Nova City Becomes A Sponsor At CPL | An Insight To The Celebrity Premiere League

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The first-ever Celebrity Premier League is placed in a position to represent Pakistan’s positive image to the world. People from different backgrounds are involved to sponsor this grand event. Nova City is also one of the prime sponsors of the Celebrity Premier League, happening at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. The league has been started on 6th October and is planned to end in a five-day match.
There’s a lot more to have a close look at Nova City sponsor, and the team of Islamabad Nova. This article will provide you with all the details regarding CPL, have a look!

Nova City & The Celebrity Premiere League

After the unfortunate return of the New Zealand Cricket Team, it was the need of the hour to boost the morale of cricket lovers in Pakistan. Besides that, the world needs to hear that Pakistan is a safe country and is equally concerned to support such sports activities. For this reason, a five-day league was scheduled at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, the same place where the Pak VS NZ was to be played.

The Nova City is closely related to this ongoing cricket league. Several people belonging to different backgrounds are in line to become Celebrity Premier League sponsors. Nova City Islamabad is also one of the top sponsors of this most anticipated league. In addition to that, the team Islamabad Nova has gained a lot of prestige after being sponsored by Nova.

Who Are The CPL Organizers?

The Celebrity Premier League has primarily been organized by Danial Arshad and Usman Usmani. The CEO of CPL, Raja Kamran Ishtiaq is also from a well-known background. He enthusiastically came up with this idea, and at the opening ceremony, he said that cricket is in our blood. Apart from that, people from the film industry, real estate sector, and others are found participating in this league.
Some of the sponsors including Nova City Islamabad are:

  • DeConcepts
  • Media Sniffers
  • Nova City
  • Air Sial
  • ZEM Builders
  • Nova Islamabad Team

    The team sponsored by the Nova City Islamabad is named Islamabad Nova. The name is given to add significance to the sponsored real estate housing society. The famous actor Moammar Rana is the captain of the team. As this league is being held in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, therefore this project being in Islamabad is the best way to bring more and more investors to promote such activities.


    Another reason for the sponsor is to represent to the world that Pakistan is capable of conducting sports activities in such a peaceful and friendly environment. A significant number of potential sponsors will automatically lead to a healthier competition. Islamabad Nova is also depicting the true image of the country.

    Will This League Lead To Some Potential Benefits?

    Earlier in this blog, we mentioned that several people either from Pakistan Film Industry or the real estate sector, are being involved in this league. Nova City is also one of those sponsors. A great hype of this cricket league has been observed not just locally but at the international level as well. This will lead towards a bright future in terms of revenue.


    Moreover, after looking at an organized event being taking place in the twin cities, people will sponsor more tournaments like this in the upcoming years. In terms of real estate, the investors after listening to the name of Nova City Islamabad will be directed towards this project. In this way, Pakistan will be considered a country for economic growth. Either it is sports or the real estate sector, together both can lead to a prosperous future, with a guarantee of success to its fullest.

    Summarizing The Celebrity Premier League

    To end the entire discussion, Celebrity Premier League will lay a foundation for healthier sports in Pakistan. The success this league has witnessed in a short time is remarkable. Also, this makes us think that the future will be bright as companies from the real estate sector like Nova City are also engaging in CPL. This will also generate more and more potential investors towards the real estate project of Nova, increasing revenue. Makeen Marketing is among the most trusted real estate agencies, contact us at UAN: +92-330-0625336.

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