Top LDA Approved Housing Societies in Lahore [2022]

LDA approved housing societies

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is the municipal organization that is tasked with different development projects in Lahore. This organization is responsible for keeping the city clean and green with all the facilities and amenities available for its residents. However, the society is also a known for its role in providing accreditation to housing projects in the city. These LDA approved housing societies in Lahore then go on to develop their features and provide residents with a luxurious, clean and green lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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This is why a number of investors have reached out to us in order ask about the LDA approved housing societies in Lahore. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with a list of LDA approved housing societies in Lahore for clients so that you can invest and earn maximum profits in the shortest time. The list is as follows:

Lahore Smart City Islamabad

 Lahore Smart City is a project of Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd which is considered to be one of the top LDA approved housing societies in Lahore. This is primarily because the Habib Rafiq builders have already set high standards in the real estate sector of Islamabad with development in projects such as Capital Smart City Islamabad and Bahria Town. In addition to this, Habib Rafiq has also played a vibrant role in the development of Royal Orchard Sahiwal. As a result, they have been able to successfully promote this project and provide value to the real estate sector of Lahore.

The Lahore Smart City NOC was approved a few months ago, and the approval came in a very short span of time as compared to the other housing projects in the city. This was proof of Lahore Smart City’s competent and promising factor that provides support to the real estate investors to invest and have a sense of security regarding their investment.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

Blue Town Sapphire is a project of Blue Group of Companies who has set a quality standard in the real estate sector of Lahore. The society gained its Blue Town Lahore NOC for its Phase 1 under the letter no. LDA/DMP (M&E)/76 & Vide letter no. LDA/DMP-111/1960. This shows us that their new project in Islamabad under the name of Blue World City is another promising society that provides investors with the utmost value for their investment. Therefore. Blue World City is yet another promising housing project out of all the other LDA Approved Housing societies in Lahore and investors can invest without any hesitance.

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Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is yet another LDA Approved housing project in Lahore that is now one of the most developed housing societies in the whole of the city. As a result of their development, they have been able to provide residents with an incomparable luxury lifestyle that is not witnessed anywhere else in Lahore. However, the Bahria Town prices have risen very quickly over the past few years and the ones who had invested some years ago are now reaping high profits on their investments.

Nevertheless, there are good options available for investment in the underdeveloped phases of Bahria Town Lahore and you can still book your plots at affordable rates with the hope that your investment will increase with time as the development continues.

DHA Lahore

We all know that the Defense Housing Society is a major name in the real estate sector of Pakistan with projects all across the country. The magnitude of development is unmatched and out of all the LDA approved housing societies in Lahore, this project has the highest scope for profits on a lump sum. This is also why Makeen Marketing Pvt. Ltd has decided to open up its office in DHA Phase 8 Lahore and provide investors with the best real estate advice.

You can invest in any housing project in Lahore with Makeen Marketing Pvt. Ltd and earn the best returns. We realize that our investors put their hard-earned money into their investments, and we are always glad to see your investments growing. You can contact us anytime at UAN 0330-0625336, or visit our office in Plaza 149-C, DHA Phase 8 Lahore.

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