Introducing Capital Smart City Villas | Harmony Park [2022]

Capital Smart City villas

This article will shed light on what the Capital Smart City villas are and why you should invest in them.

Capital Smart City has become one of the foremost housing societies in Islamabad. As a sales partner and authorized dealer of the housing project, Makeen has seen perhaps the most customer satisfaction delivered by this housing project than any other in the market.

HRL has been on a roll recently— constructing and developing two of Pakistan’s first (and only) smart cities. As far as Capital Smart City is concerned, the housing project has experienced massive success regarding its general, executive, and overseas block.

In response to this earth-shattering acclaim, HRL has made the decision to introduce Capital Smart City villas in the shape of Harmony Park.

This blog will go into detail about Harmony Park’s location, the payment plan of the residential plots offers as well as the villa apartments and their size.

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Location of Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block

The Harmony Park Block is strategically placed to offer its residents the best quality of life. It is located next to one of the most prestigious blocks Capital Smart City Islamabad has to offer— the Overseas Block. Previously there was a lot of ambiguity over its location. Last year, it was assigned to be constructed next to the General/Executive block.

According to the Capital Smart City map, because of its proximity to the Overseas Block, Harmony Park is in an ideal spot to gain access to Chakri Road. This puts it in the perfect spot to gain from the transportation access points.

Size of Harmony Park Plots

Word has it that Harmony Park is offering plot cuttings of 3.5 marla. You might be wondering why it is just a limited variety of plot cuttings. The answer is simple— Harmony Park aims to create low-cost apartments and plots in an effort to cater to all investors belonging to all income brackets.

Since this block is reserved for low-cost residential schemes, the availability of these plots and apartments will be extremely sparse— get your hands on these plots while you can!  According to our sources, Harmony Park’s Overseas Phase One is coming to the market very soon.

Harmony Park Rates

As we have mentioned earlier, this block is being developed for the sole purpose of providing cost-effective and state-of-the-art real estate solutions. Below are the payment plans for the residential plots and the villa apartments respectively:

Payment Plan of Residential Plots

The Capital Smart City villas in Harmony Block are being offered at an affordable installment plan— 3.5 years. These 3.5 marla plots (or 90 sq. yards) are available for the total price of PKR 1,789,000. Booking and confirmation are both on PKR 1,78,900.

Additionally, you can pay off your 3.5 marla Harmony Plot in 42 monthly installments. Or 7 half-yearly installments. Moreover, you will be able to avail of a 5% discount on lump sum payments.

*These prices are exclusive development charges.

** extra charges are applicable to a select category of plots.


Prices for Harmony Park Apartments

Harmony Park offers its apartments in two different sizes. The first is a 660 sq ft apartment for PKR 2,685,000. The down payment and confirmation on this apartment will be PKR 268,500 each. Much like the Capital Smart City villas, these apartments are to be paid through 48- monthly installments or 8-half yearly installments.

The second apartment size offered by Harmony Park is 867 sq ft. The total price for this apartment is PKR 3,750,000 while the confirmation and down payment charges on these are PKR 375,000 respectively.

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