An Ultimate Guide to Park View City Plots for Sale [2022]

Park View City plots for sale

Park View City is another highly sought-after real estate project in Islamabad. It is considered to be the epitome of living a dream lifestyle. Park View City plots for sale are being offered with various discount packages, as citizens are in line for the booking. Park View City is an approved housing society by CDA. One of the renowned names in real estate, Aleem Khan, is the owner of Park View City Islamabad.

To know more about Park View City plots for sale, study our informative blog below. It has a lot to unveil regarding its features, location, development, commercial plots, and much more.

Alluring Location for Park View City Plots for Sale

Makeen Marketing has observed a massive turn out of citizens towards Park View City plots for sale. There exists plenty of reasons for its demand including the highly prized Park View City location, Park View City blocks, and of course the commercial & residential plots.

Coming to the most alluring factor, the location of Park View City Islamabad, covers major spectacular landscapes of the city. Most of the citizens are rushing towards Park View City plots for sale, due to the location it offers. It is situated in such a way to enhance the beauty of the capital city.

Furthermore, the project is an ideal choice for nature lovers, as it carries a variety of natural features like lush green mountains stretching over Bani Gala, an eco-friendly environment, and a hygienic atmosphere. It is just 15 mins away from Rawalpindi.

Investment Favors

Investing in Park View City Islamabad plots for sale means you are gifted with endless privileges. Due to its prime location, the worth of the area will increase with time. Also, the overseas block designed for overseas Pakistanis is high in demand, providing multiple favors to the investors.

To get a guide towards an investment plan you can click here.

Park View City Islamabad Blocks and Plots

Park View City Islamabad consists of multiple blocks including an overseas block. This block is specially designed for the people living overseas, keeping in mind their needs and desires of a luxurious living. For this block, the investment is particularly made by the overseas Pakistanis, for this reason, this block is surrounded by more and more facilities as compared to the other blocks.

Other than the overseas block, Park View City blocks include A, B, C, D blocks with the ongoing development of H block. Possession for Park View City block H will be given to those who have completed their payment.

Coming to Park View City plots for sale, there are residential and commercial plots available. The prices are kept according to Park view city rates which are standardized and might change over a certain period. Visit Makeen Marketing for the knowledge of Park View City rates for commercial and residential plots.

You can visit a map to have a guide of booking plots with the knowledge of nearby areas.

Remarkable Features

Features of Park View City Islamabad include a secure lifestyle for the residents. High-tech infrastructure for security is being implemented with several CCTV cameras installed at various sensitive places. Moreover, a trained team of security personnel will be employed to make sure the safety of the residents.

As discussed earlier, Park View City is approved by CDA. Investors can invest with full confidence as the society is officially declared legal, in terms of its status.

The infrastructure of roads is made to minimize the chance of traffic. Moreover, the Park View City location is ideal for all aspects of standard living. To provide the residents with a pacific lifestyle Park View City is making use of underground electricity. It eradicates the use of large and dangerous electricity towers. Proper and clean drainage and sewerage system are also included in the park view city Islamabad. Schools and mosques with the assurance of high quality are also underway construction.

A guide to Park View City Booking Process

The Booking process for park view city plots for sale can be done with a down payment of 20%. You can visit Makeen Marketing to get complete guidance for booking and payment methods.

Furthermore, you will have t bring some documents along with you. The list of the required documents is as follows:

  • Copy of your CNIC
  • Copy of CNIC of next to kin (father/mother/brother/wife/sister)
  • 2 passport sized pictures
  • 20% down payment can either be a cheque or pay order or cash.

To conclude, park view city is CDA approved, and investment can be made freely. With Makeen Marketing you can get several favors for Park View City plots for sale. You can contact us for the latest real estate updates.

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