A Conversation with Makeen’s CEO | Nova City Frequently Asked Questions

Nova City Frequently Asked Questions

Hassan Talal Sahi is the CEO and founder of Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd. Because of his position, he is well-versed in Pakistani real estate— a market he intends to transform and redefine. Today, we’ll ask him a few questions about Nova City Islamabad. Read below for his answers to some Nova City frequently asked questions.

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Now let’s move on to asking our mentor some important questions regarding Nova City.


Question: Why is Nova City Islamabad the best option to invest in? How is it different from other projects in the vicinity?


Answer: When it comes to investing in the areas around Islamabad and Rawalpindi, there are several options available. Beginning from Gulberg, Bahria Town, Multi Gardens, B-17, and Faisal Town to Nova City Islamabad and Capital Smart City.

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Now we’ll get to the meat of the matter: Why should you invest in Nova City?


The answer to this Nova City frequently asked question is that the projects listed above have entered their maturity stages on the project’s life cycle, except Nova City Islamabad. This means that those who invested in these ventures have had the best possible returns. I’d like to expand on it using cricket language. That only singles and doubles game is remaining for these matured projects. Nova City, on the other hand, has the highest chances of hitting sixes.


Secondly, Chaudhry Junaid Afzal’s name alone is enough to guarantee that Nova City will deliver on its promises. He is the chairman and the driving force behind Nova City. He is a man of his word; he has vowed to provide Nova City with every possible convenience, and he will. The performance of New City Taxila and how New City investors are confidently investing in Nova City are the reasons I can say this with such certainty.


Despite the fact that real estate and education have no connection, Nova City developers have incorporated both sectors in just one housing society. Education is a must, according to the chairman, and everybody should have access to it. It is not a high-end commodity. The chairman of Nova City Islamabad, Chaudhry Junaid Afzal, has set a precedent by initiating the construction of the Nova Public School. This demonstrates the developers’ and management’s dedication to providing the best possible facilities to the residents of Nova City Islamabad.


Another thing that can be guaranteed is that under Chaudhry Junaid Afzal’s supervision, the growth rate will accelerate dramatically. The New City Taxila grew to its full potential under this chairmanship. In addition, he prohibited commercial operations from taking place in residential areas. As a result, the residential areas of Nova City will be free of commercial activities, and a separate zone is allocated for the business activities.


To summarize the response to this Nova City frequently asked questions, I’d like to inform everyone interested that Nova City Islamabad will soon be the next housing society brand. It will not be limited to Islamabad; it will spread to other cities as well.


Question: What is the reason behind the hype of Nova City Islamabad?

Answer: Out of all the Nova City frequently asked questions, I am asked this the most. Nova City’s popularity and growth can be associated with a variety of factors. Dedication, however, is the most significant factor.


The Nova City management is very much considerate about its investors. We’ve seen how housing societies have enabled numerous owners to sell their plots and file in the past. As a result of the surplus availability, the prices of their files have decreased. The Nova City management restricted the supply of its files to the market. The value of available files has been preserved due to the market’s restricted availability. The authorities have chosen its authorized dealers who can sell its files and plots in the market. Fortunately, Makeen Marketing is a Nova City authorized dealer, and now it is its Elite Sales Partner.


Furthermore, it is fair to assume that the history of management, chairman, officials, and developers have contributed to Nova City’s success. They would not be seeing such a positive response if they hadn’t performed in New City Taxila up to the client’s standards.


Question: Would you like to address Nova City investors in these Nova City frequently asked questions at the end?

Answer: I’d like to congratulate the investors in Nova City. Since Nova City is all about the shining stars! They’ll be enjoying the fruits of their labors in no time.


We hope these Nova City frequently asked questions were helpful and were able to give satisfactory answers to your queries. If you have any queries regarding the housing project, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!




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