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Blue World City is an upcoming glorious tourism destination in Islamabad with a number of attractive features including Water Theme Parks, Blue Mosque Replica, and World's Largest Horse Mascot
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Blue World City Latest Development | Plot Prices|Possession| NOC|Booking Process

Presenting an affordable real estate housing society, Blue World City with remarkable features and luxurious property types. The owners and developers of Blue World City Islamabad belong to the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) , owned by CEO Saad Nazir has made collaboration with Imperium Group of Companies. Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company is also working in collaboration with the owners. This company is developing a real estate scheme in Islamabad, also known as Pak-China friendly society. Due to this collaboration, foreign investors in the Islamabad real estate sector are being attracted to this society. The location of Blue World City is of significant importance as it is near the New Islamabad International Airport on Chakri Road. Being connected to the airport allows the housing society to avail of the numerous transport routes, allowing for increased accessibility. This real estate housing project is made affordable to all people, belonging from lower-middle-class to upper-class society. This is the major reason investors are investing more and more in Blue World City Islamabad.

Who are Blue World City Developers and Owners?

blue group of companies by Saad Nazir - Makeen Marketing

As mentioned above, the Blue World City owners and developers are from the famous Blue Group of Companies, owned by Saad Nazir a renowned real estate tycoon. Several projects in Lahore, Sargodha, and Islamabad have reached the completion phase, sponsored by the Blue Group of Companies so as the Blue World City Islamabad. Moreover, collaboration has been made with the Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company, from China for the construction and development work.

Blue World City Developers and Owners

blue group of companies by Saad Nazir - Makeen Marketing

As mentioned above, the Blue World City Islamabad developers are the famous Blue Group of Companies owned by the real estate tycoon Saad Nazir. This project is being sponsored by  Blue Group of Companies, and they have also worked on a number of other real estate projects previously in Lahore, Sargodha, and Islamabad as well.

For this project, the Blue World City owners have collaborated with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company from China for construction and development. As a result, this housing society in Islamabad is being referred to as a Pak China friendly society with a beautiful Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block. Another reason why many people are dubbing this project as a Pak China friendly society is that it is perfectly situated to accommodate Chinese workers working on the CPEC project.

About Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

Founded by the son of the ex-deputy commissioner of Lahore, Saad Nazir, the Blue Group of Companies is one of Pakistan’s top construction and development companies operating in multiple cities around the country.


The company started its operations in the year 1989 in the city of Lahore. At the outset, the Blue Group of Companies started off by providing different construction as well as architectural services in the city. However, as time passed by, this company became of the leading real estate developers in Lahore, quickly earning the reputation of being trustworthy and reliable.


Recently, Blue Group of Companies (BGC) has developed into the first trustworthy choice of all investors looking for real estate development, construction, and marketing. In addition to this, BGC also provides different commercial printing and IT services as well. This speaks volumes regarding the overall competency and efficiency of this company.

Previous Projects by Blue Group of Companies

Blue World City is not the first massively acclaimed real estate project created by Blue Group of Companies. The real estate giant has worked on and developed a number of outstanding residential and commercial projects in Pakistan. Here are some of the previously developed projects by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC):

  • PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Society Adayala Road.
  • Center Park Lahore
  • Blue Sapphire Town Lahore

Blue World City NOC Update

The project started with preliminary planning permission by RDA for 427 Kanal land. This means that Blue World City is approved by RDA for a further stretch of land covering over 1500 Kanal.  The project has recently started developing the housing society over 1 Lac Kanal land which is under construction.

Recently, CEO Saad Nazir announced an additional 10,000 Kanal land added to the scope of Blue World City development work. It is only a matter of time that RDA approves the Blue World City NOC, and final proceedings are being carried out at a rapid pace. In a short span of time, Blue World City Islamabad is expected to become of the top RDA-approved housing societies with maximum investment potential.

Blue World City Executive Block

Starting off as a new phase, the Blue World City Executive Block is an upcoming sensation when it comes to investment near M2 Motorway and New Islamabad International Airport. The housing society management is working on procuring land for this mega project, and this section of Blue World City will be located in close proximity to the M2 Motorway.

The main aim of the society is to launch an exclusive Blue World City Executive Block with a different selling philosophy. This time, the plots will be sold on the basis of plot numbers, and the total value and procedure for payment has not been introduced yet. But one thing is for sure, this block will eventually become one of the most prime blocks of Blue World City Islamabad after the overseas block that is being developed as of yet. Just like the already developed Blue World City Gates, the Blue World City Executive block will have a gate of its own.

The society is even thinking about applying for a dedicated interchange that will link motorway with this block and the rest of the society. If this comes into reality, this will prove to be a game changer for Blue World City Islamabad and it will provide easy access to the housing society

Blue World City Latest Development Updates


Blue World City is developing at a dizzying pace. In a short span of time, the housing society has achieved a lot in terms of construction and development work. One of the Blue World City latest developments we have been following is the development of the Awami Villas, also called Serene Villas. According to the Blue Group of Companies, the Awami Villas are being created as a benchmark of real estate excellence. Thus, it aims to offer an elevated standard of living for Blue World City investors, providing them an option of a secure investment.
As per the Blue World City map, the Awami Villas will be situated in the most ideal spot in the society. Through this position, the Awami Villas have accessibility to the M2 Motorway, Chakri Rd, Capital Smart City, G.T. Rd, and Adiala Rd. Moreover, the construction work of the main boulevard and grand entrance is near the completion phase. In addition to this, Blue World City tourism spots such as the world’s largest horse mascot and the Blue Mosque replica are almost complete. Keeping in mind all this situation people are eager for its development phase to get completed. Want more on Blue World City development updates? Check out their Water Theme Park

Blue World City Location

Perhaps one of the best features of this blossoming housing society is its location. According to Blue World City location, it is situated in close proximity to the newly constructed Islamabad International Airport, and adjacent to the CPEC route as well. As the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway is situated right next to this premier real estate project, it is completely accessible to visitors coming from both insides as well as outside the city. This is a big comparative advantage this Blue World housing society has over all the other housing societies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The real estate experts are expecting a surge in the Blue World City price with the construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. One of the gates to this Blue World housing society is expected to be right in front of this proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, and this will boost the reputation of the housing society and its property features. This will enable the entire city to access this society with the utmost convenience.
In addition to this, real estate experts are expecting a surge in the Blue World City price with the construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. One of the gates to this Blue World housing society is expected to be right in front of this proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, and this will be a massive value booster for the housing society and its property features. This will enable the entire city to access this society with the utmost convenience.

Blue World City Map and Access Points

The Blue World City Map shows the  interconnectedness enjoyed by society. Besides, these access points of Blue World City add worth to this housing society. The points accessible from this housing society are as follows:
  • Near Chakri Road & Chakri Interchange
  • Bahria Town Islamabad
  • New Islamabad Airport RD
  • DHA, Islamabad
  • Capital Smart City
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Bahria Enclave
  • University Town
  • Pak-China Friendship in Pakistani Real Estate

    Pakistani real estate sector is currently experiencing an influx of domestic as well as foreign investments. Chinese development agencies have cooperated and collaborated with Blue Group of Companies to provide an impetus to the growth of real estate in Pakistan. Blue World City is considered to be a mega-infrastructure project in Islamabad with a high potential for growth. Because of the Chinese investment coming in, Blue World City is also known as a Pak China-friendly society in Islamabad. In addition to this, several cultural complexes are also being built in this society to exhibit the mélange of cultures in Pakistan. The main Blue World City gate is designed keeping in mind the Chinese traditional designs, and it is a trademark for Pak-China friendship in the Pakistan real estate sector.

    Blue World City Master Plan for Real Estate

    Located in the Moza Sihal district, Blue World City Islamabad is part of a bigger master plan aimed at completely revolutionizing the real estate sector in Pakistan. Previously, the real estate industry in Pakistan was merely limited to different commercial and residential property features; however, the Blue World City master plan seeks to change this trend. According to the master plan, the Blue World housing society aims at providing residents as well as visitors with innovative projects. Blue World housing society aims at providing residents as well as visitors with innovative projects. The plan will include theme parks and sports centers. To provide low-income citizens with maximum profit gains on their investments. Blue World City has a large infrastructure of replicas of Blue Mosque and Burj-ul-Arab. Several educational institutes such as Cadet College have been inaugurated, by the manager of Blue World City with the help of the Armed Forces.

    Blue World City and Rawalpindi Ring Road

    A new Rawalpindi Ring Road is being developed by the government that provides the project with greater accessibility to the twin cities. This means that the overall value of plots in this society is going to increase. Once the proposed  Rawalpindi Ring Road is complete, the rates are expected to increase exponentially. This means that the investment in Blue World City location is the best choice for investors in 2020. PM Imran Khan has advised the government authorities to start work on Rawalpindi Ring Road, and the approval has been granted by the relevant authorities.

    An Upcoming Tourism Destination

    The Islamabad real estate sector has witnessed a gradual shift from traditional means to innovation and Blue World City Islamabad has transformed into a trademark of innovation with a plan to build the first-ever purpose-built tourism destination in Pakistan. A large number of tourism features such as water theme parks, sports stadiums, large-scale mosques, and cultural complexes are being designed and built in this housing scheme. This is one of the top reasons to invest in Blue World City. This tourism plan in Islamabad will provide the tourism industry of the capital city with a strong boost, and a large number of tourists are predicted to visit Islamabad in the upcoming few months. Furthermore, international investment is also predicted to arrive, and international tourism in Pakistan will be promoted as well.

    Blue World City Blocks

    Several blocks each with its unique features are in working order. Blue World City offers blocks to the people of every category. Every individual block either for the low-income class or upper has numerous amenities. This is the prime reason that booking of plots is in order, at a rapid pace. Blue World City blocks along with their details are elaborated below.

    General Block

    The Blue World City Islamabad General block is the main part of this housing society with a plethora of amenities and facilities targeting residents from all financial backgrounds and communities. It has a number of affordable property features and amenities providing residents with a luxurious lifestyle.

    Awami Residential Complex

    The Blue World City Awami Residential Complex is an important part of this real estate project with multiple luxury villas, apartments, and residential plots as well. This Blue World City block has a limited number for luxurious and classical real estate property types attracting high-end investors for profits.

    Overseas Block

    Located on the main boulevard, Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block is an outstanding part of this project with maximum potential for profits. It is specially designed in order to grab the attention of foreign investors and overseas Pakistani’s who are intending to invest in a luxurious housing society in Islamabad.

    Blue World City Serene Villas | Awami Villas

    Blue World City Serene Villas are specially designed to provide the low-income class with a fulfilling lifestyle. The of the villa is 25 x 45, made on double story buildings. The development updates of Awami Villas indicate that around 7 villas are in the completion phase. The rest development work is being carried out according to the sale of plots. Similar to the other blocks of Blue World City, the Awami Villas are also made up to the mark by the incorporation of outstanding features. For this reason, investors are encouraged to invest in the Serene Villas.

    Blue Hills Country Farms

    If you want to experience a peaceful life, away from the usual noise of the city, the Blue Hills Country Farms should be your go-to option. This place will suit you best for spending quality time with your family on a vacation. The location of Blue World City Farms is right next to the Lahore-Islamabad M2 Motorway. New Islamabad International Airport is accessible from the Blue World City Farms. Several features are made part of these country farms. Some of the features are as below:
  • Cattle farms and horse stables
  • The Golf club of international standard
  • Clubs including sports and riding
  • Management facilities for cattle management
  • 24/7 service of farmers with high expertise in farming
  • Blue World City General Block

    General Block of Blue World City is a cornerstone of the whole society. This block is designed in an unblemished manner. Besides that, it has a lot to offer to its residents such as:
  • Wide roads
  • Parks full of lush green trees
  • Amazing landscapes
  • Flowerbeds and greenbelts are all around society.
  • Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block

    Overseas Block of Blue World City is made for the Pakistanis living overseas. This block is carefully designed to meet all the expectations of the people living overseas. Furthermore, this block contains Blue World City commercial plots, with the promise of providing the utmost living standards. The amenities provided by this block is highlighted as follows:
  • Mini golf club
  • Country club
  • Blue lake providing a picturesque landscape
  • Museum
  • Educational institutions such as university
  • Blue World City Features

    Water Theme Park

    As Blue World City is being developed into the top tourism destination in Islamabad, it has planned an outstanding Water Theme Park along with a number of other exotic and thematic tourism destinations. These tourism features in Blue World City are likely to attract thousands of visitors to society, contributing to its massive reputation as an innovative housing society in Islamabad.

    Blue Mosque Istanbul Replica

    In order to promote Islamic culture and calligraphy, Blue World City is also introducing an amazing replica of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. This project has already been initiated, and it is considered as one of the top real estate features in Blue World City. This Mosque will be an epitome of Islamic culture and civilization in the capital city of Pakistan.

    A Secure and Gated Community

    Blue World City Islamabad is designed to be a completely secure and gated community with all educational, medical, and recreational infrastructures. A large number of facilities are being provided to the residents of Blue World City Islamabad catering to their daily life needs and wants. Furthermore, security facilities such as face recognition and 24/7 surveillance will be ensured.

    Cultural Complexes and Sports

    As Blue World City is considered as a Pak-China friendly city, therefore a number of cultural complexes are also planned in order to showcase both Pakistani as well as Chinese culture. In addition to this, Blue World City is also investing in a number of parks and sports stadiums for the young as well as senior residents of the community. This will provide the residents with a healthy living environment.

    Water Filtration and Sewerage

    In order to provide Blue World residents with clean water and proper sewerage, Blue World City developers have specially concentrated on building water filtration plants. Sewerage treatment plants are about to be installed to make sure that an eco-friendly as well as hygienic system is developed for the citizens of this profitable housing schemes in Islamabad.

    A Convenient Road Network

    Blue World Management has started working on a wide road network that will interconnect all parts of this housing scheme through carpeted roads. Roads can range from being 40 feet wide to 120 feet wide, with up-to-date traffic signals, pathways, and proper sidewalks for pedestrians. Such a wide road infrastructure will provide the residents with a smooth flow of traffic.

    Variety Of Commercial Spots

    The public gets attracted to a society if it has everything under the same roof. Blue World City Islamabad has educational institutions with high-end facilities. The value holds worth because the CPEC route also comes in the proximity of Blue World City. From this, we can conclude that the future is bright from an investment point of view.

    Underground Supply Of Electricity

    Another feature employed is the underground supply of electricity. This is not only a feature, but also a need of the hour to make the overall environment of the society safe and secure. To elaborate, there will be no fear of heavy wires hanging on the large towers. Furthermore, this will make the environment clean and tidy, making the Blue World Society look enchanting and well-ordered.

    Horse Mascot

    One of the latest Blue World City features, a horse mascot, with a height of 125-feet. The developers indicate that it is the tallest sculpture in the world and will be ranked in the Guinness Book of World Records. The area surrounding this mascot includes a green landscape along with public spots, increasing its worth. The night view with lights makes it visible from the Islamabad-Lahore M2 Motorway.

    Blue World City Plot Possession

    Blue World City possession of plots is being granted to the investors. The plots for sale in Blue World City are all set for balloting. The condition applies that the clearance of 90% of dues of the installments since August 2018. Thus, the people are given relief from this long wait.
    The voting of the Blue World City plots for sale is being done through an e-balloting scheme. After that, the letters will be issued to the plot owners after the balloting process and possession. In this way, investors will be able to start the life they have dreamed of. The benefits of e-balloting are as follows:

    • This will provide a structured method for the balloting of plots.

    • In this way, transparency will be ensured to its fullest.

    • To provide ease to the investors.

    • This method will refrain from the situation of chaos faced in a physical voting system.

    Blue World City Booking Process

    Blue World City plot bookings can be easily completed with a few steps.
    • You have to provide us with your CNIC copy, Next of Kin CNIC, Passport Size Picture, and slip of payment in the company account.
    Once all documents are provided, we will move towards the completion of our booking process. It should be mentioned here that the phone number and email is also important, and you should only provide the details that are in use as society often send offers as well as payment details.
    Blue world city booking process

    Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan

    The prices of plots either commercial or residential are kept to a minimum. The range of blocks provides a variety of living to cater for every class of Pakistan. Blue World City prices of plots are mentioned in detail, you can have a look.  
    blue world city general block payment plan
    blue world city Overseas Block payment plan makeen marketing

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    Blue World City Reviews

    Making a large investment without looking into its customer reviews is a big no-no. Makeen to make things easier for our clients, we have provided some genuine google reviews for Blue World City.
    Blue World City Reviews


    To conclude, the Blue World City Islamabad is having one of the best landscapes as well as facilities. Another prime factor for choosing this society is the price plan it provides which is extremely flexible. As it caters to the people of not only the elite class but also the low-income class for the buying of plots. After listening to the payment plan of Blue World City investors are in line for the booking of plots. The investors will surely secure something of high worth after making Blue World City investment. Reasons include all those amenities that are made a part of this real estate housing project. To elaborate further, the features are also attracting investors from all across the world. Now you have a number of reasons to choose this real estate housing project.

    Blue World City FAQS

    Blue World City is being developed by Blue Group of Companies. This is the same firm that owns the housing project.

    If you’re looking for details on Blue World City plots, then Makeen Marketing has the best solution for you. Simply call us at our UAN (0330-0625336) and avail of our expert market knowledge.

    Being developed by CEO Saad Nazir’s Blue Group of Companies, Blue World City is a trademark project of BGC. Saad Nazir is the son of the ex-deputy commissioner of Lahore and he has built a strong reputation with a number of quality real estate projects in Lahore, Islamabad, and Sargodha as well.

    The best part of Blue World City is its location on the border regions of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is an exceptional project in the Moza Sihal region which is fundamentally under the jurisdiction of RDA. However, it is commonly referred to as Blue World City Islamabad because of its proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport.

    According to reports, Blue World City’s RDA approval has gone through phases in which RDA provided the housing society with a planning permission for over 1500 Kanal Land in 2018. However, the complete NOC is still under process and it is predicted to be accepted very soon upon the completion of all pre-requisites.

    According to the Blue World City Islamabad master plan, the housing project is set to be built over an expanse of 51,000 kanal. For more details on the master plan, click here.

    Blue World City’s head office and corporate office are located at the given address Afzal Plaza, Mian Circle, Civic Center Bahria Town Phase 4 Bahria Town, Islamabad, Punjab.

    Seasoned real estate investors are dubbing Blue World City as a fast-growing society with one of the most ideal investment locations. Click for more reasons that make Blue World City a good investment choice.

    The overall possession of plots in Blue World City is expected to be handed over in almost 3 to 4 years’ time. Considering the status of development, the phase 1 plots are expected to handed over earlier as compared to the others.

    Blue World City is also offering a range of commercial plots. You can check the blue world payment plans for all details regarding booking, down payment, and installment plan etc.

    Yes, Blue World Chakri road has a dedicated overseas block that is specially designed for overseas Pakistanis in order to attract international investments.

    Blue World City is expected to become one of the top housing societies with investments coming in from all over the world. It has been working on multiple thematic tourism destinations and other property features which will provide impetus for this housing project to be a hub of economic growth in the country.

    Blue World City Islamabad has offered land to the government of Pakistan for the Naya Pakistan Housing Project for construction of building having 50,000 apartments. Furthermore, CEO Saad Nazir has also pledged to build around 5000 homes for the low-income citizens of the country under this scheme envisaged by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

    The Blue World City Overseas Block balloting took place on the 4th of July in 2021.

    Blue World City Lahore is located in Commercial Area TECH Society, West Canal Bank.  

    The NOC of Blue World City is not cancelled, rather it is pending and is just a matter of a short time that it gets NOC.

    Blue World City has an official website that contains all the details regarding the project. You can get Blue World City contact no. from the website to get all your queries solved.

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