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Apartments in Islamabad

Makeen Hill View Heights Islamabad is a  residential project developed by Makeen Marketing and located in Korang Town Islamabad. These Apartments in Islamabad are considered the best investment opportunity in the heart of Islamabad.

The developers have ensured to provide all the ultra-luxurious amenities in the apartments for the convenience of the residents. The unique architectural design of the building and apartments makes the living space airy, spacious, and with sufficient sunlight. The features like panoramic view, studio and 2 bedroom apartments, elevators, eco-friendly exterior & interior, smart structure, location, and affordability make it a profitable project. Makeen Hill View Apartments Islamabad, developed by Makeen Marketing, is a residential project situated in Korang Town, Islamabad. This project stands out as an exceptional investment opportunity in the prime location of Islamabad.

The developers have placed great emphasis on ensuring that the apartments offer a wide range of top-notch amenities. They are designed to enhance the residents’ convenience. The architectural layout of both the building and the individual apartments has been thoughtfully crafted. It creates an open and spacious living environment, flooded with natural sunlight. The incorporation of panoramic views adds to the overall appeal.

The apartments at Makeen Hill View offer a variety of options, including studio and 2-bedroom apartments, catering to diverse housing needs. The presence of elevators adds convenience and accessibility for residents of all ages. Furthermore, the project boasts eco-friendly exterior and interior features, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

One of the standout qualities of this project is its smart structure, which integrates modern technology to enhance the living experience. The strategic location of Makeen Hill View Apartments in Islamabad adds immense value, as it is situated in the heart of the city, providing easy access to various amenities and facilities. Additionally, the project offers affordability, making it an attractive and potentially lucrative investment option. With its combination of luxurious amenities, well-designed apartments, stunning views, and a prime location, Makeen Hill View Apartments Islamabad emerges as a promising venture for discerning investors and prospective residents alike.


Makeen Hill View Heights occupies a highly advantageous and central position, ensuring convenient access from various neighboring cities and locations. These apartments are ideally situated within the renowned Korang Town in Islamabad, placing them right at the core of the city.

The strategic location of Makeen Hill View Heights offers several close proximities:

Situated right in Korang Town itself, the apartments enjoy a direct proximity of 0 kilometers, making it extremely convenient for residents to access the town’s amenities and services.

PWD Housing Society, a prominent residential area, is a mere 5 kilometers away from Makeen Hill View Heights, enabling residents to easily reach and explore the facilities and recreational opportunities offered by this well-established society.

The proximity to Islamabad Highway, which is only 1 kilometer away. It provides excellent connectivity to the broader Islamabad region and beyond. This proximity ensures that residents have convenient access to major transportation routes, facilitating travel to other parts of the city.

Another notable location near Makeen Hill View Heights is Bahria Town, located just 2 kilometers away. This esteemed residential and commercial development offers a range of amenities, including shopping centers, recreational facilities, and dining options, all within easy reach for the residents.

Apartments in Islamabad

By being strategically positioned at the heart of Islamabad and enjoying close proximities to Korang Town. It is also near the PWD Housing Society, Islamabad Highway, and Bahria Town. Makeen Hill View Heights offers residents a prime location that enhances accessibility to neighboring areas, major routes, and various amenities. It makes it an appealing choice for potential buyers and residents.

Masterplan – Apartments in Islamabad:

Renowned architects have meticulously designed the floor plans of Makeen Hill View Heights Islamabad. These thoughtfully crafted floor plans ensure that even the studio apartments offer generous living spaces. It maintains a consistent provision of ultra-luxurious facilities across all the apartments.

The floor plans have been created with careful consideration for optimal utilization of space, ensuring that residents can enjoy comfortable and spacious living areas. The architects have employed their expertise to create layouts that maximize the available square footage, providing residents with ample room for various activities within their apartments.

Despite the variations in apartment sizes, the developers have ensured that the ultra-luxurious facilities remain consistent throughout all units. Every resident, regardless of the apartment type, can enjoy the same level of luxury and convenience. This commitment to uniformity in amenities ensures that each occupant can experience a high-quality lifestyle within the project.

Whether it is the studio apartments or larger units, the floor plans at Makeen Hill View Heights Islamabad strike a harmonious balance between space utilization and the provision of upscale amenities. The result is a collection of apartments that not only offer ample living space but also guarantee a luxurious living experience for all residents.

Makeen Heights- Apartments in Islamabad Payment Plan:

Makeen Hill View Heights Islamabad offers affordable payment plans with convenient installment schedules, making it easier for potential buyers to own an apartment in this prestigious development. The apartments for sale in Makeen Hill View Heights Islamabad are currently open for booking at the following rates:

Apartments in Islamabad

Apartments in Islamabad

Amenities – Apartments in Islamabad:

Makeen Hill View Heights Islamabad offers many remarkable features. It includes convenient on-site shops, affordability, easy accessibility, 24/7 security, and efficient maintenance services. It also has eco-conscious initiatives, reliable utilities, proper waste management, concealed electrification, and world-class infrastructure development. These features collectively contribute to making Makeen Hill View Heights an exceptional residential project that meets the needs and desires of discerning buyers.


Makeen Hill View Heights offers a range of shops within the premises, providing residents with convenient access to various retail and commercial services. These shops cater to the daily needs of the residents, ensuring a hassle-free and self-contained living experience.


The project’s payment plans are designed to be affordable, allowing a wide range of buyers to invest in their dream homes. The developers have taken into account the financial feasibility of potential buyers, making Makeen Hill View Heights a viable option for those seeking quality living at a reasonable price.


Makeen Hill View Heights enjoys a prime location that ensures easy accessibility from neighboring cities and areas. The project is strategically positioned to offer convenient transportation links, enabling residents to connect effortlessly to major highways, roads, and public transportation networks.

24/7 Security:

The safety and security of residents are prioritized at Makeen Hill View Heights. A round-the-clock security system, including trained personnel and surveillance technology, is in place to ensure a secure living environment for all residents and their belongings.

Maintenance – Apartments in Islamabad:

The developers understand the importance of well-maintained living spaces. A dedicated maintenance team is available to promptly address any maintenance issues or concerns that may arise, ensuring that the apartments and common areas are kept in optimal condition.


Makeen Hill View Heights emphasizes sustainable living practices. The project incorporates eco-friendly initiatives to minimize its environmental impact. These may include energy-efficient fixtures, waste management systems, and green spaces that contribute to a healthy and eco-conscious community.

Water Resources:

A reliable and sufficient water supply is essential for comfortable living. Makeen Hill View Heights ensures access to ample water resources, addressing one of the fundamental needs of the residents. Residents can enjoy a consistent supply of clean water for their daily needs.

Quality Development:

Makeen Hill View Heights is committed to delivering a high standard of construction and development. The project adheres to strict quality control measures. It ensures that the apartments are built to superior standards, with attention to detail and durability.

Water, Gas, Electricity:

Uninterrupted access to essential utilities is a priority at Makeen Hill View Heights. The project ensures a consistent supply of water, gas, and electricity, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle.

Waste Disposal System:

Proper waste management is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. Makeen Hill View Heights has implemented an efficient waste disposal system, promoting responsible waste management practices and ensuring the cleanliness of the project.

Concealed Electrification:

Makeen Hill View Heights incorporates concealed electrification, ensuring a neat and visually appealing living environment. The electrical infrastructure is discreetly integrated within the apartments and common areas. It minimizes visual clutter and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

World-Class Infrastructure Development:

Makeen Hill View Heights sets the benchmark for world-class infrastructure development. The project focuses on creating a well-planned and meticulously designed living space, incorporating modern and contemporary architectural elements to enhance the overall ambiance and appeal.


Makeen Hill View Heights is an exclusive residential project. It has been meticulously developed with the sole purpose of offering residents a truly world-class and luxurious lifestyle. The project prides itself on its opulent facilities, affordability, and prime location. Which makes it a highly desirable option for discerning homebuyers.

Makeen Marketing highly recommends Makeen Hill View Heights as a golden investment opportunity. With its focus on luxury, affordability, and prime location, this project presents a compelling proposition. It is for both homeowners and investors looking to capitalize on the real estate market. For those seeking further profitable real estate ventures, it is worth exploring projects like Blue World City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, and Capital Smart City. Yu can invest as they have garnered significant attention in the market.


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