Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Islamabad in 2022


There are multiple reasons to invest in Blue World City Islamabad as this project is known to be one of the latest and most innovative housing societies to have ever been developed in Pakistan. Hearing such a claim, one would definitely want some credentials supporting it. In other words, people want to know the reasons for investing in Blue World City Islamabad.

To provide clients with a solid proof of the brilliance envisaged by this housing society, we are providing our clients with details about all the Blue World City features. These property features have the potential to provide you with a set of good reasons to invest in Blue World City Islamabad.

A Futuristic Tourism Destination in Islamabad

The Blue World City Islamabad Layout includes a major chunk of the housing society reserved for a number of thematic parks and sports stadiums. Owned by the Blue Group of Companies, this housing society is about to develop a large-scale water park for the people of Pakistan.

This means that this housing society is not just limited to Islamabad, but the entire tourism coming in from around the country as well as from abroad will find Blue World City as the top tourism destination in Islamabad. Hence, investing in Blue World City in recent times means that you are actually investing a massive real estate project that guarantees maximum returns on investment.

A China-Pakistan Friendly City

Blue World City Islamabad is being developed in collaboration with a Chinese firm and it is located near to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. This is why it is being referred to as a China-Pakistan friendly city and it is being considered as the future of real estate in Pakistan. As a result of this, the Blue World City management has developed the gate of the housing project on Chinese designs and it has become one of the finest real estate destinations in Islamabad.

It is situated right next to the M2 motorway and in the path of CPEC. Hence, Blue World City is more than just a traditional housing society as it is being referred to as the epitome of innovation in the real estate sector. This has happened for the first time that a housing project has been developed on the basis of tourism. Infrastructures such as the Blue Mosque and other features are making this project a success.

Blue World City and Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

In a recent event carried out by Imran Khan for the Corona Relief fund, the CEO of Blue Group of Companies Mr. Saad Nazir has announced participation in the Naya Pakistan Housing Project. He briefed the Prime Minister that Blue World City Islamabad is looking to be a part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme by providing the government with free of cost land for the building of 50,000 apartments along with the building of 5000 homes for the projects.  Therefore, investing in Blue World City’s real estate is more than a regular investment as it is an investment in the future of Pakistan’s real estate sector.

Moreover, Saad Nazir also announced 2-Crore Rupees donation in the Corona Relief Fund and gave a proof of Blue World City’s intentions to protect the people of Pakistan. The management of Blue World City is aiming to provide investors with the best rates for buying plots in Islamabad and make profits to uplift the real estate industry of Pakistan.

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