Why Invest in IMT | Islamabad Model Town Details [2022]

why Invest in Islamabad Model Town 2021

This article will shed light on some of the most important Islamabad Model Town details including its location, map, payment plans, and the amenities it provides its investors with. Lastly, the article concludes with an estimate of the project’s trajectory in the near future.

The most common question asked by real estate agents by investors is why invest in IMT (Islamabad Model Town)? It is a very basic question that every investor surely asks himself why he should be investing in IMT.

Listing down the main key points for answering this question is very crucial. These points are basically: what this society is? Where is it located? What are the prices and payment procedure? What features does it offer? And most importantly, what is its future potential?

Finding the answers to these questions we need a lot of critical thinking and extensive research provided keeping all the pros and cons of the project. It is not an easy task so for this all the key points mentioned in this article are provided after the keen observation and evaluation of the project.

These key points will be providing all the insights and reasons behind the questions of why to invest in IMT (Islamabad Model Town). For the best consultation regarding this project feel free to visit Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd. This company works tirelessly to provide the best real estate solutions to its clients.

Islamabad Model Town

Islamabad Model Town

The first step is to know what Islamabad Model Town details are. The easiest answer is that IMT is a beautiful housing society located in Islamabad that offers residential plots of different sizes at affordable rates.

IMT is unlike any other housing scheme in Islamabad. The owners and developers of this society tend to make this a brand that is a symbol that reflects high standards and quality living. The project tends to revolutionize the real estate trends of the country.

This society is a place where investors can easily invest at affordable rates and construct their dream house. This society tends to offer such an environment that people can groom their living standards and live a healthy and peaceful life.

However, unlike other projects in the city, it is in the heart of the city and has easy accessibility to all the parts of the city. The society has all the basic facilities and amenities for its investors. The project aims to develop the most quality living destination in the city and provides its residents with the best environment they require for living in peace and harmony.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Islamabad Model Town details.

IMT Location and Map

IMT Prime Location and Map

Now we know have an overview of the Islamabad Model Town details. Let’s dive into the Islamabad Model Town details about the location and map. One of the most important features of any society is its location. Investors before investing initially notice the location of the society.

As per the Islamabad Model Town details provided by the IMT management, the project is that it is located in the heart of Islamabad. Islamabad Model Town location is quite unique and is located on Malot Road. Additionally, the best thing about this society is that it is right in between the two very famous Park View City and Bahira Enclave.

This magnificent society is at an approximate 15-minute drive from the very famous and lavish Serena Hotel. This beautiful society has the best and the most perfect land for construction, unlike Capital Smart City.

According to the Islamabad Model Town details and map, the society is very close to Chak Shahzad Islamabad. This proximity serves to be a driving force behind the value that it has to offer to its investors. Moreover, the society is located near COMSATS University Islamabad, the top-ranked educational institute in the country.

The society is close to the commercial hub of the city which makes it an important part of the city and one of the most preferred investment destinations of the city. Furthermore, NARC, NIH, etc. are very close to this society.

The Islamabad Model Town details and map reveals the fact that this society is built on the best infrastructure and is a well-designed and well-planned project. The residential and commercial areas are well located, and all the important places, parks, mosques, and hospitals are located near the residential areas.

Islamabad Model Town Details on Payment Plan

Easy Payment Plans for IMT

Now we know about what this society is, what it aims for and where is it located but what about prices and payment plans? This society provides quality living at the best and affordable rates. Plots for sale in Islamabad include IMT plots for sale at the most cost-efficient rates and flexible payment plans.

The payment plans are very much cost-effective and offer huge returns in near future. One of the best things about this society is that it offers a 3.5 Marla plot at an affordable rate. The 3.5 Marla plot is available at a down payment of PKR 350,000/- with a total price of PKR 1,970,000/-. The project offers 5% discount on an immediate 100% payment.

Moreover, other than this the society offers 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal residential plots at 10% down payment and 10% confirmation. With this, the society offers a generous 5% discount on 100% immediate payment.

Features and Facilities offered by IMT

Features and Facilities offered by IMT

Looking closely at the IMT details we can see that the society offers outstanding features and facilities. First of all, it is a gated community with a top-notch security system. The society has a 24/7 vigilant security system that secures the lifestyle of the residents and protects them from any threats.

This society provides an outstanding lifestyle with all the basic amenities and necessities. The society has an underground wiring system with beautiful green belts, parks, state of the art commercial centers, well-designed mosques, and hospitals. Thus, these Islamabad Model Town details are what attract so many investors operating in Pakistan’s real estate sector.

Islamabad Model Town Future Growth

Islamabad Model Town Future Growth

The future growth of Islamabad Model Town plays an important factor while investing in this project. In the end, all rest in the stakes in the future of a housing project. The question here is that investing in IMT really worth it?

The answer to this question is yes, as we can see and analyze its future growths and returns with respect to its location, features, and customer point of view. This society prefers customer satisfaction and tends to deliver the best value for customers’ investment.

Moreover, taking a look at Islamabad Model Town details, it is easy to see why it’s the most favored investment destination in the city. The project offers huge returns on investment and is a really promising project with a bright future. By now one should be convinced in investing in this project. IMT has the best plots for sale in Islamabad. For more information regarding the question of Why invest in IMT (Islamabad Model Town) visit Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd

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