Nova City Vs The Life Residencia: A Detailed Comparison

Nova City vs The Life Residencia

This blog will compare the hottest properties in Islamabad right now: Nova City vs The Life Residencia.

Islamabad has witnessed a surge in its real estate market. Domestic and international investors now have the opportunity to invest in housing societies that are sure to yield high returns. Some of our favorites in the past have been Capital Smart City, Islamabad Model Town as well as Lahore Smart City. However, two new societies have taken the city by storm: Nova City and The Life residencia. Scroll for a detailed comparison between the two.

Nova City vs The Life Residencia: Location

The Nova City and The Life Residencia are the housing societies near Islamabad airportBoth of them lie on the route of CPEC and Rawalpindi Ring Road. They are situated there by the developers to assist the schemes economically from both paths. The M1 and M2 motorway passage from the area makes the societies open to people from different cities.  Let’s discuss the locations of both of these housing societies in Islamabad. We will then leave it up to you to chose which scheme has the best location among Nova City vs The Life Residencia. Life Residencia location is so that it is 21 kilometers from Fateh Jang City, 38 kilometers from Zero Point, and 20 minutes from the Blue Area, thanks to these roads. What else do you require when you can easily access all areas? Nova City location is about a 21-minute drive from the Islamabad airport and a 31-minute drive from Rawalpindi.

Neighboring Societies

On to the next part of our Nova City vs The Life Residencia debate: what does the neighborhood look like?

Because they are situated in the same locality, they will share the same neighbors. In 2018, the news of an airport relocation made the rounds. It was being relocated to a new location from Chaklala Cant. The real estate analysts predicted that the developers would use the airport as a brand. The prices of land have risen significantly since the airport’s announcement. The local housing communities are like neighbors. Naming a few ones:

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

The NOC approval is the final stamp of approval that a housing society needs to attract new customers. Even if a scheme with a NOC does not offer many luxuries, people will choose to buy property in it. For the reasons, they are legal and safe. Real estate investments aren’t always lucrative. You could lose money if your investment fails. As a result, it is preferable to lose money in a society that has granted NOC. Then in one where you can expose your money to frauds. Then, this makes for an important facet of the Nov City vs The Life Residencia debate. The Life Residencia is one of the RDA approved housing societies. You will not have to worry about its legal status when investing in it. The Life Residencia NOC approval means that the society fulfills all the requirements to be legal. The potential of profits here is high. The Life Residencia is expected to yield greater profits. It will prevent your money from going into loss as the scams will be restricted. The developers promise to break the news of Nova City NOC approval soon. As the society has all the facilities up to the standard. Plus, Nova City is giving competition to many existing schemes in the area. while we are sure that they will receive their NOC approval in no time, for now, the latter wins this facet of the Nova City vs The Life Residencia debate. Proceed to read about New Lahore Smart City NOC Update

Amenities and Facilities

You might have figured out that these two societies are similar to one another in their location. however, its a whole different story when it comes to the features aspect of this Nova City vs The Life Residencia debate. We’ll give you a short rundown of some of The Life Residencia’s amenities. Inside the walls of the gated community, residents will have access to healthcare and education. In addition, the scheme has shopping areas that would make it easier for people to find everything they need. They will not have to step out of the Life Residencia gates to get daily necessities. The parks and jogging tracks in this green and eco-friendly society would inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. Broad roads in society can reduce the number of accidents and keep roads from being congested all of the time. Because of the smooth flow of traffic. Life Residencia will also have small dams that will produce electricity for its inhabitants. Finally, the pipelines are buried. As a result, they will be less vulnerable to damages. Compared to this, Nova City will bring some recreational centers along with it, like a zoo, bird aviary, family picnic spots. The kid’s fun zone, skating ring, and cinema in The Nova City will make life so much happening. The Nova City will have food streets that allow the residents have quality food inside its gate. To promote sports, Nova City has different courts and grounds.

Payment Plan and Plot Cuttings

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our debate: Nova City vs The Life Residencia. The plots available at The Life Residencia are 5 marlas7 marlas10 marlas12 marlas, and 1 Kanal. It is offering a range of plots with reasonable prices and easy installments. The Life Residencia payment plan states; you can book a plot of any size with a 17.5% downpayment and then pay the rest cash in 12 quarterly installments. Pre-launch prices for Nova City have been revealed. According to the Nova City payment plan, you can reserve a plot there, with a 10% down payment. After 40 monthly payments, you will be able to take possession of the land. 5 marlas10 marlas1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plot cuttings are available. Both societies’ payment plans are detailed in Nova City Payment Plan and The Life Residencia. Concluding this Nova City vs The Life Residencia debate, both housing societies aim to provide their residents with the best possible lifestyle. Both of them are able to redefine real estate in Islamabad. Let us know in the comments below which society are you willing to invest in. Interested in investing in either of these? Get in touch with our skilled real estate agents today to get more details.

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