is basically a route starting from the west part of China and connects to the Indian Ocean through Pakistan. This route will serve as regional connectivity and will serve as a driving force behind the enhancement of the two states in every aspect. This project has overall lifted the business sector as well as the real estate sector of Pakistan.

Pakistan has been most frequent in importing and using Chinese technology in most of its sector due to its low cost and good reliability. The CPEC route has to turn out to be the main reason behind the added value of societies like Blue World City Islamabad. This BCG-IGC Consortium flagship project is one of the most important investment destinations I Islamabad as this mega project is located on the CPEC route. This aspect of society has helped it gain maximum attraction and value. Due to CPEC, there has been an immense growth in Pak-China real estate sector. One of the biggest examples is Blue World City Islamabad.

Although this project has major competition with Capital Smart city but being a Pak-China the friendly city has its own perks. Perhaps the most obvious one is that it will be driving in homunculus amounts of Pak-China investment—something that will not only benefit the residents of Blue World City but also play a crucial role in buttressing the Pakistani economy. Apart from this, another very prominent aspect of this alliance is the Blue World City Islamabad gate. The gate is an architectural marvel and is basically built on Chinese design. This gate is so designed so as to cater to Chinese culture. 

Another main aspect of this project as mentioned earlier is the fact that it is located on the CPEC route. The location of any housing society reflects the future and potential of any project. In the case of Blue World city Islamabad, the location is so premium that investing here is a wise decision and this society promises huge returns. This society not only welcomes Pakistanis but also will provide Chinese residents with the accommodation they require Thus making it truly the first Pak-China friendly society of its time.

Blue World City Documents Required

For a multitude of reasons, the Blue World City Islamabad housing project is proving to be one of the foremost upcoming housing projects in Islamabad. Its opening is highly anticipated by investors in, both, local and international arenas.

At Makeen Marketing, we have witnessed an influx of queries regarding the booking procedure. There may be a lot of information floating around regarding this, but we are here to set the record straight and provide an outline of this easy booking process, as well as provide you with a list of the required documentation. 

Blue World City Islamabad Documents

To book a plot in this rapidly developing housing society, you must provide the following documentation:

·         Firstly, you will need 2 passport size pictures of yourself,

·         Secondly, bring along a CNIC copy of you, the owner,

·         Along with the CNIC copy of yourself, you must also present the CNIC of next of kin. This person will become your nominee— someone who inherits the asset, i.e., the plot after you have passed on,

·         Fourthly, you must pay the 10% down payment in either of the following ways: cash, an online transfer, or a money order,

·         Additionally, if you are an overseas client looking to buy property in Blue World City, then you must submit 2 copies of your Overseas National ID Card.

If you are looking for more guidance on Blue World City Islamabad’s booking process, we would be happy to help. All you need to do is reach out to our highly qualified real estate agents—our representatives will handle all formalities on your part.

Additionally, click here if you want more details regarding an Updated Payment Plan, or if you just want more Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Islamabad.

Blue World City Balloting and Possession

Before we discuss the Blue World City Islamabad possession update, lets discuss what balloting and possession really is. Balloting refers to the assignment of plot numbers to an investor of a particular housing project in Pakistan’s real estate.

There are essentially 2 kinds of ballots in the real estate industry: booking ballot and plot ballot. Booking ballot refers to when a project is being offered on installments and booking is on-going. Plot balloting is when the allottee draws a number which will be allocated to them against a its file.


Possession refers to the transfer of ownership of the plot from the housing society, or previous owner, to the new owner. This is usually corroborated by the issuance of a possession letter indicating the transfer of property. However, a possession letter alone is not sufficient for legal possession— you must also acquire an Occupancy Certificate.

Coming back to Blue World City Balloting 2020, it is expected to start soon. The balloting of residential plots will take place in the month of December 2020. After the Blue World Balloting result is out, the possession of these plots will be handed over in the following months.

Possession is being offered for the following blocks of the esteemed housing project:

·         General Block (in January 2021)

·         Overseas Block (in June 2021)

General Block possession will be granted after the General Block balloting has taken place. The plots that are eligible for balloting are those that had been booked prior to the pricing update in 2019. Additionally, those plots which have been paid for in cash are being granted for balloting as well.

Similar to the General block possession process, the Overseas Block possession procedure will take place after the completion of Overseas Block balloting process. 

Looking for balloted plots for sale? Get in touch with Islamabad’s top real estate agency, Makeen Marketing, for all your real estate queries.

Blue World City Pros and Cons

One of the most exquisite parts of any housing society is its location. Blue World City Islamabad is the first-ever tourist attraction in the city. Due to its location, the project is going to be the new commercial hub of the country. Investing here has its own advantages. One of the biggest advantages of this is its prime location. The project is located on the CPEC route and also has proximity to the Chakri Interchange. With this prime location the society also so has to offer the most affordable prices and easy installment plans for the convenience of investors. From the price point of view, no other society is not even close to the value that this society provides in its affordable rates. Investing here will give the investor the most premium and extravagant lifestyle with diverse communities. Living in this society is a dream come true. This society is equipped with every modern amenity.

All sorts of educational and health facilities are available in the mega project and have the best and the most modern infrastructure. The reflection of this is the Replica of the blue mosque. The society visions to provide people with the best lifestyle and become a brand name for lavish living. Because of which the project has Resorts, Hotels, and Malls for the well-being of its residents. Furthermore, the project also has Asia’s most exquisite and largest water theme park. With so many advantages to offer Blue World City Islamabad has become the most desired destination for investors to invest in. Moreover, the society provides a kind living style and offers huge returns on investment.  But then again if we talk about the disadvantages of this project then there is the only one which is that the project is a little bit far from Islamabad City. This is not in fact a problem for almost all the investors. It is just considered to be a negligible disadvantage. 

Blue World City—FAQs

Question 1: What is Blue World City?

Answer: Blue World City Islamabad is a massive housing project being sponsored by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in association with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering—a leading Chinese and development firm.

Question 2: Why invest in Blue World City?

Answer: There are three main reasons many people are choosing to invest in this housing scheme. Firstly, because of its futuristic design which will help it attract many tourists locally and from abroad. Secondly, it is the first of its kind Pak-China friendly city. And lastly, it will be working in collaboration with the Naya Pakistan Housing Project. Click here for more details.

Question 3:  Is Blue World City in Islamabad?

Answer: Yes, Blue World City is located in Islamabad.

Questions 4: Where is Blue World City Islamabad located?

Answer:  This housing project is situated on main Chakri Road nearby the Chakri Interchange on the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (M2). This means that Blue World City Islamabad is located in the middle of the twin cities— making is accessible to residents from both sides.

Question 5: Is Blue World City Islamabad fake?

Answer: No, while there were rumors of this being an illegal housing project, the Rawalpindi Development Authority has granted the housing project NOC for a section of its land covering 5000 Kanal. This cements Blue World’s position as a legitimate and reliable housing society. Click here to see what Saad Nazir, Chairman of Blue World City, has to say about it.

Question 6: Will Blue World City provide facilities?

Answer: Blue World City Islamabad promises to provide its residents with basic utilities such as gas, electricity, water, telecommunication and sanitation. Furthermore, it has made plans to provide residents with recreational spaces such as parks, cinemas, shopping complexes and Chinese-operated resorts as well as educational instates and mosques.

Question 7: What is the development status?

Answer: After winning the case against RDA regarding the BWC NOC, the housing project has expanded its property to add 10,000 kanal. It gained planning permission for the Awami Complex. Read on for Details of Blue World City NOC and Legal Aspects.

Question 8: What is the “First Purpose— Built Tourism Destination”?

Answer: This is the Blue World City Islamabad slogan.

Question 9: What is the Blue World City Islamabad installment plan?

Answer: The BWC installment plan is designed for the ease of the investor. You are required to pay a 10% down payment over a 4-year installment period with 8 bi-annual installments. Click here for further details.

Question 10: What is the Blue World City Overseas Block?

Answer: The Overseas Block is the most prestigious block the housing project has to offer in Blue World City Islamabad. It is situated at a prime location overlooking the entire housing project. It is built adhering to international standards to accommodate overseas Pakistanis— their only target market. Here are the Top Benefits of Investing in Blue World City Overseas Block.

Question 11: Status of Blue World City updates

Answer: The housing project has taken strides in its development. Refer to this article.

Question 12: How will Blue World City Islamabad benefit the economy?

Answer: This project is in collaboration with a Pakistani and a Chinese company. Thus, it will prove to facilitate the Pakistani economy by driving investment from abroad, especially China.

Question 13: Why is Blue World City Islamabad know as a Pak-China friendly city?

Answer: This is one of the first ever colossal collaborations the two countries have done in Pakistani real estate and that is why it is said that this housing society is the embodiment of the ever-blooming Pak-China comradery

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