Capital Smart City Hands Over its Security to Punjab Rangers

Capital Smart City Punjab Rangers

This just in that Capital Smart City hands over its security to Punjab Rangers! Capital Smart City is one of the luxurious and most lavish projects in Pakistan. Designed on international standards, Capital Smart City as a massive society has always preferred quality over quantity. Due to this, there are limited plots available in the project for investors. This preference for Quality over Quantity applies to security as well. Capital Smart City has always tried to achieve both effectiveness and efficiency. Recently Capital Smart City handed over its security to Punjab Rangers. Capital Smart City instead of giving its security to some private organization thought it would be a better decision to hand this over to Punjab Rangers. This decision will provide the society an edge over other societies in terms of a safe, secure, and peaceful environment.

This article consists of all the details and reasons regarding the recent contract of Capital Smart City with Punjab Rangers for security measures.

Punjab Rangers as a Skilled Force

Punjab Rangers as a Skilled Force

Let’s face it Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan by population which means there are many security concerns and threats. There should be some force competent enough to handle any sort of rising complications. Punjab Rangers is a highly competent security force considering it is handling the security of Punjab. It is a highly skilled and trained security force that is vigilant and has been providing its services to Punjab.

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Moreover, Punjab Rangers has been improving their standards professionally and have been providing their services to Punjab. This force has been providing tremendous commitments to Punjab and ultimately Pakistan. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of the interior of the Government of Pakistan. Every Punjab Ranger dedicates his life to the protection and the goodwill of the country and its citizens.

Capital Smart City Security

Capital Smart City Security

Capital Smart City is an environmental-friendly, economic, and lavish society offering the best there is. The society is a model for sustainable development for Pakistan’s future economic growth. Society offers many features one of which is Security and related services. To fulfill this feature Capital Smart City has decided to sign a contract with Punjab Rangers for society’s security purposes. It is going to be a growing business hub and will be a site for many commercial activities. We all know that in every place where there is high commercial activities there is a threat of theft etc. So, to cater to this problem the project had to find a durable, trustworthy, and reliable source that it did by assigning Punjab Rangers for this task.

Other private security organizations were not up to the task for this beautiful and lavish project and to cater with security threats to this hub of commercial activities. The best fit for this task was Punjab Rangers. So, recently Capital Smart City handed over its security to Punjab Rangers. It is being marketed by Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd the best real estate agency in Islamabad and offers good returns on investments.

Future of Capital Smart City and CPEC

Capital Smart City is of very important due to its prime location. Located at 20 minutes drive from New Islamabad International Airport, it is adjacent to Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). M2 has its own importance and due to the changing political environment of the country, good security measures should be taken. Taking this into account Capital Smart City must provide security so that this does not affect their growth and in return to this affect the economy.

Capital Smart City has its own importance as it is located at the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route. This aspect provides a bright future to this society as it also drives foreigners to invest in residential plots or invest in setting up some business here. This feature has made Capital Smart City a more promising, beneficial, and profitable society.

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