Top 10 Ways to Decorate Your Home’s Exterior Look

There are dozens of small, inexpensive home improvements that can boost and well-decorate your home’s exterior look. Adding a few enhancements to your home gives your house a nicer and more attractive look. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 ways to decorate your home’s exterior. 

Small green belt outside the main gate

Many houses have lawns, and some have huge lawns, but the beauty of the house still does not pop up; this is because these houses do not have a small garden or a green belt just outside the main gate, and the gate opens right onto the road, and this mistake reduces the beauty of the exterior. A green belt right next to the main gate makes the inner lawn seem more spacious and adds to the external beauty of the house.

please note that the green belt does not need to be of a large area, and one can adjust it according to available space. The presence of some area between the road and the main gate, which is occupied by the green belt, makes the house seem more organized when viewed externally.

A decent yet modern main gate

The simplest way to decorate your home’s exterior look is to get a decent yet modern main gate for your home. The main gate catches people’s attention and represents an image of the whole house. Keeping the main gate as simple as possible and giving it a dark and dull color will make the house look decent and up to the mark. Opting for a simple and straight gate without any dome shapes or extra colors adds a lot to the modernity of the house.

A single large gate can be used when there is a lack of space, but in case of sufficient area, a large gate with a smaller gate for routine use is always a better option because this arrangement makes the exterior seem bigger in the area. Common gate colors in trend these days include black, chocolate brown, light brown, grey, etc. Using lighter colors can be a good option only if they go well with the theme of the house exterior. 

Decoration with flower pots

Flowers look good wherever they are planted, whether the house’s exterior or interior. Flower pots play a significant role to decorate your home’s exterior look, giving it a more natural and lush look. Décor of the exterior can be done with flower pots of different sizes, with the bigger ones always next to walls and pathways, and the smaller pots can be placed on fences or the floor next to the larger ones.

Make sure that the pots you place next to the walls have green plants planted rather than colorful flowers. Flowers look the best when planted on the lawn or when pots containing colorful flowers are arranged to surround a pathway or placed on the windows. You can enhance the look of this décor by giving a uniform color to all the flower pots so that they look better arranged and synchrony.

Décor of the lawn/front yard

The front yard is the main area of the house’s exterior and requires the most attention from the exterior designer because it has the main impact on the exterior. Planting good quality grass and taking care of it by watering it daily along with regular trimming makes the lawn look tidy and makes up 90% of the décor. Always remember to plant colorful flowers at the borders of the lawn rather than going for simple green plants with no flowers.

A colorful lawn always gives a cozier vibe. If an arched arbor gateway is made at the entrance of the lawn, it will complete the look of a lush and pleasant exterior. If possible, a fountain constructed right in the middle of the lawn or at the corner right opposite the interior’s main door will add to the luxury of the exterior and give a very calming and soothing effect to the mind. Add some lawn chairs with a small center table next to the fountain to complete the perfect evening look.

Royal main door to the interior of the house

The main door leads to the house’s interior from the exterior and marks the transition from exterior to interior, and it needs to be attention-catching for sure! The main door should be the biggest of the doors, which are visible externally and appear different from the rest. Consider the main door with a lower wooden part and an upper glass part, as this gives the house a royal look and a modern touch.

Wall lamps can be used on both sides of the main door, with preferably warm lights. To complete the look of the main door, place two large flower pots on both sides of the door, along with two slightly smaller flower pots next to the large ones, which will segregate the main door area from the rest of the doors and make it look more special and fuller.

Window décor

Another best way to decorate your home’s exterior look is window decoration. Windows are a part of the house, which make both the interior and exterior look more spacious and more prominent. The most important point for windows is that they should be painted the same color as the doors. Constructing more windows is always a better option, but if too many windows are visible from the house’s exterior, they give the house a mixed and indecent look.

Try going with an average number of windows, just as much as required to maintain good ventilation and they are good to enhance or decorate your home’s exterior look. 

To make the windows look beautiful and modern, place small flower pots with colorful flowers in the windows, and make sure all the flower pots are painted in the same color. The glass used in windows should be glazed translucent glass so that privacy of the interior is maintained side by side to good interior ventilation. 

Sloping roof

Those who have a hobby of watching movies know how beautiful sloping roofs look! Sloping roofs have a background and history; they came into existence from areas with abundant snowfalls throughout the year because the slope does not lead to the accumulation of snow; instead, it causes the snow to slide down the slope.

When you visit cold areas, most buildings have sloping roofs, but due to the charm that these roofs give to the building, people in other parts of the world have also started to build sloping roofs just for a better look at the exterior of their houses. Sometimes people do not prefer to make the whole roof sloping; instead, they just give some of the windows this kind of roof and make the exterior look even more modern and beautiful.

Exterior wall paints

Now we come to the walls, the biggest portion of a building, and the part which is visible from every aspect of the exterior. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to decorate your home’s exterior look. Since this part completes the look of the house, we need to give it the utmost importance. Wall paint always needs to go well with the theme of the exterior. We have always viewed white or off-white color as the primary and universal color for building walls, but this is not the case in the modern world.

There are many new colors in trend for wall paints, like grey, sandy brown color, a greenish touch in grey, and many more. Dark colors can also be used for the walls, but they do not seem much decent practically; in fact, lighter colors steal the show in the case of exterior walls, and they give the exterior an overall decency and modernity. One must be careful about selecting wall paints because they represent the whole house. To make your wall paints last longer, use paints that are water resistant, in order to prevent damage from rain. So, treat your walls well to decorate your home’s exterior look. 

Gallery/veranda in front of the entrance door

Most people miss out on such things and consider it extra, but a gallery is not something extra, and it can be very useful if carefully designed. A gallery in front of the main entrance door leads to the house’s interior looks very beautiful and makes your exterior more spacious. You can place chairs and tables in the gallery and enjoy the weather when either it is raining outside or it is extremely hot outside in the sun. Also, leaving a small veranda in front of your home will boost and decorate your home’s exterior look. 

Besides that, you can store the stuff that you want to save from excessive heat and sun exposure in the gallery. Decorating the gallery or veranda will provide you with a small area where you can enjoy your evenings and cherish the beauty of nature. You can make the veranda look even more special by placing a sofa swing there and keeping a few books and magazines on a small side table.

 The lighting of the Exterior

When good lighting is used, it gives the area a lively and comfy vibe, making the place feel like a perfect home. That’s why it is always the best choice to decorate your home’s exterior look. Many people are unaware of the arrangement of lights on the exterior, but that is not a big problem.

Lights should always be used in the areas where they enlighten up more space. There are some spots where lights and lamps look good, for example, on both sides of the main gate which leads to the front yard, grass lights on all four corners of the lawn, on both sides of the main door to the interior, covering both sides of the pathway or stairs leading to the gallery.

To make the area look more special and cozy, you can cover the big trees with fairy lights of different colors, and you can also use fairy lights or other lamps on the fence of either the front yard or the gallery. Make sure to choose warm lights rather than white lights because white lights mostly do not go with the theme of exteriors. So, choose the best lighting to decorate your home’s exterior look. 

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