Islamabad to Host a Replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

worship, with prolific minarets and tremendous calligraphy. According to our recent reports, a housing society in Islamabad has started developing the Replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque. This project has quickly turned into an attractive prospective for Islamic tourism in Islamabad.

Other than the iconic Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Islamabad rarely had any destination for Islamic tourism. However, with the recent rise in the real estate sector of Pakistan, a large number of projects are being developed. An example of this is the new Replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque that is being designed and developed in Blue World City Islamabad. The owner and developers of Blue World City have planned this project to be an upcoming tourism destination in Islamabad. Therefore, they have tried to cater to the growing religious needs of the population.

This article includes the details about the Replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque being planned and developed in Islamabad.

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica Developers

The new Blue Mosque in Islamabad is being built in Blue World City Islamabad which is considered to be one of the top real estate investment destination in the capital. This project is being entirely developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC), which is a leading real estate construction company.

The Replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque is being developed by the same company, and it is in line with the vision of this company as well. As Islamabad previously lacked in destinations for Islamic tourism, this project by CEO Saad Nazir is set to provide impetus to the growth of tourism in Islamabad. Once the construction of this project is complete, the rates of real estate in Blue World City are expected to increase as well.

Previously, BGC has established itself in the market with a number of astounding infrastructures. Blue Town Lahore, PIA Cooperative Housing Society Adyala Road, and Blue Town Sargodha are some of the most relevant projects by this construction firm.

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An Upcoming Tourism Destination in Islamabad

Blue World City location is being designed to be an upcoming tourism destination in the country. This is an innovative approach that has been followed by the builders of this housing project. Other than the replica of Blue Mosque in Istanbul, this housing project is on its way to develop some of the most iconic theme parks and cultural complexes.

In addition to this, the aspect of Blue World City being a Pak-China Friendly City in Pakistan heavily contributes to its attractiveness. There are a large number of international residents as well as overseas Pakistani’s looking to buy plots in the Blue World City Overseas block. Therefore, this housing projects is the best destination to host a replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque.

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Blue World City Overseas Block

Overseas Block in Blue World City is specially designed to cater for the needs of the incoming International investors and overseas Pakistanis. Therefore, this Blue World City block is expected to become an epitome of tourism in the upcoming few years.

Currently, a large number of Chinese investors have bought plots for sale in Blue World City Overseas block. Thus, a large number of cultural complexes and international infrastructure are being designed in Blue World City Islamabad. These Blue World property features are going to provide this housing project with tremendous value in the future.

As a result of this, replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque is considered to be one of the best upcoming tourism infrastructures in Islamabad. Hence, we recommend investors to invest in Blue World City Overseas to make sure that you get the maximum profits on your investments.

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