Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City’s Sports Valley:

Blue World City’s Sports Valley Block is an exciting addition to the Blue World City housing project. The development seems to be focused on providing modern living and entertainment standards, and, notably, it’s being constructed near Motorway Chakri Road. Intriguingly, the management is aiming to create Pakistan’s first-ever purpose-built tourist city, which could potentially attract both residents and visitors looking for a unique experience.

Blue World City’s Sports Valley Block is aiming to set a new standard in modern residential living by combining luxury, convenience, and sports-related amenities. The inclusion of a cutting-edge stadium and well-designed roadways indicates a commitment to providing a comfortable and attractive environment for residents. The emphasis on sports centers, grounds, gymnasiums, and sports complexes suggests that the development is focused on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. This can be appealing to individuals and families who value fitness and recreational opportunities within their living community.


Blue World City’s Sports Valley Block is being positioned as a groundbreaking development within the modern residential sector. The emphasis on combining luxury, convenience, and sports-oriented amenities seems to be a key selling point. The integration of a cutting-edge stadium, well-designed roadways, sports centers, grounds, gymnasiums, and sports complexes is expected to contribute not only to the community’s functionality but also its aesthetic appeal.

The project’s association with the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and prominent international architects highlights a commitment to high-quality design and development. The fact that the project is situated on the M2 Motorway in Islamabad and is being promoted as Pakistan’s first specifically designed tourism city indicates an ambitious vision for the area’s future. The mention of Mr. Saad Nazir as the driving force behind Blue World City’s success suggests the importance of strong leadership in realizing the project’s goals. Additionally, the fact that the company is ranked among the top five internationally renowned real estate development enterprises in Pakistan adds to its credibility.

Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City Sports Valley Location

Sports Valley Block is strategically situated at a busy intersection, making it a highly desirable destination within the larger Blue City development. Sports Valley Location Map underscores the attention given to the project’s layout and placement within the overall landscape. This indicates that the developers have taken care to ensure that each block, including Sports Valley, is positioned in a way that contributes to the overall aesthetic and beauty of the entire development.

The involvement of an international team of designers and architects in designing the Sports Valley Location Map emphasizes the project’s commitment to high-quality planning and design. Collaborating with experts from different parts of the world suggests a global perspective and a desire to create a world-class residential and recreational space.

Blue World City Sports Valley Masterplan

The master plan for Blue World City’s Sports Valley Block appears to be comprehensive and well-thought-out, with a strong focus on catering to sports enthusiasts. The fact that the management has obtained approval from relevant authorities to construct the largest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan, boasting a seating capacity of around 55,000 individuals, is a noteworthy achievement. This stadium is likely to become a significant landmark and could potentially host major cricket events and matches, attracting sports enthusiasts from across the country.

The inclusion of multiple sports arenas and entertainment centers within the Sports Valley Master Plan suggests that the development aims to create a dynamic and active community with a strong emphasis on a sports-oriented lifestyle. This aligns with the modern trend of promoting health and fitness within residential developments.

Payment Plan:

Residential properties in the Sports Valley Block come in several size options, ranging from 5 Marla and 8 Marla to 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots. These varying sizes cater to different preferences and needs for a comfortable living space. Beyond the prominent feature of Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium, the development of residential properties plays a pivotal role in shaping the Sports Valley Block. Taking a closer look at the Sports Valley Payment Plan helps shed light on why this project is garnering significant acclaim well before its actual completion.

Blue World City Sports Valley

For 5 Marla Residential Plots:

The cost of 5 Marla residential plots in Blue World City Sports Valley is set at an affordable 2,200,000/-. This price truly reflects the upcoming facilities and amenities in this block. You can easily secure ownership of a plot through the four-year Sports Valley Payment Plan.

For 8 Marla Residential Plots:

Upon reviewing the Sports Valley Payment Plan, you’ll discover an intelligently designed pricing scheme. You have the option to acquire 8 Marla Residential plots with a total cost of 3,380,000/- or choose a four-year payment plan with an initial Down Payment.

For 10 Marla Residential Plots:

Embracing the charm of living in the capital city need not be costly. A 10 Marla residential plot is affordably priced at 4,125,000/-. With such an economical rate, your dream of owning a place in the Capital City becomes attainable. For those seeking flexible financing, a modest down payment of 281,250/- will initiate your ownership journey, supported by the 4-year Blue World City Sports Valley Payment Plan.

For 1 Kanal Residential Plots:

The dream of possessing a 1 Kanal piece of land in the coveted twin cities can now be a reality. Blue World City Sports Valley Block in Islamabad offers these 1 Kanal residential plots at an inviting rate of just 7,700,000/-. Initiating your land ownership journey is easy with a 4-year payment plan. You can start with a down payment as low as 525,000/- to secure this prime real estate opportunity.


Sports Valley Block within Blue World City Islamabad is poised to be the epitome of high-class living, thanks to the exceptional facilities it offers. Every conceivable modern amenity has been carefully incorporated into this sector to craft a real estate masterpiece. From Pakistan’s Largest Stadium to sports-themed dining establishments, every aspect of this block exudes grandeur and excellence. Makeen Marketing consistently strives to present you with the finest opportunities, and all the blocks within Blue World City Islamabad are being developed in alignment with global contemporary living standards. We strongly advise you to consider investing in the newest residential venture in Rawalpindi, known as Blue World City Sports Valley Block.

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