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blue world city overseas block balloting

Before we get into the Blue World City Overseas block balloting updates, let’s skim over what BWC is.

Blue World City Islamabad is considered to be a sign of trust and innovation in the real estate sector of Islamabad. This is something that we can say hand in the heart because of the recent developments in housing society such as the Blue World City overseas block balloting taking place in July 2021. Such events show us that the society is on the right track and according to the Blue World City Islamabad’s latest news, the society is moving towards the final phases of development very quickly and investors are now paying off the blue world city overseas balloting location fees to get into the balloting process.

This is considered to be one of the best blue world city trend and the queries regarding the blue world city overseas balloting date that is now surfacing the internet, and a large number of investors have contacted Makeen Marketing in order to make sure that they complete their half payments and add their plots in the Blue World City overseas block balloting process.

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Saad Nazir’s Video on BWC Overseas Block Balloting

Saad Nazir, who is the Chairman of Blue World City, has recently uploaded a new video in which he is showing all the Blue World City overseas block balloting copies. According to him, all the data for balloting has been completed for the overseas block by the blue world city overseas balloting authority and the society is now about to carry out a massive event very soon in order to reveal the results of the recent ballot through Blue World City Overseas Block online verification.

This is something that is contributing to the joy of investors, as they will finally get to know their plot no and the street no after the balloting is completed. As a result, the blue world society is now considered to be among the top-performing real estate projects in the market. You can easily book your plot with Blue World City Online payment on blue world’s official website.

How Can You Benefit from This Update?

Firstly, let’s discuss what this new Blue World City Overseas block balloting update is. The esteemed housing society had recently announced the commencement of its balloting procedure. Blue World City management decided to categorize the balloting process by blocks. The first to start balloting was the General block. Our experts at Makeen Marketing have been informed that the Blue World City Overseas Block balloting has begun as well. What’s more, is that investors who have cleared 50% of their dues will be allocated their plots.

Doesn’t this sound like a great deal? Makeen Marketing is here to sweeten the pot. According to the Overseas block’s new payment plan, the housing society is now selling its plots at increased, updated prices. However, our agents still have a few plots at the old rates. Thus, working with us, you will be able to afford similar plots at reduced prices.

However, after the Blue World City overseas block balloting procedure comes to a halt, we will no longer be selling these plots at lower rates. Thus, this is a limited-time offer!

Additionally, our sources say that the famous motivational speaker, Shaykh Atif Ahmed, will be addressing a crowd at the block’s balloting event. This is said to take place on the 31st of January 2021.

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Increment in Rates After Balloting

As the Blue World City overseas block balloting is happening for the very first time after this block was newly launched almost a year ago, the blue world city overseas blocks payment plans have witnessed a significant revision afterward as well. As a result, the investors of these projects are likely to profit in a massive manner with rates skyrocketing with Blue World City Islamabad prices increasing.

Therefore, we can say that this is the best time to invest in Blue World City Overseas Block as it provides investors with high-profit margins, and people can earn maximum returns in a short span of time. The initial rates for 7 Marla plots in the Blue World City overseas plot were PKR 1,350,000, but the new rates launching after the Blue World City overseas block balloting are PKR 1,920,000. This is a major jump in the prices, and only a few bookings are left on a first come first serve basis.

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Blue World City Overseas Block Features

What makes this block unique and distinguishes it from other blocks? People who invest in this prestigious block will live in Pakistan at a high standard. The society provides its investors with a variety of land slices under its new payment schedule. These plots can range in size from 1 to 2 Kanals and 7 to 10 Marla.

The gated community has committed to giving its members access to first-rate security measures, well-equipped hospitals, schools, and mosques. Additionally, Blue World City has allotted specific areas of lush vegetation and lakes in the interest of being an environmentally friendly community. These will not only contribute to environmental preservation but also create some lovely leisure areas for locals.

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Because of the numerous facilitations that come with this housing society, we highly suggest that overseas investors look into this housing society and become a part of the Blue World City Overseas block balloting procedure as soon as possible.

The Blue World City Overseas Block Balloting process is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a serious and fruitful real estate investment in Pakistan. Although the rates for the overseas plots have been raised, Makeen Marketing is still selling a limited number of plots at the previous, lower rates. Contact us now for more details.

Future of Blue World City and Its Development

According to blue world city overseas balloting details, once the booking and Blue World City overseas block balloting are completed, the plots will increase in price. And once that is completed, the plots are going to come into the resale process with the main focus on reselling plots. In the future, this project is expected to become one of the top commerce hubs in the city, and investors are going to be highly involved in the sale and purchase of plots in Blue World City Islamabad.

Homes for low-income citizens of the country are going to be developed in this housing society, and people who are currently homeless are expected to build their homes at a fraction of the high costs in the real estate sector today. As a result, the society is contributing massively to the economy; supporting the needs of poor segments in the society; providing overseas Pakistanis with a futuristic investment destination; and building a tourism destination for people all across the country and beyond. You can easily get all the blue world city overseas balloting information.

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