Why Blue World City is the Perfect Pak China Friendly Society | 2022

Why Blue World City is the Perfect Pak China Friendly Society

Perhaps the main reason why Blue World City is thought to be a Pak China friendly society is due to the fact that it is a collaboration between Chinese and Pakistani companies. That is right, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was contracted between the leading construction and development company Shan Jian Municipal Engineering and the Blue Group of Companies.

Many speculate that this collaboration is one of the most attractive features of this housing project is the fact that it is going to bring an international standard that works in favor of elevating the lifestyle of its investors. It is safe to say that this Pak China friendly society is gaining a lot of traction in the Islamabad real estate market.

Read on to find out exactly why so many feel this housing society mirrors the blossoming socio-political relationship between the two neighbors.

 Proximity to CPEC

 Proximity to CPEC

CPEC is another project shared by the two countries aimed at increasing the living standards of citizens in both countries. By building an economic corridor, the two nations hope to increase bilateral connectivity, commerce and trade, and cultural exchange.

Blue World City is situated quite close to the CPEC route. This is proving to be quite the strategic position since it allows the housing project to be viable accommodation for Chinese CPEC workers. This stratagem will surely aid Blue World City in becoming a Pak China friendly society.

Binational Residents

Binational Residents

This is the main feature that promotes Blue World City to be the Pak China friendly society that it is. Blue Group of Companies has opened the doors of this housing project to foreign investors by creating an Overseas block—to be constructed to accommodate the lifestyles of foreigners.

The housing project expects a large influx of Chinese residents to migrate to Pakistan on account of the employment created by CPEC. As we mentioned earlier, the housing society has allocated an entire block to accommodate overseas investors including the Chinese workers set to migrate.

In this way, the Pak China friendly society aims not only to bring the citizens of the two countries closer but also creates new business and residential avenues for its investors.

Recently we have seen numerous moves to improve the socio-political relations between the two countries—CPEC being one of the biggest examples of this. With the help of Blue World City, this initiative has expanded to the real estate sector as well.

Chinese Investment 

Chinese Investment in Pak China friendly society

This Pak China friendly society works to improve the association between the two countries by becoming a source of Pak China investment.

Having signed the MOU with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, Blue Group of Companies offers to share in the investment of this burgeoning real estate project. This essentially means that this is a joint venture between Pakistan and China.

This shared ownership makes Blue World City truly a Pak China friendly society—where each resident is as much a part of the housing society as the next.

Why Invest in Blue World City?

Why Invest in Blue World City

If the above wasn’t testament enough to the superiority of this housing society, the experts at Makeen Marketing have complied a few more reasons as to why this is an excellent investment.

An Affordable Investment

This Pak China friendly society is currently one of the most affordable projects in the Islamabad real estate market. Compared to contemporary projects such as Park View City and Capital Smart City, Blue World City offers investors a budget-friendly installment plan. These are designed to accommodate the lower-to-middle income bracket.

Modern Amenities in Pak China Friendly Society

This housing society offers an affordable investment option while providing its investor with a host of different facilities. Some of the basic utilities this project offers are gas, water, electricity, and sanitation services as well as recreational and commercial hubs.

This Pak China friendly society goes above and beyond by including tourist attractions such as the world’s largest horse mascot, replicas of the Blue Mosque, and Burj Al Arab.


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High Returns on Investments

Since the housing project is offering plots at pre-launching rates, investors are more attracted by the short-term investment opportunity Blue World City presents.

Investors are able to purchase these plots cheaply, at pre-launching rates, and wait for the official launch of the Pak China friendly society. After this, the prices of the plots will rise exponentially creating large ROIs for the investor. They can then choose to sell their property at exorbitant prices.

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