Furnished vs Unfurnished Apartments in Pakistan | 2022

furnished vs unfurnished apartments in Pakistan

When looking for an apartment to move into— be it as a tenant or an owner—one important question you’ll be faced with is whether you want a furnished or an unfurnished apartment. Since each has its own merit, people often find this a tough question to answer. Luckily, real estate maestros at Makeen Marketing have put together a list of pros and cons for each— helping you settle this debate of Furnished Vs Unfurnished Apartments.

Difference Between Furnished Vs Unfurnished Apartments

difference between furnished and unfurnished

Before we go any further with this furnished vs unfurnished apartments debate, let’s discuss what the main difference between the two is. In doing so, we’ll briefly define them as well.

Furnished apartments are those that come adorned with furniture, standard kitchen appliances, as well as bathroom necessities. The idea is to provide the tenant with everything required to live comfortably. These typically include sofas, dining tables, and chairs, cupboards as well as beds.

In comparison to this, an unfurnished apartment is a little bare. Mind you, it shouldn’t be totally empty! Unfurnished rentals still tend to include kitchen and bathroom fixtures. If you walk into an apartment without these, turn the other way!

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Pros and Cons of Furnished Apartments

pros and cons furnished apartments

While these are certainly less common, many people find furnished apartments to be more appealing. These are especially attractive to young people who are just moving out of their parents’ homes without any furniture of their own.

However, as you’ll find out, furnished apartments come with a few drawbacks of their own.

The Pros

  • It makes moving really easy. Like we said already, you’re already being provided with fixtures and furnishings, so you won’t have to bring in big items to your new place. You’ll definitely save more than a buck if you decide to hire movers— they’ll have less stuff to move.
  • Won’t have to splurge on new furniture. Another way furnished apartments are a money-saver is because they replace the need to buy new furniture. Good-quality furniture can cost you an arm and a leg!
  • Shorter Leases. Your chances of getting a short lease are far greater if you opt for a fully furnished apartment. Most of the time, they only require a year-long lease. These are ideal for students or people who travel a lot since they can’t stay in one place for too long.

The Cons

  • No control over your aesthetic. Perhaps the biggest drawback of living in a furnished apartment is that you don’t get to choose your own furniture— you’re stuck with what the owners leave you with. Decorating your living space, the way you want plays a big part in making you feel at home. Unfurnished apartments provide you with the flexibility that its furnished counterpart just can’t.
  • More culpability. There’s a lot more to stuff to damage in a furnished apartment than there is in an unfurnished apartment. Accidental scratches to the dining table? A tear in the upholstery? It’s so much easier to accidentally do damage to these things than it is to punch a hole in the wall. Better be careful!
  • Rent and security deposit might be higher. Landlords leave furniture in these apartments, not as a gift to you but to enhance the appeal of their apartment. To breakeven the cost of installing all these fixtures and furnishing, they will increase the price of the rent. Moreover, they will probably demand a larger security deposit since there is a lot more stuff to damage. These are all important things to keep in mind while debating Furnished Vs Unfurnished apartments.

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Pros and Cons of Unfurnished Apartments

pros and cons unfirnished apartments

Unfurnished apartments are a lot more common than its counterpart. Unlike the case with furnished apartments, unfurnished apartments are ideal for longer-term tenants— someone who can bring in their own furnishings and set up a base in their apartment.

When thinking about furnished vs unfurnished apartments, we highly suggest this property type for those tenants who own their own furniture.

The Pros of Unfurnished Apartments

  • Offers a more personal vibe. This point counters the biggest con of opting for furnished apartments. If you go for an unfurnished pad, it gives a bigger opportunity to make it suit your aesthetic. You will find more space for items that hold sentimental value.
  • You’ll be asked to pay for a smaller security deposit. Without any additional furnishings for you to damage on accident, you’ll have fewer deposit worries. This is mainly because you don’t have a lot of furnishings around that you can damage. And the chances of you punch a hole through the wall are low!

The Cons

Comparing it to a furnished apartment you might feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick. We’re going to give you a few reasons why an unfurnished apartment might be exactly what you need.

  • You’ll need to set aside a large budget. While going for an unfurnished apartment saves you a large payment on the security deposit, you might have to cough up a large amount buying your own furniture. If you don’t need to buy additional furniture for your new home, you will have to spend loads on movers. This is perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks for unfurnished apartments in this Furnished Vs Unfurnished apartments debate.
  • Longer lease: Since the apartment is unfurnished, and the expectation is that someone will come in with their stuff and build a life in that apartment, the lease tends to be a lot longer.

We hope that this guide helps you in navigating your way around deciding what type of living you should settle on— furnished or unfurnished apartments. If yore looking for real estate in Islamabad, then get in touch with our experts at Makeen Marketing.

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