Capital Smart City Villas Complete Details | Location & Features

Capital Smart City Villas

One of the most exquisite and luxury properties offered to the real estate investors is Capital Smart City Villas. This is a new destination for luxury seeking investors. The Smart villas have the incomparable beauty and lifestyle and has resourcefully devised smart features.

Smart villas are the exceptional living and are the elegant modern style living built on minimal architectural styles. These offer fascinating community and neighborhood with a smart and clean environment. The Capital Smart City Villas are your gateway to modern and smart lifestyle.

One of the best real estate marketing agency Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd is marketing this project and guiding you on when and how to invest in potential real estate. This article contains all about the Capital Smart City villas, their location, types, features, and their future aspects. For booking your own villa visit Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd official website.

Capital Smart City Villas Location

Capital Smart City Villas Location

Capital Smart City Villas offer one-of-a-kind luxuries to its investors. These are located in overseas and executive blocks of the project. Having a heighted location these villas are unique and offer all the necessities.

He capital Smart City Villas are available at different sizes of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. The plan offers 36 Month Quarterly payment plan which is cost effective for the investors and is flexible.

Capital Smart City offers 5% discount on 100% down payment on its Smart villas and 2.5% on 50% down payment. Due to the proximity of these villas they are considered to be the golden part of the entire project that offers maximum returns on investment in the near future.

Capital Smart City Villa Types

Capital Smart City Villa Types

There are three types of Capital Smart City Villas that are being offered by the project. These are

  1. Georgian Type Villas
  2. Mediterranean Type Villas
  3. Contemporary Type of Villas

Georgian type villas are more of a square or rectangular structured offering a large space and symmetrical design.  These are a bit old type consisting of arch domes at the entrance doors but overall are quite spacious.

Mediterranean type villas are complex geometrical shaped houses. These are also very spacious. Such type consist of large widows and large exteriors. These are considered to be a very lavish and well-structured with unique design.

Contemporary type villas are the most exquisite, lavish, and the most modern style houses. These are constructed according to the present trends. These constructions represent the modern architecture and are built on the concept of minimalism.

Capital Smart City Villa Features

Capital Smart City Villa Features

Capital Smart City villas offer many features to its investors. The villas are going to have outdoor and indoor CCTV cameras. For any society the security of its residents is the uppermost priority. These CCTV cameras gives the feature of operating the from inside as well as outside the property.

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Next the Villas give remote access to indoor appliances and sensors that detect any suspicious activities i.e. they are connected with alarms and message and email services. Another great feature is magic box and smart switches.

Moreover the villas are equipped with smart door lock that can be operated with apps, temperature and humidity sensors that give you real time detection of the climate, and Smart doors and windows equipped with sensors that turns on alarms when there is any sort of intruder alert.

A Futuristic LifeStyle in Capital

Capital Smart City is the next new thing in the changing trends of the real estate world of Pakistan. For the sole purpose providing more luxuries to the potential investors the project decided to make enhancement to its villas to that extent that it may give a good value for the investor’s money.

The Capital Smart Villas represent the upcoming future of the real estate sector of Pakistan. People are more attracted to invest in villas and this provides them the lavish lifestyle they always desire to have with good and flexible payment plans. Also let’s not forget the smart features included in these villas.

So, in the conclusion lest just face the fact that these villas give a very good value for your money. According to changing trends people are investing in these villas. So, what are you waiting for? Go book your villa from Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd.

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