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7 Blunders to Avoid in the Real Estate Market in Pakistan

The real estate market in Pakistan is faced with numerous challenges. This is because the competition among the real estate companies is increasing day by day. Another point is that people are unaware of the mistakes that are leading to failures, in the field of real estate.

Some facts must be considered by the real estate market in Pakistan, in order to avoid failures. This blog also stresses the real estate facts for buyers, which may prevent them from landing in hot waters. Read out the full blog to find out more.

Authenticate Before Trusting

The First thing for either buyers or sellers in property for sale is to have trust. Numerous real estate companies come up with a booking deal, which is just good on the outside. But when you look into the details it’s nothing less than an illusion. For this mistake to be avoided, you must have complete knowledge about the agent and the real estate company, he is affiliated with. Besides that, do confirm that either the housing project has NOC or not. The major advantage will be that you will not be a part of any scam and also, you will be sure that your investment is in secure hands.

In One Hell Of A Hurry

Another mistake that you are most likely to make is to rush towards buying properties. Many people became a victim of there eagerness of buying a property. This is due to the lack of knowledge of the real estate market in Pakistan. If a person wants to buy property in a hurry, then there are chances that he may overlook the background of the real estate company or might not check the repute associated with that particular company. So, for this reason, you should take your time and search out deeply, keeping in mind the budget, time, and style of living.

Investment Cost Overrun

One of the most important points of the real estate facts for buyers is that there is no use in investing too much. Large investment surely saves something for the rainy days, but there’s no guarantee for the future. For this reason, make a suitable amount of investment. Also, you can set your goal for investing in parts. To take an example, you can buy a plot at once. After some time, the worth will increase, and you can start the construction work. Another thing is that investing too much at a single time has no logic.

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Lack Of Decision Power

The real estate market in Pakistan still needs to work on building the confidence of buyers. Some buyers are solely dependent on the agents who are helping them to buy properties. In this way, the agents may target a buyer whose decision power may not be strong. This happens when the companies provide unrealistic booking deals for property for sale. In the end, the budget of the client doesn’t allow him to make that specific investment. So, first on your such types of weak areas, to be on a safer side.

Location Factor Underestimated

This factor is for both the buyer and the sellers of the real estate market in Pakistan. A lot of people when investing in housing projects, don’t even bother themselves to foresee the future of the area of investment. As, some areas are never approved for the NOC, and the projects are just lying forgotten in the pipeline for ages. This has a drawback on Pakistan’s economy, as the land is of no use and the projects are not in consideration at the government level. Furthermore, the clients who made their investments also have to suffer through this traumatizing situation.

To prevent such kinds of losses, the one accountable must go through the legal issues affiliated with the area. So, the issue can be settled down without any chaos. If you are residing in Rawalpindi, this blog RDA approved housing societies is a must to read.

Partnerships Leading To Collapse

It has been observed that having toxic partnerships can lead to the worst circumstances. As some people are not experts of the real estate market in Pakistan, they just make their investment blindly and the partnership adds insult to the injury. To refrain from this mistake, first, investigate your partners and the level of sincerity they have. Because in several cases the one who is not involved in any type of frustrating situation, is caught, and the fraudster escapes. This kind of false partnership can even give you the title of bank defaulter.

Chaos Of Maintenance

The weakness of a real estate agent can sometimes cause the investor to bear a loss. For example, if you are buying an already constructed home, the real estate agent may suggest you rebuild some parts of your home. Firstly, this is time taking for sure, and also the expenditure can go beyond the limit. For this mistake to be prevented, you should not follow the suggestion of any random either agent or anyone from the real estate company.


To sum up, the whole discussion, if the precautionary measures are not taken timely then the failures can lead to serious complexed circumstances, which may remain unsolved, for the rest of your life. Also, these preventions can take the real estate market in Pakistan to the peak of success. Makeen Marketing has got experienced real estate agents, for more you can contact us at UAN: +92-330-0625336.

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