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Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block details

As we all know that Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block booking had been sold out because of its high demand. However, according to a recent update by Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd, a new Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block has been introduced by the housing society that has a limited number of plots up for grab. This is the best time to invest in Capital Smart City as these limited plots are expected to be sold out in a couple of weeks.

By 3rd of October, Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block bookings are going to be closed and new rates will be introduced which will increase by almost 7%. This is a massive opportunity for investors to invest in a prime location in Capital Smart City and reap maximum profits on their investments. As a result of this, a large number of international investors have also invested in this real estate destination in order to secure their future in a massive housing project in Islamabad.


This article includes the details regarding the Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block.

An Ideal Location

An Ideal Location

The location of Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas block is considered to be the best out of all the other blocks in the housing society. However, the bookings in the Overseas block were closed because of the lack of plot options. Recently, the housing society has introduced an Overseas Prime Block that is situated at an ideal location with its own dedicated interchange and access points, providing residents with the utmost ease of access.

This overseas prime block is expected to increase in value much more rapidly as compared to the other housing blocks in the real estate project. This is why investors should definitely consider investing in this housing project for the best and more quickest investment outcomes. Once the investments are made, this housing society is expected to increase in worth exponentially.

The location for the Overseas Prime Block is even better than the previous plots sold in Capital Smart Overseas block. The Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block plots are expected to be near to the main boulevard, and they are predicted to double in their value in the upcoming few years. Therefore, this block is the best investment opportunity in Islamabad up-till today.

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Lake View Location

Lake View Location

Another important aspect regarding this housing society’s Overseas Prime Block location is that it is situated right next to the Lake View being designed by the builders and developers. This is something that provides Overseas Prime location with an added advantage over the rest of the residential and commercial blocks in the housing project. As a result, the Lake View location is considered to be the best option, and investing in this block is the right choice in recent times.

This is a part of the housing society’s plan to develop an eco-friendly housing society that is based on a futuristic vision. This is why Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd has gone out of the box to provide residents with the best eco-friendly real estate investment choices that were never available before.

Green and Eco-friendly Area

Green and Eco-friendly Area

Capital Smart City has been popular for its eco-friendly infrastructures and green environment for a very long time. This is also because of the fact that this housing society has greatly invested in research and development, and it is striving to develop some of the finest green infrastructures in the city. Therefore, we can say that Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block can be considered as a brilliant opportunity for you to make profits and build your dream home.

This is a brilliant opportunity for senior citizens who want to spend the rest of their lives in an eco-friendly environment with some of the best green infrastructures contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we would recommend this project as a brilliant investment opportunity for investors in recent times, and we would advise you to invest before the plots are booked out.

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