Park View City Daisy Block

Park View City Daisy Block

Park View City offers unimaginable venture opportunities to its highly regarded individuals. The Grand Society has as of late sent off Daisy Blocks, Silver Blocks, and Cherry Blocks to its clients. Park View City is one of the most sumptuous housing social orders with exclusive requirements for living and unparalleled offices. The undertaking is created by the all-around presumed and renowned Vision Group. It is wonderfully situated in a top-class area on Multan Road. The undertaking offers minimal expense, private and business plots in various cuts. Additionally, the installment plan is keenly intended to simplify the financial backer’s life. It is an excellent private task comprised of different blocks, for example, Crystal Block, Platinum Block, and Overseas Block. These blocks are the furthest down the line from the venture to oblige the developing number of financial backers. The goal of first-rate conveniences is to raise people’s expectations for everyday comforts.

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Park View City Lahore is quite possibly the most remarkable private venture delivered in the housing market, decisively situated close to Multan Road, Lahore. Private society is viewed as the transformation of extravagant living with its magnificence of design and first-class conveniences. Park View City, Lahore Daisy Block is committed to giving residential choices, including agreeable and extravagant living. The exact area of Daisy Block isn’t known at this point. Notwithstanding, as per the data from Park View City Lahore authorities, Daisy Block will come close to Cherry Block. Like Silver Block, it will be situated close to the new entryway on Multan Road. It will be the third block after entering the general public from Multan Road. It will be adjoined by the Pearl and Crystal blocks. Daisy Block presently offers private plots that go about as useful future-situated speculation. Furthermore, it is a good foundation to build your home on for an extravagant living. All the extravagance and conveniences of different blocks of Park View City are likewise presented in this block.

Park View City Lahore Daisy Block Developers and Owners:

The developers of Park View City Lahore Daisy Block are the Vision Group, which is claimed by Abdul Aleem Khan, the Chairman of the Vision Group and a notable business person. Vision Group has made significant contributions to the development and growth of several projects, including Park View City (Islamabad), The National School (Lahore), Cinestar Cinema IMAX Theater (Lahore), and PDH Pharmaceutical.

Park View City Lahore Daisy Block NOC:

The No-Objection Certificate (NOC) of Park View City Lahore will be endorsed soon by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The supervisory group of Park View City has presented every one of the expected archives to the LDA for endorsement. The methodology of NOC endorsement takes time, yet it is expected that it will get the endorsement soon.

Park View City Daisy Block Updates:

The Daisey Block of Park View City, Lahore, is a lush expansion of the blessings of private society. This block is sorted among the 5 marla private plots of the PVC Lahore. The Daisy Block draws in numerous local and international investors because of its exceptional elements and free A-list offices. The residential block is unimaginably planned by a skillful group of engineers, creators, and designers, fulfilling the worldwide design guidelines. There are restricted plots accessible in the Daisy Block in various sizes that financial backers can use for residential purposes.

Park View City Lahore Daisy Block Location:

The area of Park View City, Lahore Daisy Block is on Multan Road, Lahore. The block’s area is profoundly available as it is encircled by many shopping centers, lodging social orders, medical care places, clinics, supermarkets, and instructive organizations.


Following are the accessibility points of the block:

  • It is roughly 12 minutes from Saleem Memorial Trust Hospital.
  • It is roughly 11 minutes from Eden Value Homes.
  • It is roughly 9 minutes from the M-2 Motorway.
  • It is roughly 17 minutes from Lahore Ring Road.
  • It is roughly 30 minutes from Ferozepur Road.

Daisy Block Layout plan:

The all-inclusive strategy of Park View City Lahore Daisy Block highlights business and private plots. The ground-breaking approach includes a region for playgrounds and parks, vehicle access, and a cemetery. The following are the design subtleties of the block:

Park View City Daisy Block Plot Sizes in residential block:

You can book your plot in Park View City Daisy Block by paying just a 25% initial investment, and the excess sum is payable in 8 quarterly portions over a period of 3 years.

  • The 5-marla residential plot cost is PKR 5,700,000.
  • The 10-marla residential plot cost is PKR 11,500,000.

Park View City Daisy Block Payment Plan:

The management of Park View City Daisy Block carefully thought out the payment schedule. The payment schedule for the residential block is primarily determined by affordability. Residential plots of 5 Marla and 10 Marla are available under the housing society payment plan. The residential society’s owners designed an opulent neighborhood with cutting-edge amenities offered at the most reasonable prices. Daisy Block’s convenient two-year payment schedule begins with a 25% down payment at the time of booking.

Amenities of Park View City Lahore Gold Block:

Underground Electricity supply, Legitimate water Supply, Proficient phone association, Ecological well disposed of the local area, Amazing sewerage System, Web office, Schools, Passage Gate, Limit Wall, Streetlamps, Mosque, Undeniable level security, Tremendous Roads and road, Wellbeing focus, Completely created, Parks, Retail outlet, wide  Carpeted Roads, Educational Establishments, System of Public Transportation Water, gas, and electricity are always available thanks to the underground electricity system’s international standard infrastructure and Skilled Management and Maintenance Workforce Planned Waste Disposal and Sewerage Management System and Shopping area.


Park View City, Lahore Daisy Block is another block presented by Park View City Lahore. It is situated on Multan Road, Lahore. The recently sent-off block will before long be endorsed by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Those financial backers who are searching for a property for a venture can exploit this superb block as it is reasonable and offers an adaptable installment plan. The Park View City Daisy Block is an incredible speculative opportunity for the investors of Punjab. The housing market is one of the most beneficial development areas. Another task is delivered roughly every year and a half. PVC, Lahore is quite possibly the most vital venture in the housing market. The Daisy Block is a greatly planned improvement to private society. The private block offers interesting elements, a global-themed framework, and a financial plan with an accommodating installment plan, making it a not-botched venture and a valuable open door. For more Detail visit our website Makeen Marketing.

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