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Nova City New Rates

Nova City Islamabad is Islamabad’s real estate industry’s most hyped project. The amount of attention it got since day one is quite unexpected. The demand for Nova City Islamabad plots is so high that it has created scads of buzz around the project. Now the Nova City prices are expected to rise. As everyone wants to get their hands on the Nova City plots, the dealers don’t want to miss any clients. Real estate investors consider Nova City Islamabad to be one of the most desirable of the new housing societies in Islamabad.

Just like the meaning of its name, the Nova City Islamabad is going to prove itself as the rising star soon.

Nova City Plot Cuttings

The developers and owners of Nova City claim to have purchased 8,000 to 10,000 Kanals of land. They do, however, want to restrict the market’s supply and only sell through registered dealers. Plot cuttings of the following sizes are available at Nova City Islamabad. These are expressed in Marla/ Kanal and their equivalent square feet.

  • 5 Marla (125 sq. yard)
  • 10 Marla (250 sq. yard)
  • 1 Kanal (500 sq. yard)
  • 2 Kanal (1000 sq. yard)

While Nova City Islamabad is not yet developed, specific areas for projects such as the Nova City Grand Mosque and the Nova City Sports Complex have been set aside. The Nova City developers first purchased the land and then went for its NOC approval. The good news about the Nova City NOC is expected to arrive shortly. Now we will talk about Nova City prices of these plot cuttings.

plot cuttings

Nova City Pre-Launch Rates

The Nova City authorities circulated their pre-launch rates in the market. These Nova City prices are according to the current market trends and are highly affordable. The installment plan of Nova City will go easy on the pockets of the clients. The following is the Nova City payment plan:

  • The cost of a 5 Marla plot is PKR 1,995,000.
  • A 10 Marla plot is available for purchase for PKR 3,750,000.
  • The price of a Kanal of land is PKR 7,250,000.
  • A 2 Kanal piece of land can be purchased for PKR 14,200,000.

You can get a discount on Nova City prices if you buy your plot with Makeen Marketing.

pre-launch rates

Why Will Nova City Prices Rise?

We will now help you understand the factors that will affect the Nova City prices and cause them to rise.

  • Trust On Nova City Developer:

Since the 1970s, the Nova City developers have been involved in the Pakistani real estate market. Throughout the decades, they have initiated several projects. New City Wah Cantt is one of the most notable. In the industry, New City was able to deliver. Since then, the real estate market has put its confidence in these developers and their endeavors; We will see that Nova City plots will be soon sold out. And then they will be sold by the investors at high Nova City prices.

  • Facilities and Amenities:

The Nova City offers a variety of facilities and amenities. Starting with the most up-to-date and reliable security system available. Nothing is more important to an individual than the safety of his family’s life and possessions. So, security is promised by the owners of Nova City. Nova City has a sports center, a large mosque, and a bowling alley. Electricity, gas, and water are accessible 24/7. We won’t go into detail about Nova City School because it is a brand in itself. What other features would you like to see in a housing society? And will you not expect a housing society with all these facilities to have high prices? So don’t wait for Nova City prices to rise.

  • Ideal Location:

A good location is like a motivating factor for the clients to buy their plots in a housing society. The Islamabad map shows that Nova City has the locality of a real estate investor’s dream. This premium housing society is where the Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC routes intersect. The intersection of these routes produces a triangular land area. That is the exact Nova City location. Moreover, it is a few minutes drive from Airport. You can see the Islamabad International Airport from Nova city. The nova City is 25 minutes away from F-10 and 15 minutes from G-11. In coming times, you will see that the Nova City prices will rise because of its location.

  • High Demand for Plots:

The Nova City is under development, and still, the kind of response it is receiving is unmatchable. The real estate investors within Pakistan and overseas are ready to pool their money in Nova City. It is the basic Economic phenomenon that high demand causes the prices to creep up the wall. So, you will need to take the desired steps quickly or the Nova City prices for plots will rise.

why will prices rise?

Booking Process

After reviewing the payment plan and gaining an understanding of how the Nova City prices of plots and files will increase, you’ll want to know how to reserve these plots. Let’s break down the Nova City booking process for you:

booking process

  • You will need to fill out the Nova City booking form on our website, as it is the authorized dealer of Nova City.
  • Then you will pay a 10% down payment on the price of a plot you want to buy. On a Nova City 5 Marla plot, you will pay PKR 199,500.
  • After the down payment, you will have to make a confirmation payment, which is equivalent to the down payment. However, if you fail to pay confirmation charges within 45 days, your booking will be canceled. And, you will get a refund of 75% of your payment.
  • You will then choose the desired Nova City installment planAnd pay according to it to take possession of your plot.

If you want to know how to make these payments and what documents are required, our other blog explains it all.

What Is the Guarantee That Nova City Prices Will Rise?

guarantee of Nova City prices

There is no guarantee of success or failure in real estate businesses. You will see the real estate market booming at a time and declining at other times. Instead, we can assure you that Nova City is free of all kinds of real estate scams. The Nova City dealers can only sell its plots. So, book your Nova City Islamabad plot for sale right away at the pre-launch Nova City prices with Makeen Marketing.


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