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blue world city villas

One of the most luxurious real estate housing projects Blue World City Islamabad has a lot to unveil.  It is known due to the benefits it offers to the investors. The enchanting atmosphere and comfortable living are made the primary attributes for this housing project. Blue World City latest news sheds light on Blue World City Villas that are named Serene Villas. Read the full blog to stay updated regarding Blue World City Villas.

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Blue World City Villas

The owners and developers of Blue Word City Islamabad, who belong to the Blue Group of Companies, have provided the details regarding the villas. Along with Blue World City apartments, villas will also be a part of this under-developing real estate project. Blue World City Villas are named Awami Villas or Awami Duplex Villas. Each category of these villas has its own relevant features and facilities.

The project of Blue World City Awami Villas is associated with the Blue Group of Companies in collaboration with some other top contractors. This project is considered a signature project of Blue World City Islamabad. There are several remarkable characteristics, which will prove to be worthwhile, in terms of investment.

Blue World City Villas known as Serene Villas is planned to provide the low-income class of Pakistan, with a luxurious living. It proposes various schemes offering low-cost houses for sale in Islamabad. In this way, people can get to live a standard lifestyle within their limited budget.  Moreover, this project came into existence with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Location of Blue World City Serene Villas

Blue World City location can be considered as the second name of peace. The location provides a highly tranquil atmosphere along with eco-friendly features. The features incorporate lush green trees and lakes full of appealing views. Besides that, the sound of flowing water of the lakes, adds magic to the daily walks.

According to the Blue World City Villas map it is located on Chakri Road. The Rawalpindi Link Road being in the construction phase, is also away from some distance to the Blue World City Awami Villas. Also, it is adjacent to the New Islamabad International Airport. M2 Islamabad Motorway is also reachable from this under-developing real estate project. Several other housing societies and landmarks will be accessible from Blue World City Villas.

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Development Updates of Serene Villas

The development status of Blue World City Islamabad indicates that around six to seven villas in total, are almost complete. The size of the villas is 25 x 45 and made on double-story buildings, with a height of 40 ft. The development of other Blue World City Villas depends upon the speed with which the investors could buy a plot.

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Features Offered By Blue World City Islamabad Serene Villas

Blue World City Serene Villas is composed of several unique features. As mentioned previously, the Blue World City location for Serene Villas is highly peaceful and covers a set of eco-friendly characteristics. The people with low income can go for booking their dream villa, as it is particularly benefitting such class of the society. To elaborate, Blue World City Villas’s features are listed as follows:

  • Replica of Burj-ul-Arab and Blue Mosque
  • Gated community
  • Underground supply of electricity
  • Uninterrupted supply of water and Sui Gas
  • Availability of 24/7 CCTV cameras
  • Lush green pathways, a variety of parks, and walking trails.

Serene Villas Blue World City Payment Plan

Blue World City prices for Serene Villas are specialized for the low-income community of Pakistan. This is the reason that the prices for a house for sale in Blue World City Villas are kept to minimum. The price starts from PKR 7500,000. The booking can be made with a 15% down payment.


The residents can pay 50% advance and 50% installment for the house for sale in Blue World City Islamabad. The discount provided is 15% if the investor is not asking for full possession of the house. In case of having full possession, there are no discounted packages being offered. Makeen Marketing provides the best of the best real estate services. For more inquiries related to Blue World City Villas you can contact us at UAN: +92-330-0625336.




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