Ertuğrul Arriving at the Opening Ceremony of Blue Mosque Replica

Blue Mosque Replica in Islamabad

Over the past few months, a Turkish Drama has surpassed all precedents of popularity in Pakistani audiences. This drama had been based on the life and personality of a Muslim leader named Ertuğrul Ghazi, who was the son of Suleyman Shah. It has been recently reported that the actor named Engin Altan Düzyatan has recently received a Pakistani Visa and the Turkish actor is now arriving at the opening ceremony of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica in Islamabad.

A few months back, a Turkish serial skyrocketed its popularity index, and it is has become of the most loved Turkish Dramas in Pakistan. According to media reports, the new Blue Mosque Replica in Islamabad being developed in Blue World City has been appreciated by Engin Altan Düzyatan who has played Ertugul Ghazi in the famous Turkish Drama. This news has become a sign of pride and joy for the investors of Blue World City Islamabad.

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica in Islamabad

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica in Islamabad

Other than the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, the Capital City of Pakistan lacked Islamic architecture as compared to cities such as Lahore, Karachi, and Multan. Therefore, the Blue World City Developers decided to build and develop a new Blue Mosque Replica in Islamabad. This mega-infrastructure project is now being appreciated worldwide, and it is likely to add value to the religious tourism industry of Pakistan.

The overall designs and Islamic architectures have been finalized, and the opening ceremony for this project is expected soon. However, a recent unprecedented aspect of this project is the visit of the Turkish Hero Ertugul himself, who is expected to break all records of popularity in Pakistan.

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Turkish Culture in Blue World City Islamabad

Turkish Culture in Blue World City Islamabad

From the very beginning, Blue World City Islamabad has envisaged a plan to built infrastructures based on an amalgamation of cultures. As Muslims have had a strong affiliation with the Turkish culture, therefore Blue World management decided to take this step and design the first ever Replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque in Islamabad.

This will be a sign of Pak-Turk friendship in Blue World City Islamabad, and a number of cultural complexes are also being developed to showcase the cultures of the Ottoman Empire. This is slowly and gradually building a positive image of Pakistan in the entire world.

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The Next Big Tourism Destination in Pakistan

The Next Big Tourism Destination in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan has slowly and gradually increased with a number of International vloggers and tourists coming into the country. Recently, Pakistan was also named as the world’s top tourism destination in 2020. Considering this, Blue World City has developed a strong Masterplan to build Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourism destination. This project includes theme parks, cultural complexes, and sports stadiums as well.

The new Blue Mosque replica in Pakistan is a part of this grand strategy that is going to attract even more international tourism in the country. Slowly and gradually, real estate projects such as Blue World City are going to change the entire landscape of tourism in Pakistan. The world will acknowledge the tourism potential that lies in the major cities of the country, and after visiting places such as Blue World City, the tourists are expected to head up north.

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