6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Concept Heights Bahria Town | 2022

6 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Concept Heights Bahria Town

It is no news that the Islamabad real estate market has been in a boom for the last couple of months. We have seen a proliferation of housing projects all over the city— some of the ones we at Makeen Marketing are watching closely are Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and Islamabad Model Town.

However, another housing project that is flown into our radar is Concept Heights Bahria Town. This is a new apartment complex situated in Bahria Town’s phase 8. According to our expert real estate agents, the most notable feature of this complex how masterfully it combines residential, business, and commercial apartments in one complex.

According to our predictions, this project will quickly become 2021’s investment hotspots. So, let us look at a few of the key factors that make Concept Heights Bahria Town a prime investment in Islamabad real estate.

In the Heart of Bahria Town, Phase 8

In the Heart of Bahria Town, Phase 8

As we mentioned earlier, this housing project is situated in the heart of phase 8, Bahria Town. To be more precise, it is in close proximity to the Business District of the vicinity.  Thus, this will give the residents easy access to the business complex.

Location-wise, the project is 1 minute away from PC Bahria Town. Furthermore, it is at a 50-meter distance from the largest masjid in Bahria Town and about double the distance from the newest head office of the housing society.

Did we mention the housing project is situated in Bahria Town? Easily one of Islamabad’s most fancied housing societies. The society is the definition of opulence— mirroring international housing societies. Hence, investing in this high-end residential-commercial project means you are securing investment in a trusted housing society.

Additionally, investors of Concept Heights Bahria Town will be able to avail themselves of the numerous amenities provided by the housing project. These include the security and surveillance provided by the gated society, well-established healthcare centers, educational institutions, recreational spaces such as parks cinemas, and gyms.

Luxury Living at Affordable Prices

Luxury Living at Affordable Prices

Another key reason why we think Concept Heights Bahria Town provides a terrific investment opportunity in Islamabad real estate is the prices it offers.

Firstly, we would like to mention Concept Heights Bahria Town is offering exclusive pre-launching rates. Typically, pre-launching rates are significantly lower than those that are set after the housing project is launched.

Thus, you are getting the chance to invest in a luxurious residential project at extremely affordable prices. Let us have a look at the different payment plans offered by Concept Heights Bahria Town.

Corporate Offices

When it comes to corporate offices, the project provides two sizes—543 square feet and 1041 square feet. The total prices of these offices are Rs 8,688,000 and Rs 16,656,000, respectively. For the ease of the investors, the project offers a 25% down payment and a 36-month installment period.

Luxury IT Apartments

Concept Heights Bahria Town is redefining luxury living by providing apartments that are optimized to include information technology. This allows residents to connect to their homes via their mobile. It becomes easier to control surveillance, temperature, and automated locks in your IT apartments.

The project includes six sizes in the Luxury IT Apartment category: the one-bedroom apartment is 550 square feet and has a total price of Rs. 4,675,000. There are four types of 2-bedroom apartments being provided: a typical 2-bedroom apartment (810 sq ft), 2-bedroom corner apartment (820 sq ft), 2-bedroom corner (910 sq ft) another 2-bedroom corner (1,000 sq ft). The total process for these three are Rs 8,505,000, Rs 8,610,000, Rs 9,555,000 and Rs 10,500,000, respectively.

The last type of luxury IT apartment the project provides is a 3-bedroom spanning 1,176 sq ft. The total price for this is Rs 3,087,000.

Keep in mind that the down payment and installment plan is the same as for the corporate offices. However, you must pay an additional 10% if you opt for the 2-bedroom corner apartments.

Luxury Apartments

The next category of apartments Concept Heights Bahria Town has to offer are the luxury apartments. The price rate for these apartments is Rs. 8,500 per square foot. One-bedroom apartments are 550 sq ft thus the total price adds up to Rs. 4,675,000. Just like with the Luxury IT apartments, there are four types of 2-bedroom apartments (out of which three are corner apartments that require an additional 10% payment). The dimensions for them are the same as the Luxury IT apartments however the prices are Rs 6,885,000, Rs 6,970,000, Rs 7,735,000, and Rs 8,500,000—as the apartment’s dimensions grow.

Judging from what we know so far, Concept Heights Bahria Town would make for a great investment opportunity in Islamabad real estate.


The last type of space that is being sold in this project is that for commercial shops. Concept Heights Bahria Town has allocated two levels for its shops— the ground floor and the lower ground floor. Similar to the corporate offices, there are two sizes available on each floor.

Ground floor:

  • The minimum size is 460 sq ft with a total price of Rs 3,220,000. Investors must put down a down payment of 25% and pay an installment of Rs 268,334/ month over a 36-month period.
  • The maximum size is 603 sq ft with a total price of Rs 16,884,000. The down payment is 25% and investors must pay Rs 351,750/ month for 36 months.

Lower ground floor:

  • The smallest size available is 470 sq ft with a total price of Rs 7,520,000
  • The largest size available is 520 sq ft with a total price of Rs 2,080,000.

 Both sizes have similar down payment and installment plans as the ground floor spaces.

These prices are inclusive of the following:

  • A 3- way entrance to the building
  • A CCTV system and well-guarded building,
  • Emergency exits at each level,
  • 2 elevators with a 6-person capacity,
  • All shops are front-facing and have a scenic view.

More Reasons to Invest in Concept Heights Bahria Town

More Reasons to Invest in Concept Heights Bahria Town

If the reasons above are not quite sufficient to sway you to invest in this exclusive project in Islamabad real estate, let us give you a few more key features.

Owners and Developers

Owners and Developers

Concept Heights Bahria Town is a product of  Concept Homez, a well-established property developer and building company operating in the Islamabad real estate market.

They have seen three projects to completion as of yet including Royal Arcade, in Phase 7, Bahria Town, Royal Millennium Height also situated in phase 7, and another project by the same name that is situated in phase 8. Thus, including Concept Heights, they have two projects in phase 7 and two projects in phase 8 of Bahria Town.

We are proud to announce that this project is being marketed by our very own Islamabad real estate marketing agency, Makeen Marketing.

Business, Residential and Commercial Apartments

Business, Residential and Commercial Apartments

As we have mentioned before, this is more of a 3-in-1 project as it offers commercial and corporate office spaces along with residential apartments.

Our experts think this is a key factor that will take Concept Heights Bahria Town quite far ahead in the real estate market. As it offers its residents easy accessibility to a shopping complex and offices as well.

High Returns On Investment

“High ROIs” are two of a smart investor’s favorite words. Recall that we mentioned that these Concept Heights Bahria Town apartments are being offered affordable pre-launching rates. If you purchase your plots now, you will see an exponential increase in the value of your property once the project ends its pre-launch offers.

Moreover, because of the prime location of the project, its close proximity to the Business District in Bahria Town, and the amenities it provides, the Concept Heights will surely see a surge in its value which you can take advantage of while reselling your property.

If you are interested in booking your apartment in Concept Heights, get in touch with their official marketers and real estate provider, Makeen Marketing.

In addition to Concept Homes, we also deal with other housing projects such as Blue World City, Park View City, and Islamabad Model Town, among others. All the projects we offer guidance on have legal status and are facilitated by the CDA.

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