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Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road allegations

Nova City has recently found itself in hot waters regarding the recent disruption in the Rawalpindi Ring Road construction. The residential project found itself losing the interest of investors almost as quickly as it piqued it.

One might ask, why did these Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road allegations prove so detrimental to the housing project?  There are a few reasons that led to problems being created for Nova City. This article will shed light on what those allegations are before moving on to how Nova City tackled these problems.


Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road Allegations

There are a few accusations being leveled against Nova City. As we all know, Nova City received a PP1 approval recently. This is a strong indication that the housing project is in line to receive its NOC approval soon. It is being speculated that Nova City bribed the municipal authorities to speed up the approval process.

Moreover, there was recent news that Nova City over-sold its limited plots and cheated many out of their investments.

The recent Ring Road update is that it’s being extended by a few kilometers— putting Nova City in closer proximity to it. Thus, one of the Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road allegations leveled against NC is that the real estate project used its influence to redirect the road to be closer to the society.

Another of these detrimental allegations is that Nova City was built in a “No Construction Zone”. What does this mean? One of the most enticing features of Nova was its proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport.  However, some organizations speculated that the project was within 200 yards from the Islamabad Airport— a direct breach of the No Construction Zone.


Nova City’s Response

Recently, the project responded to these maligning allegations. We’re here to convey their message to our readers. Below are a few things the housing project has debunked.

According to the statement they put forth, Nova City stresses that while its location offers investors optimal accessibility, it doesn’t rest solely on the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Instead, the society said it spent millions in obtaining access to the CPEC route from the government of Pakistan. In the statement, they iterated that even now, the housing society does not have any direct connection to any of the RRR access points.

Secondly, the housing project confirmed that it does not in fact enter the No Construction Zone of the funnel region. Nova’s management claims that the social relations of one of their directors are being propagated as ulterior motives. This is quite far from the truth.

Thus far, the statement put forth debunks two of the major Nova Rawalpindi Ring Road allegations: the issue of the No Construction Zone and them using influence to bring the RRR closer to them.

Next, Nova City moves to debunk allegations of unethically over-selling their land. According to them, the total member registrations they have as of yet will require about 3,500 Kanal of land. Currently, Nova City holds over 9000 kanals. This area is expected to increase. It doesn’t make sense, then, to accuse Nova City of over-selling on limited plots.

The statement concludes by saying that the housing society fully intends on taking legal action against those in charge of these Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road allegations. Furthermore, they are sticking to their mission of providing investors with the best, healthiest lifestyle.

Lastly, they go on the address PM Imran Khan. Mentioning that Nova City was formed after his push to revive the real estate sector in Pakistan, they state their full support of penalties against malign housing societies that stain the repute of the Pakistani real estate sector.

This is a sentiment that resonates with Makeen Marketing as well. We can think of nothing worse than tricking someone out of a fruitful investment. That’s why we dedicate all our resources to make sure our client is satisfied with our work and with the real estate they buy through our organization.

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