Hyper Mall Peshawar: All You Need to Know! | A Complete Guide

Hyper Mall Peshawar

Home to the absolute best brands. The Hyper Mall offers showrooms and shops at various levels, all connected by modern quick lifts and elevators, coordinating every one of the floors into one shopping heaven. There are numerous well-known shopping centers in Islamabad. You can look over rooms of different sizes. Reasonable for a wide range of organizations, including fashion brands, fabric shops, bridal gowns, footwear, and electronics. Ceramics, handbags, cell phones, gifts, jewelry, watches, and some more. Quality with convenience, says Hyper Mall Peshawar. Well, it’s quite true. It is a wholesale and retail shopping mall located in Peshawar. It was built for the purpose of being the biggest shopping mall in the city. Hyper Mall Peshawar intends to deliver high-quality products to its potential customers for delivering maximum value and maximum satisfaction. It provides shopping convenience, pleasure, and comfort to the public.

1 Hyper Mall Peshawar Location

2 Hyper Mall Peshawar Area

3 Hyper Mall rates in Peshawar

4 Shops at Hyper Mall Peshawar

5 Installment Plans by Hyper Mall Peshawar

6 Hyper Mall Peshawar Jobs

The vision of this project was to be known as the shopping mall that values customer satisfaction and sets standards for excellence in its niche. This article has all that you need to know about Hyper Mall Peshawar.

Why Hyper Mall Peshawar:

Hyper Mall is the main classy complex in this entrancing city where you can track down the chance to kick-start your business. Get every one of the upsides of the most ideal place, which ensures huge future open doors. The ultra-modern and prestigious skyscraper shopping complex brings extravagant showrooms and shops close to Pishtakhara Chowk in Peshawar. Properly supported by the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA).

Hyper Mall Peshawar Location

Hyper Mall Peshawar Location

In the capital of a rich, refined region known for its standards and customs, Hyper Mall Peshawar is located. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the area that was previously known as NWFP and is situated in the northwest district of Pakistan alongside the international boundary with Afghanistan. The matchless Hyper Mall is the undisputed crown of this wonderful area.

This venture is very significant in Pakistan’s business industry due to its 5 km area in Hayatabad, Dilawar Abad, Ring Road, and Peshawar. The Hyper Mall highlights the moral, ethical, and fantastic nature of this task. This venture has acquired a gigantic prominence in the land area of Pakistan. It is located in one of the most well-known and significant urban communities in the country.

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Hyper Mall Peshawar Area

Hyper Mall Peshawar Area

The project covers a total area of 48,340 Square Feet. This project reflects one of the most brilliant architectural marvels of the country. The projects show the hard work and efforts of highly skilled architects and engineers.

The area or we can say the land on which this project is constructed is completely approved by all the related authorities. This feature aids it in being a very phenomenal and important project according to the business point of view.

Hyper Mall Peshawar offers all the basic features and amenities including top-notch security, a food court, parking, clean bathrooms, and a play area for kids.  

Hyper Mall rates in Peshawar

Hyper Mall rates in Peshawar

Hyper Mall Peshawar serves to offer many incentives to its shoppers. The mall from time to time offers sales and discounts as the management recognizes that the customers or we can say shoppers are their biggest asset and their satisfaction is their ultimate goal.

Delivering the value for which a customer pays plays an important factor in any business. So, to cater this Hyper Mall Peshawar offers low and genuine rates to the customers.

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Shops at Hyper Mall Peshawar

Shops at Hyper Mall Peshawar

The aim of this project is to provide maximum under a single roof. It contains many types of shops according to the customer demands. The shops here are available for both rent and purchase. The project gives an easy opportunity to investors or businessmen that either they can rent a shop or can buy one according to their ease.
The overall building consists of 7 floors which give shoppers everything they want under just a single roof. The project provides services and products as well as entertainment all in just one place. Most of the shops are on the 4th and 5th floors and are of different sizes and an investor can choose any according to his needs and ease.

Installment Plans by Hyper Mall Peshawar

Installment Plans by Hyper Mall Peshawar

Hyper Mall Peshawar provides different offers and incentives to its investors. The project puts forward very easy, cost-effective, and flexible payment plans to its investors. The installment plans are quite affordable for an average investor.

One can easily book an office or a shop in Hyper Mall with just a 10% down payment. There is an easy 3-year installment plan for purchasing a shop or an office in this mall. So, it’s quite easy for you to buy one for yourself.

Hyper Mall Peshawar Jobs

Hyper Mall Peshawar Jobs

Being approved by PDA and other concerning authorities, the project has gained a massive scope even in the job sector. The completion of this project has made many jobs so we may say that this project also aids the country in reducing unemployment.

This project is still offering different jobs related to Management, Information Technology, and Engineering sectors. This project has created multiple careers for job seekers in Pakistan.  Overall, the project contributes massively to the economic sector and is an exclusive shopping destination for the public.

Being endorsed by PDA and other relevant specialists, the undertaking has acquired a gigantic extension even in the gig area. The fulfillment of this venture has created many positions, so we might say that this task additionally helps the nation in diminishing joblessness. This undertaking is as yet extended to various employment opportunities connected with management, information technology, and engineering areas. This undertaking has created different vocations for job-seekers in Pakistan. Generally, the project contributes enormously to the monetary area and is a select shopping objective for general society.


Hyper mall Peshawar is generally an excellent expansion in Peshawar. All the fundamental staple items are accessible here. More cost-effective than other shopping centers. Overall, the best place for shopping, staple items, and from an investment point of view, a few new things for purchasers’ attractions Peshawari Leghar Chappals. This shopping center, arranged on an immense plot of land, has all the offices for clients like stopping, kids’ playing region, supplicating region, and an ATM machine office too. Costs are sensible with great quality stuff. Hyper Mall is a wholesale and retail shopping mall that looks similar to specialty stores. It has been founded on the business idea of self-administration planning to stock chiefly staple things, yet in addition, a wide assortment of items on a non-food list. It will convey an assortment of item classifications over a covered area of 20,000 square feet. The more extensive idea is to organize products from modern, business, institutional, and proficient vendors; different wholesalers; through specialists or representatives; and offer stock available to be purchased to end clients.

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