The Future of Nova City Housing Society | 2022

Nova City housing society

The year 2021 has seen the emergence of one of the most iconic real estate projects to ever be developed in Islamabad— the Nova City housing society. Perhaps one of the main reasons why it is a highly sought-after project is because Nova City Islamabad has one of the finest locations in Islamabad.

The main thing that adds value to any real estate project is its location. The Nova City housing society is located right along the CPEC route. Additionally, it is a couple of minutes away from the New Islamabad Airport and the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

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There is no doubt that Nova City Islamabad saw a surge of popularity within a short time frame. Our experts at Makeen Marketing will now provide a short forecast of what the next year or so will look like for the real estate project.

The Success of Nova City Housing Society

Before expanding on our predictions for the future of the Nova City housing society, let us take a look at everything this real estate project has achieved.

Makeen Marketing operates very closely with Nova City as its authorized dealer and Elite Sales Partner. we have been dealing with a surge of queries on the real estate project. This influx is reflecting investors’ interest in Nova City Islamabad.

In addition to location, the Nova City housing society has blown prospective investors away with its steady and rapid development. In just a period of a month, the real estate project has managed to construct its main boulevard. This is a wide, fully carpeted road designed to withstand heavy vehicles.

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Thus, this quick progress indicates to investors the intent of fulfilling all the promises the society makes. Over the past couple of weeks, Makeen Marketing has experienced an overwhelming response regarding Nova City Islamabad’s 5-marla and 10-marla plots. We predict an upward trajectory for the real estate project.

What the Future has in Store

While the Nova City developers are working at a fast pace the society still has a ways to go. In the future we see society expanding in a number of ways.

Firstly, Nova City housing society has promised its investors an array of amenities such as medical establishments, a state-of-the-art waste disposal system, as well as educational institutions. Moreover, the developers are working with the aim to make this society as eco-friendly, secure, and scenic as possible.

Work will be done to form re-creational spaces such as shopping complexes, parks, zoos, and jogging tracks.

Nova City Executive Block and Overseas Block

Apart from these amenities, our experts at Makeen Marketing believe that the society will soon develop its very own Nova City executive block as well as an overseas block.

So, what is the main difference between these two blocks? We believe that the Nova City executive block will be different from its overseas block in that it will be designed to cater to local investors. The overseas blocks in many housing societies are only offered to Pakistanis living abroad or foreigners. These are usually in keeping with the international standards— specially designed to maintain the investor’s standard of living.

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