Affordable Plots on Installments in Islamabad [2022]

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According to statistics, nearly 70% of the country’s wealth is put into land or real estate assets. Thus, investors are almost always on the lookout for affordable plots in installments.  This could be for, both, long-term as well as short-term investments. Investors have seen a sharp increase in the number of housing projects springing up in Islamabad. While having more investment options is great, having an array of Islamabad housing schemes can also confuse investors— which would be the best fit for them?

No worries! Seasoned real estate agents at Makeen Marketing have compiled a list of the best Islamabad housing schemes to buy plots in installments.

Blue World City Plots on Installments

Blue World City Plots on Installments

Blue World City is one of the most anticipated Islamabad housing schemes right now. It is thought to be extremely suitable for those investors who belong to a lower income bracket and do not wish to invest a lot of money. Keeping this in mind, Blue World City plots are offered in a range of sizes and payment plans. The installment plans are quite affordable and require a meager 10% down payment of the total price. This installment plan also applies to Blue World City Overseas Block— one of the most prestigious blocks the project has to offer.

After paying off the initial down payment, investors can pay the remaining installments over a relaxed, 4-year period. Do keep in mind that apart from the monthly installments, there are 8 bi-annual installments as well. These installment plans are designed to put investors at ease thus making Blue World City plots one of the best plots installment money can buy.

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Capital Smart City Plots on Installments

Capital Smart City Plots on Installments

Capital Smart City has been making headlines in the real estate sector. Future Developments Holdings is working in collaboration with Singaporean development consultancy firm, Surbana Jurong, to create Pakistan’s first-ever smart city. It is ranked one of the best Islamabad housing schemes— offering its residents smart technology and an eco-friendly environment.

This project is said to be the best investment opportunity for investors belonging to the middle-income bracket. It has been speculated that those who invest in the earliest stages of the project stand to earn the highest ROI—so get your hands on Capital Smart City plots in installments. This is a great option for someone looking to pay off the investment over a span of 3–4 years. Similar to Blue World City plots, it offers a 10% down payment.

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Park View City Plots on Installments

Park View City Plots on Installments

Park View City is one of our recommended Islamabad housing schemes if you are looking for an investment that will reap extremely high returns on investments. Because this is one of the leading housing projects in Islamabad, they are on the pricier side; with most of the Park View City plots in Islamabad being purchased by those who belong to a relatively higher income bracket.

However, this CDA-approved housing society has come up with an installment plan that is designed keeping in mind the convenience of the investors.

To acquire plots in installments, Park View City gives you the option of a 20-30% down payment. You can also break down the remainder of the payment into monthly or quarterly installments.

Islamabad Model Town

Islamabad Model Town

Another great option to consider while looking for plots on installments in Islamabad is Islamabad Model Town. This gated community is neighbors Bahria Enclave and Park View City. It offers great access not only to these two areas but also connects to Simply Dam Road which offers great accessibility in and out of the housing society.

Like the rest of the Islamabad housing schemes mentioned in this article, IMT is a great project to purchase plots on installments. According to the installment plan, the project allows for a 10% down payment after which you can pay off the rest of the amount in 8 quarterly installments spread over a 2-year period.

You might get the sense that IMT is similar to Park View—follow our guide: “Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City: Which is the Better Investment?” to get a better idea of which would be a better fit for you.



The Islamabad housing schemes we have listed above are one of the hottest in the real estate sector right now. In this section, we will offer a summation of which plots on installments would work well for you. If you belong to a lower income bracket, or simply do not want to spend a lot of money on an investment, we recommend looking into Blue World City. If you belong to middle-income strata, then Capital Smart City might be more suited to you. If you are looking for high returns on investments and don’t mind investing in a slightly more expensive society, Islamabad Model Town and Park View City are perfect for you.

Still confused? Perhaps one of our agents at Makeen Marketing can help out.

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