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Naval Anchorage Islamabad

Pakistan’s armed forces have been serving the country since its inception. In exchange, the Pakistan Armed Forces make significant efforts to improve the living conditions of its personnel and officers. Naval Anchorage Islamabad is a similar endeavor by the Pakistan Navy to offer something back to its serving men.

Naval Anchorage Introduction

Naval Anchorage Islamabad is a one-of-a-kind residential project in the city. The project was initiated in 1989. However, work on this project began in Islamabad in recent years. The intention is to deliver a dedicated project for Pakistan’s specified strata.

This project has how many phases? In how many cities does the Naval Anchorage housing society Islamabad have a presence? What are the latest development updates and the status of its NOC? Stick around if you want to know about Naval Anchorage!


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Naval Anchorage Islamabad Logo & Name

Let’s have a look at the reasoning behind the Naval Anchorage name. The term “anchorage” has various meanings, the most notable of which is a location off-shore suitable for a ship to anchor. An anchor is a hefty item tied to a rope or chain to secure a warship to the sea bed.

The Naval Anchorage logo depicts a house with an anchor inside it. Symbolizing the fact that the housing society is designed for Navy personnel.

Naval Anchorage Islamabad Developers

The development of Naval Anchorage Islamabad is the responsibility of NESPAK, a semi-government entity. It has been in operation since 1973. NESPAK is a dominant engineering consulting business in the region. The organization’s staff consists of up to 5100 professional and experienced workers.

NESPAK intends to compete with international consultants in Pakistan and to become self-sufficient in engineering consultancy. As a result, less money will leave the country’s economy.

NESPAK, the Naval Anchorage developer, is recognized for taking on many projects and seeing them through to completion. The overall cumulative cost of NESPAK’s projects is $288 billion. Furthermore, NESPAK has approximately 5000 projects in Pakistan and 600 projects outside of Pakistan.

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Naval Anchorage Islamabad Location

The Naval Anchorage location is on Expressway. You may approach this society from the eastern side of the Islamabad Highway, where you can see a large anchor affixed. It is located in Sihala, with its main entrance on the Islamabad Expressway. The housing society built its own road and Naval Anchorage Interchange from the highway to the society’s actual location. As a result, it is not restricted by the expressway roadblock.

Naval Anchorage Islamabad Accessibility

  • The number of gates or entry points to society determines its accessibility. The main entrance of the community is located on the Expressway.
  • However, Gulberg Green can also be used to enter this housing society.
  • The one-way road immediately before the railway bridge, passing in front of the Haveli Marquee circling Madina Town and Jinnah Garden, leads to the Naval Anchorage Islamabad address.
  • Bahria Town and Naval Anchorage Islamabad are 21.2 kilometers apart.
  • Naval Anchorage Islamabad is located 6.3 kilometers from DHA Phase 2.
  • Islamabad’s Zero Point Interchange is just 20 kilometers distant.
  • A 20-minute journey will take you to the Mall of Arabia.
  • PWD is located 9 kilometers away from Naval Anchorage Islamabad in the west of Islamabad highway.
  • Soan Garden is located on the same side of Islamabad Highway as PWD. And it’s only a 9-minute drive away.
  • It’s about a 5-minute drive from Jinnah Garden.
  • Naval Anchorage Islamabad map shows it is 6 minutes far from the Capital Enclave.
  • Finally, it is 55 Km away from the New International Airport Islamabad
  • Naval Anchorage Islamabad NOC

    Speaking about the most significant factor that may lead several individuals to direct their investment in society or withdraw their money, Naval Anchorage NOC. According to the CDA website, the revised layout plan was authorized in 2020. Finally, on May 28, 2020, the NOC clearance was received.

    Naval Anchorage Islamabad Payment Plan

    The Naval Anchorage Islamabad Phase 1 is split into seven blocks, named from A-G. And offers the following plot cuts at the following Naval Anchorage Islamabad plot prices.

    5 Marla for PKR 3,300,000-9,000,000

    14 Marla for PKR 11,200,000-15,000,000

    1 Kanal for PKR 16,000,000-25,000,000

    2 Kanal for PKR 35,000,000-42,000,000

    Meanwhile, Blocks H-K of Phase 2 includes the following Naval Anchorage Islamabad plots for sale.

    1 Kanal for PKR 13,500,000-25,000,000

    Naval Anchorage commercial plots are also available at affordable prices. 

    Naval Anchorage Islamabad Development Updates

    This society is fully developed, and it is home to a sizable population. Residents have taken up more than half of Phase 1. This society provides all of the amenities and services required for a privileged lifestyle.

    At present, Naval Anchorage Islamabad is attracting house buyers looking for a tranquil location to reside. Given these aspects of the project, it has the potential to give an unmatched return on investment. In addition, it has begun Phase-2 expansion in Islamabad.

    The management decided to expand the project to another city in 2017. As a result, the developers have initiated Naval Anchorage Gwadar. According to Naval Anchorage Islamabad reviews, individuals are pleased with their investments in this society.


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    Future of Naval Anchorage Islamabad

    The CDA chairman’s orders resulted in the announcement of two additional projects near the Naval Anchorage Islamabad location: the PWD Underpass and the Korang Bridge. The expansion of the present two-lane side bridge over Korang nullah, the PWD Underpass, and expanding the road on the Islamabad Expressway up to the Naval Anchorage Islamabad has commenced. The projects are expected to be completed on schedule. In addition, the Islamabad Expressway would be extended to form a five-lane signal-free motorway connecting Zero Point to GT Road and Rawat.


    A large amount of traffic would depart the main Islamabad Expressway. It would alleviate strain on the road ahead up to T-Chowk on GT Road as well.

    The connection to such important routes and reduced traffic congestion would raise Naval Anchorage prices and demand. 



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