New City Paradise


Located in a highly desirable position, New City Paradise provides an excellent opportunity for long-term investments, enabling investors to achieve substantial returns on their investment. The developers behind this project, New City Wah, have established a long-standing presence in the area and are committed to delivering a superior development that embodies world-class luxury and comfort. Their promise to deliver an up-to-the-mark project ensures that residents will enjoy the finest amenities and living standards, making New City Paradise an ideal investment for those seeking a quality lifestyle.

New City Paradise & Developers:

New City Paradise Developers & Owners is a real estate venture led by Ch. Qamar Zaman as the Chairman and Ch. Saad Zaman as the Chief Executive. The project is being constructed by the experienced developers of New City Wah, while Deal and Deals has been granted exclusive legal rights for marketing and sales. With a reputable history of 17 years in the real estate industry, Deal and Deals are known for their proficiency in sales partnership rights. The project aims to incorporate advanced technology to achieve the most profitable and desirable outcomes. The developers are focused on creating a unique infrastructure and high-quality housing community within the twin cities area, providing a lucrative investment opportunity for both residential and commercial facilities. The project is still in its initial phase, but the developers are confident in its potential and believe it will have a positive impact on investors looking for the best investment opportunities.

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New City Paradise NOC

Earning the trust and confidence of investors and buyers is crucial for any successful real estate project. However, the value of real estate investments often increases over time, making them a profitable long-term investment opportunity. New City Paradise is a housing venture that has already received approval for its Lay-Out-Plan (LPO) and is in the process of obtaining a no-objection certificate (NOC). Once the NOC is approved, the development process will begin, and the society will be completed efficiently. With the necessary approvals in place, investors can rest assured that their investment in New City Paradise is secure and will yield profitable returns in the long run.

New City Paradise Location

New City Paradise is strategically located near the CPEC route and on the Islamabad M1 Motorway, providing convenient access to both important directions. The society’s location is further enhanced by its proximity to the interchange, which is just 0 kilometers away, and the main GT Road. This prime location is one of the fundamental qualities of this new housing venture, making it an attractive investment opportunity. Residents of New City Paradise will have easy access to various economic zones and educational institutions in the surrounding area, making it a convenient and desirable place to live. These nearby facilities and amenities will benefit the residents of the society in every direction, ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling living experience.

New City Paradise Master Plan

The developers of New City Paradise have established a reputation as real estate specialists, known for their ability to deliver projects that benefit investors and future residents alike. The management team is committed to providing a range of plot sizes with the best possible facilities and amenities, including high-end features and necessities of life. While the society is in its initial stages, the developers have assured that the New City Paradise Masterplan details will be made available to all investors in the near future. This will provide a comprehensive overview of the project, including information on available plot categories. Investors can choose from a range of options, including 5 Marla residential plots, 10 Marla residential plots, and 1 Kanal residential plots. This variety of plot sizes ensures that the project caters to the needs of a diverse range of investors, while the high-quality facilities and amenities provided by the developers will ensure a comfortable and luxurious living experience for all residents.

New City Paradise New Payment Plan

the payment plan for New City Paradise Housing Society provides investors with the opportunity to invest in a high-quality residential community without having to worry about the financial burden. The three-year installment plan and inclusion of development fees in the complete price rate make it a convenient and accessible option for anyone looking to invest in the project.

New City Paradise Old Payment Plan

Investors looking to invest in New City Paradise Housing Society can take advantage of the current new and old rates. The developers of the project have promised to soon update the complete price range in detail. Additionally, investors will be pleased to know that the development fees will be included within the complete price rate.

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New City Paradise 3.5 Marla Residential Plots Payment Plan

New City Paradise Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Facilities & Amenities

New City Paradise Housing Society is a new and modern residential community that aims to provide residents with a comfortable and luxurious living experience. The society offers a wide range of amenities and facilities, including:

  1. Gated Community: New City Paradise Housing Society is a gated community, which means that it is safe and secure for all residents. The community is protected by trained security personnel, CCTV cameras, and other security measures.
  2. Parks and Playgrounds: The society features several parks and playgrounds, providing residents with ample space for recreational activities and exercise.
  3. Community Center: The community center is a hub for social and cultural activities. It includes a swimming pool, gym, and other facilities for residents to enjoy.
  4. Mosque: The society has a mosque within its premises, providing residents with a convenient and peaceful place to offer their daily prayers.
  5. Commercial Area: The society has a commercial area that includes shops, restaurants, and other businesses, providing residents with easy access to daily necessities.
  6. Schools and Colleges: The society is located near several reputable educational institutions, ensuring that residents have access to quality education.
  7. Hospitals and Clinics: The society is located near several hospitals and clinics, providing residents with access to quality healthcare services.
  8. Underground Electricity and Sui Gas: The society has underground electricity and Sui gas connections, ensuring uninterrupted supply to residents.
  9. Sewerage System: The society has a modern and efficient sewerage system, ensuring that residents live in a clean and hygienic environment.
  10. Wide Roads and Street Lights: The society features wide roads and street lights, ensuring easy navigation and visibility for residents.

Overall, New City Paradise Housing Society is designed to provide residents with a comfortable and luxurious living experience, while also ensuring their safety, security, and convenience.

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