Model Town Islamabad vs Model Town Humak

model town Islamabad vs model town humak

Islamabad is known to be one of the most breathtaking federal capitals in the world. Recently, there has been a surge in its real estate market with the construction and development of numerous residential and commercial projects. The most notable ones being Model Town Islamabad vs Model Town Humak.

Because of the mushrooming of so many new housing projects, it can get a little difficult to keep track of which is which. Read on below to find out what the main differences between these projects are.

Model Town Islamabad 

Better known as Islamabad Model Town, this housing project in Islamabad, sponsored by Model Projects Pvt Ltd, is one of the fastest up-and-coming housing societies in Pakistan. This is primarily due to the Model Town Islamabad location— a few minutes away from Rawal Chowk. Moreover, according to the Model Town Islamabad map, the housing society neighbors Park View City as well as Bahria Enclave. This allows for easy accessibility to and from the city.

Model Town Islamabad image
Model Town Islamabad

Perhaps the main thing to note in the Model Town Islamabad vs Model Town Humak debate is that the housing society has incredibly flexible payment plans. It is thought to be affordable enough to be able to cater to investors belonging to low- and middle-income brackets.

Another great thing about investing in Model Town Islamabad is that it yields extremely high ROIs— something every investor wants to hear! So, contact our experienced real estate agents today for more booking information!

Model Town Humak

Contrary to popular belief Model Town Humak is not the same as Model Town Islamabad. Instead, Model Town Humak refers to a suburb town of the federal capital. Perhaps the main difference between the two is the location— the Model Town Islamabad location is a couple of minutes away from Rawal Chowk while Model Town Humak is located on the Humak Village near the Swaan River.

Model Town Humak

The area was previously completely uninhabited and actually served as the main railway line from Jhelum to Rawalpindi in 1893. Currently, the Model Town Humak community houses 1500 homes. Driving down this region, one notices that the housing society is quoted well organized— following the infrastructural guidelines laid out by the CDA.

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Model Town Humak has 3 major sectors:

  • Eastern Humak/ Humak Sharqi
  • Western Humak/ Humak Gharbi
  • Humak Extension/ Humak Zimni

Humak Sharqi

This is perhaps the oldest sector in the town and is a mostly residential complex, with very few business/ commercial complexes. The sector is located in the eastern part of the town.

Humak Gharbi

Unlike Humak Sharqi, this sector is commercial for the most part. It is located in the western part of the town and houses two government schools, as well as the main market.

Humak Zimni

This is the most recent sector to be developed as is thought to be an extension of Model Town Humak. The housing society coincides with DHA phase 2. In addition to a graveyard, the town has a community center with a municipal park as well as a private hospital with extensive healthcare facilities such as a state-of-the-art lab, operation theater, and a mother/child dorm. Moreover, there is also a public park known as Humak Park.

We hope this article was helpful in discerning the main differences between Model Town Islamabad and Model Town Humak are. For more details of the different types of real estate projects in Islamabad, contact us at Makeen Marketing. We are the best real estate marketing agencies in Islamabad providing investor wit the most profitable real estate projects including Islamabad Model town, Capital smart City and Blue World City.

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