Top CDA and LDA Frequently Asked Questions | 2022

LDA frequently asked questions

The federal government of Pakistan has given charge of different cities to their respective municipal organizations. These organizations act as regulatory bodies overseeing construction and development standards, environmental standards as well as safety, sanitation, city planning, and maintenance projects.

Lahore Development Authority and Capital Development Authority are the city planning and development authorities of Lahore and Islamabad respectively.  Read below to find answers to CDA and LDA frequently asked questions.

LDA Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is Lahore Smart City LDA approved?

Answer: Out of all the LDA frequently asked questions we receive, this, by far, has the most search density. The Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd housing society has not yet been approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). However, the fact that this housing society is affiliated with one of the biggest developers in Pakistan means that a NOC will soon be granted.  We must also consider that its Islamabad counterpart, CSC, is also a CDA approved housing society.

Question 2: What is Lahore Smart City?

Answer: Lahore Smart City is a project of Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd and Future Developments Holdings Ltd (FDHL). It is the second smart city to ever be constructed in Pakistan. It is one of the most highly anticipated residential projects not only in the Lahore real estate market but throughout Pakistan.

Question 3: How can I get NOC from LDA?

Answer: This is one of the most LDA frequently asked questions. To acquire a NOC document from the LDA, the applicant, you, are required to submit an application along with a copy of the ownership documentation. This includes an allotment letter, an exemption letter, or a transfer letter. Moreover, the applicant needs to submit a copy of their National Identity card. The applicant must submit this application along with a copy of the NOC payment in full.  

Question 4: Is Omega Residencia approved by LDA?

Answer: According to Lahore Development Authority’s official website, Omega Residencia is included in their list of illegal societies in Lahore. This is partially due to it being an incomplete project, and not meeting the standards set LDA. Our experts at Makeen Marketing were so happy to see this in our list of LDA frequently asked questions. It’s incredibly important to be sure of the legal status of any society you’re looking into. 

Question 5: Is Bahria Nasheman LDA approved?

Answer: As of yet, Makeen Marketing sources confirm that neither Bahria Nasheman Zinia nor Sunflower blocks are LDA approved. However, being a project of Bahria Town, it is only a matter of time that these blocks get approval. These projects are quite sought after and thus this is one of the more LDA frequently asked questions. 

Question 6: Is Central Park LDA approved?

Answer: Another one of our popular LDA frequently asked questions is this. The Central Park Housing scheme in Lahore is a safe and fully legal housing society. It gained its LDA approval and it quickly becoming one of the best property investments in the city of Lahore.

Question 7: Is Elite Town LDA approved?

Answer: Elite Town joins Omega Residencia in LDA’s list of illegal housing societies in Lahore. It doesn’t have an approved status nor a NOC since it does not adhere to the real estate regulatory body’s rules i.e. did not get its layout approved or was developed before LDA was set up.

Question 8: Is Kheyaban e Amin LDA approved?

Answer: While Kheyaban e Amin is comprised of numerous blocks, possession has only been granted for Blocks A, C, D, and L. We referred to our expert real estate agents to answer this one of the LDA frequently asked questions received. They informed us that only these are the only block that is LDA approved. 

Question 9: Is Al-Noor Orchid LDA approved?

Answer: The LDA has approved the Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme. This means that society is fully facilitated and legal. It is important to ensure that the housing society you are looking to invest in is backed by the municipal organization.

Question 10: What is LDA Pakistan?

Answer: Many people new to real estate investment in Lahore may not be sure of what this regulatory body is. Needless to say, this makes up for most of the LDA frequently asked questions we receive.

LDA stands for Lahore Development Authority. It came into being in 1975, under the LDA Act. This is the premier municipal establishment in the city. LDA is responsible for urban development, planning, and maintenance of the city. As well as traffic engineering. 

Question 11: Is Chinar Bagh LDA approved?

Answer: Chinar Bagh is a modern real estate society that spans over 5,000 Kanal and is located along the Raiwind Road in Lahore. The housing society is LDA approved. This means that the society is fully legal and is facilitated by municipal organizations in terms of water, gas, and electric facilities. We hope that you find these LDA frequently asked questions helpful in terms of finding out which societies are LDA approved and which aren’t. 

Question 12: What is TMA Lahore?

Answer: TMA is an acronym for Town Municipal Authority. It is in charge of collecting tax from property buyers to forward it to the Government Treasury, or at a local branch of the National Bank of Pakistan. This makes up one of the LDA frequently asked questions we get. 

Question 13: What is an LDA house?

Answer: We believe that this is one of the most important LDA frequently asked questions. An LDA house is one that has gained approval and NOC from the organization. This is a totally legal house/ real estate project and is able to receive basic amenities such as water, gas, and electricity.

CDA Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is Capital Smart City approved by CDA?

Answer: Capital Smart City in Islamabad is a safe and fully legal housing project in that it is an RDA approved housing society. It received its NOC from RDA in September of 2019. You can check out the RDA Approved Housing Society List to find CSC on number 45.

Click here to view the list.

Question 2: Who is the owner of Capital Smart City?

Answer: This housing society is owned and sponsored by the esteemed real estate developer—Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd. It is important to note that HRL is not only operating in the real estate market. This company has undertaken numerous projects in the field of engineering, as well as aviation, environmental sustenance, petrochemicals, and infrastructural works.

Question 3: Is ICHS approved by CDA?

Answer: The ICHS layout plan has been approved by the CDA. This is a positive sign that the housing society will soon receive its NOC. For now, it is still considered a legal real estate project.

Question 4: What is the concept of a Smart City?

Answer: A smart city is one that uses different types of electronics and sensors to collect data, it uses this data to better the lifestyle of its residents through smart resource management, smart security as well as better transport and connectivity.

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Question 5: What is CDA Pakistan?

Answer: CDA, or the Capital Development Authority, is Islamabad’s municipal organization. It is responsible for city planning and development along with regulating real estate projects to make sure they adhere to the set standards. It provides the capital with maintenance services such as garbage collection, infrastructure upkeep, and general repair work.

Question 6: Is Capital Smart City approved by RDA?

Answer: Capital Smart City in Islamabad is a safe and fully legal housing project in that it is an RDA approved housing society. It received its NOC from RDA in September of 2019. You can check out the RDA Approved Housing Society List to find CSC on number 45.

Question 7: Is Bahria Enclave legal?

Answer: For now, the legal status of Bahria Enclave is undecided. Makeen Marketing’s sources claim that it has yet to receive a NOC document from CDA.

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Question 8: When was Islamabad made?

Answer: Islamabad is one of the two cities in Pakistan that was planned ahead of its development. The city was built in 1960 to replace Karachi as the nation’s capital. Thanks to the thorough planning that went into creating the new federal capital, Islamabad is evidently a much more sophisticatedly developed city. It has wider roads, better infrastructure, and more greenery than any other city in Pakistan.

Question 9: Is Bahria Enclave CDA approved?

Answer: Bahria Enclave has not received its CDA NOC yet. While the Enclave was approved in 2011, its NOC was later revoked by CDA in 2013.

Question 10: How far is Bahria Town from Islamabad?

Answer: Bahria Town, an esteemed housing society, is on a 45–50-minute drive from Islamabad if you take the Islamabad Expressway. The distance is 26.4km.

Question 11: Is Bahria Town Islamabad safe?

Answer: Bahria Town Islamabad is considered the gold standard of real estate projects in Pakistan. This gated society is extremely safe to live in. It has CCTV cameras placed at strategic locations throughout the society—these offer 24/7 surveillance. Moreover, there are checkpoints at every entrance which ensure no threat enters the town.

We hope you found our list of frequently asked questions on LDA and CDA housing societies helpful. If you’re looking for more information, contact our real estate experts for the best real estate deals in town.



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