Blue World City vs Capital Smart City: Where to Invest? | 2022

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Blue World City vs Capital Smart City is a tough comparison as both are considered to be amongst Islamabad’s top investment destinations in 2020. A large number of investors have chosen either of these real estate projects for the purpose of buying real estate properties in order to earn maximum profits on their investment. However, many investors are still confused between making their choice of investments regarding these new housing projects. Therefore, we have included all details including the Blue World City vs Capital Smart City pros and cons as a comparison for you to make the rights investment choice.

Capital Smart City Islamabad


Being developed by the famous Habib Rafiq group, these real estate projects is one of the top investment destinations in Islamabad. However, we would only recommend this real estate projects to those investors who are looking to make short-term profits. This means that Capital Smart City as compared to Blue World City is an expensive but profitable real estate project in the short-term. The value of plots in Capital Smart City are increasing with time and investors with a relatively higher investment capacity should invest in Capital Smart City. This is the main difference when we talk about Blue World City vs Capital Smart City in terms of investment.

Moreover, Capital Smart City is being developed as an eco-friendly housing project which means that all amenities and facilities in the housing projects are being regulated and secured with smart apps and smart traffic control mechanisms. A number of parks and animal reserves are also being developed for nature lovers. Hence, if you consider yourself as a nature lover, you should try your best to invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad.

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Blue World City Islamabad


Although Blue World City is also located near to Capital Smart City Islamabad, the invest dynamics for Blue World City vs Capital Smart City are different. Blue World City, being developed by Saad Nazir, is a considerably affordable housing project with a long-term benefit. Currently, the plots in Blue World City Islamabad are of lesser market value, but this is a positive aspect for those investors who are not able to afford expensive real estate investments.

Furthermore, this housing project being developed as a top tourism destination in Islamabad. It is considered to be the best housing project in Islamabad for investment if you are from a low-income background. You can easily buy 3.5, 5, 7, 10 Marla plots in Blue World City at discounted rates with Makeen Marketing and secure your future in a luxurious real estate project. You can also book your luxury 1 & 2 Kanal plots in Blue World City as well.

Blue World City vs Capital Smart City

Therefore, we recommend both Capital Smart City Islamabad and Blue World City Islamabad to different types of investors based on their investment capacity and suitability. Both of these housing projects are special in their own way, and worthy of investment in 2020.

Makeen Marketing is the trusted sales partner for both Blue World City and Capital Smart City Islamabad. This is why we try our best to provide investors with the best investment options for both housing projects. As a result of our advice, a large number of investors have managed to earn maximum profits on their investment in the real estate sector.

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