A Closer View Of Expectation Vs. Reality In Real Estate Marketing Trends

real estate marketing trends

Real estate marketing trends are under the intermixed clouds of reality and expectations, which has created numerous controversial statements in the field of real estate. For this reason, it is necessary to clarify all the ambiguities that have been incorporated in this market.

This blog provides an insight into the realities of the real estate market, keeping in mind the false expectations. Check out our full blog for more information.

Location: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: The people expect that the investment made in property, will surely increase in the years to come, regardless of the location.

Reality: To have a bite of the reality sandwich, not every location is capable of maintaining the worth of its property. The real estate marketing trends may be increasing today for a particular location, but there is no guarantee for the future. There may be the possibility that the worth suffers a significant decline. This can be due to some factors like:

  • Legal issues like NOC, may not be resolved properly, before construction.
  • The access points may cause the value of the location to fall.
  • The Rapid change in the price trends of the real estate market is due to some purposed factors.

Overnight Billionaire: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: Another expectation that is deceiving people, is that a gold mine can be dug out by investing in real estate property.

Reality: The people detached from reality, really need to consider that a lot of effort is required, to be successful in this field. Yes, there is no doubt that the real estate investment is a secure one, but there is no formula to get-rich-quick in the market of real estate. If someone deterministically performs, keeping in mind all the important points, then he can excel. But the time frame might extend from a year or more.

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No Extra Costs Required: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: A common belief among people is that buying a home just requires a certain amount, in terms of a down payment and purchase costs.

Reality: The reality is opposite to the expectations. If you are going for an already constructed house, chances might include that some areas need renovation. Moreover, the real estate property owners don’t indicate about worn-out areas of their homes. This is because they are eager to sell their property.

Secondly, if you are investing in a commercial/residential plot, even then you will have to invest some extra costs, apart from the construction. As, numerous cases have been witnessed in which the plot didn’t have a fence, and it was in someone else’s possession. So, you will have to take possession first, because the property owner does not notify you about this issue.

That is why it is best to have a close observance of the real estate marketing trends in terms of prices and authenticated housing projects. You can read an article related to the construction cost of 5 Marla upper story in Pakistan, that may help you out.

Bargaining: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: One of the other misleading beliefs regarding the real estate marketing trends is that the property owners might go for making a bargain. The sellers think that just through their communication skills they can convince a buyer from purchasing the property.  

Reality: To have a look at the factual world, there’s almost no room for a bargain in the real estate market. Numerous housing societies provide a fixed rate of a down payment and purchase, but no bargaining is done. This is due to the reason that the authorities have already come up with a suitable and fixed payment plan.

Some people without inquiring about the whole booking process, live in a delusion that they will bargain. At the time of booking, they just randomly ask for a bargain to be done, which is impossible. Eventually, they don’t have a heavy amount that is a part of a particular housing plan. In this entire scenario, such people are making themselves suffer.

It’s a Piece Of Cake: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: The real estate market is taken as a child’s play. The investors as well as the buyers think that no planning and homework is required to study the real estate marketing trends, due to the ease provided by this industry.

Reality: To shed light on the reality, there needs to be done a proper working, either you are a seller or a buyer in the real estate market. Following are some of the points based on the reality, that a buyer can face:

  • Problems related to the estimation of costs in total including the price of the down payment, purchase, labor, construction, and maintenance costs.
  • Due to a large number of people being in the real estate market, the rate of scams is also increased. So, you might have to authenticate about the real estate agency, that you are buying your property from.
  • The owners may use false statements for the property for the sake of selling it. Do consider the physical factors of the location, by going to the area directly.

Discussing the seller’s viewpoint, to bring him to the world of reality, if he is making use of deceiving statements or has not done proper investigation regarding the property for sale.:

  • The buyer may charge you for using false telling.
  • In the real estate market, you may lose your repute.
  • The history associated with you can cause you to quit the field of real estate.
  • Legal issues can arise if you have not gone into the details of the land you are selling.


To summarize the discussion, preplanning and deep investigation are required, in order to set a bar for success in the real estate market. Furthermore, such issues are affecting the reputation of the market, as more and more people are being influenced by deceiving statements. To be on the safer side, study the ongoing real estate marketing trends. At Makeen Marketing your investment is in secure hands, you can contact us at UAN: +92-330-0625336.

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