Details of Blue World City NOC 2023 and Legal Issues by RDA

Blue World City NOC

Blue World City NOC 2023:

Blue World City NOC documents are recently in the process by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), and this has been talked about a lot in recent days with a focus on the overall legality of the housing society. In this process, many people have even claimed this to be an illegal housing society in Islamabad which is far from the truth.

The reality of Blue World City NOC is that this project is currently going through the approval process of its NOC, and almost every housing society does that. Therefore, it can be considered a completely legal housing society that is about to set a new standard for real estate development in Pakistan.

However, the ones who are not aware of the legality of this housing society fall prey to this unjust propaganda against the housing project. This is why we have decided to provide you with complete details about Blue World City NOC and the overall future of this housing project. This housing project is one that is going to increase in worth in the upcoming few months and investors are going to earn massive profits on their overall investments.

This article includes the details of Blue World City NOC and the legal aspects associated with it.

Blue World City NOC Update

Blue World City NOC Update

Blue World City Islamabad has recently won the case against RDA regarding the Blue World City NOC in which the Rawalpindi Session Court has given the verdict in favor of the housing society. This was a massive win for Blue World Management as they are now looking to expand their scope of influence with the addition of further land in the project.

Previously, the housing society had added almost 10,000 Kanal land in their scope and the area is increasing day by day. In addition to this, Blue World City is rapidly growing and developing with additional machines and fleets added as well. This shows us that the housing scheme is following all standards set by the Rawalpindi Development Authority and this project is going to get it’s Blue World City NOC approved very soon.

In addition to this, the Rawalpindi Session Court has also ruled in favor of the housing society and it Blue World City development is taking place at a good pace. This shows that Blue World City is a legal housing society that is being developed with the help of Chinese companies. This is why this project is also being referred to as the Pak-China friendly housing project with is going to become the first purpose-built tourism destination in Islamabad.

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Awami Residential Complex Planning Permission

Saad Nazir's Message for Investors

The process of NOC approval by RDA is actually very slow as the organization provides a housing scheme with approval in certain steps. A recent breakthrough regarding Blue World City NOC is that the Awami Residential Complex has gained its initial planning permission. This is something that will pave way for the Naya Pakistan Housing Project that has been envisaged by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

CEO Blue World City Saad Nazir has announced that this section of the society will host around 50,000 apartments and 5000 homes in the near future under the umbrella of NPHP. Therefore, the talk about Blue World City being an illegal housing society in Islamabad is completely out of the question. This section of the housing project is expected to get the Blue World City NOC sooner than the other parts of the society as it is an important site being developed for the housing needs of the lower-middle-income citizens of the country.

Saad Nazir’s Message for Investors

Saad Nazir's Message for Investors

Saad Nazir is the son of the ex-deputy commissioner of Lahore and a famous real estate tycoon in Pakistan. He had recently propagated a message for the real estate investors regarding the Blue World City NOC. In this message, the CEO of Blue Group of Companies stated that the overall jurisdiction of RDA on Blue World City NOC was challenged and that this jurisdiction was to be moved to the district governments.

As a result of this decision, the Blue World legality has become prominent to the people who had any suspicions regarding this being a fake real estate project in Islamabad. All misconceptions have been cleared and this housing project is on its way towards progress in the upcoming few months. With the first balloting of the Blue World General and Overseas block, the housing society will move towards possession and complete its promise of a new tourism-based real estate destination in Islamabad.

Future of Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City NOC

Once the Blue World City NOC is approved, the future of this housing project in Islamabad is very bright. The ones who are investing in Blue World City today are likely to reap maximum profits in the near future and become the lucky investors to book their plots at low rates. With the development of Rawalpindi Ring Road, this housing project will slowly and gradually increase in worth and it will come at par with the top housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi such as Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad.

In addition to this, the Blue World City map shows that this housing project will develop some outstanding tourism features as well for the first time in Pakistan. This project is being designed as the first purpose-built tourism destination in the country with a number of attraction tourism features. Ultimately, it will impact the overall economy of the country, and it will provide Islamabad with a source of thrilling recreation and tourism that was missing in the capital city before.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Who is the owner of Blue World City Islamabad?

Blue World City Islamabad is owned by Ch Saad Nazir, son of Ex. Deputy Commissioner.

2- What is the location of Blue World City Islamabad?

The position of Blue World City Islamabad is situated on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange.

3- What are the blocks of Blue World City Islamabad?

The following are the blocks of BWC Islamabad:

  • General block
  • Awami block
  • Overseas block
  • Hollywood block
  • Waterfront block
  • Sports valley block

4- What are the online services provided by Society?

For the ease of its customers, the management has launched an online portal.

5- What is the development status of Blue World City Islamabad?

The grand entrance of the project is completed under the supervision of Chinese Architects. Furthermore, the tallest horse mascots are now complete and a renowned coffee shop Second Cup Coffee is functional there.

6- How long is the installment plan of this society?

The Society has launched a payment plan of 4 years.


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