Residetial vs Commercial Investment

Residential vs Commercial Investment – Where to invest in 2022

Residential vs Commercial Investment is a battle that goes on in the mind of every investor. If you are looking for a real estate investment in Pakistan or mainly Islamabad and are hopeful to lock the good profit in the forthcoming time, you might be assessing between commercial vs. residential investment and which would be a better addition and profitable to the investment folder. Check out the factors listed by Makeen Marketing that will help you analyze both types of investment to make a sensible decision.

Real estate is one of the finest and safest investment prospects in Pakistan.  There are many motives to invest in real estate. People are habitually jumbled about investing in real estate or shares. Real estate investment not only delivers you with a real asset but also ensures good ROI (return on investment) and financial stability in the longer run. Captivatingly, there are numerous choices of real estate investment available in the arcade, each with its own unique features.

Choosing between residential and commercial investment also depends on the purpose behind your venture. Are you planning on using the property for your own accommodation or business needs, or is it going to be a means of regular income? Do you simply want to hold on to the property for resale at a later date?


The two folds and most public real estate options in Pakistan are residential areas and commercial areas.

When we talk about residential vs commercial investment or the above-mentioned categories of assets, we usually see two classes of investment. Some people prefer residential investment over commercial investment and vice versa. In short, the ‘residential vs commercial’ real estate debate is always in the public eye.

Residential investment talks about the outflow or revenue generation people make on building or purchasing new houses or dwelling apartments for living or renting out to others. Residential investment varies from 3 percent to 5 percent of GDP in various countries. There are many key features of this investment. One worth noticing feature is the average life of a residential unit, the standard of existing housing units at a point in time is very hefty as compared to the new residential investment in a year (i.e., the flow of residential investment). Second, there is a well-developed resale market for housing entities so that people who create or own them can sell them in the real estate market.

Income generation investment
Income generation- Residential vs Commercial investment

Residential investment is governed by the price of existing housing units. The higher the price of existing units, the higher the will be an investment in constructing and buying new housing units. The price of housing units is determined by the demand for housing units which slopes downward and the supply of existing units which is a fixed quantity and its supply curve is, therefore, an erected straight line.

In the extended route to knock between Residential vs Commercial Investment, the mandate for housing investment is monitored by the rate of population growth and the formation of new households. The advanced rate of population growth will lead to an upsurge in demand for housing units. The tendency toward two-member households has led to greater demand for housing units.

Revenue is another important factor as we talk about the balance between Residential vs Commercial Investment Revenue determines housing demand and, therefore, greater residential investment. The since level of income over time swings a worthy deal, there is a tough returning pattern of investment in residential construction. With residential investment, there is a benefit to using liability to upsurge the skill to purchase, particularly if numerous housing properties are involved.

One possession can be leveraged for the buying of the next. As additional assets are acquired, an investor’s cash sum can potentially decline if the property values have enlarged enough to back up the next purchase. Residential properties are smaller in size and the capital needed to acquire them is low. With 10 million rupees you can easily get a house in a posh area


Read our Residential vs Commercial Investment Guideline:

Investing in marketable commercial real estate can be a decent way to invest your cash, particularly if you live in a large town, or choose an asset located in a city like Islamabad. Commercial investment in Islamabad is gaining motion due to numerous reasons. Being the main city of the country in Pakistan, the city is home to numerous national and intercontinental groups and organizations. It is located on the hyped-up route of CPEC, which makes it the future hub of local commercial happenings. 

Commercial property is purely used for business and commerce and is ranked equally as we discuss Residential vs Commercial Investment. The shops and offices act as business centers and people use them for business purposes. Anticipating these business projections, Islamabad is thriving with the fastest-growing commercial infrastructure. The Blue area, Beverly, Chakri road, and Rawat, Gujar khan are now considered the hub for all the commercial activities in Islamabad but there are many new upcoming hubs too. To lodge the need for higher demand for new commercial buildings required to accommodate the increased demand for commercial area serial possessions of Islamabad come in.

Residential vs Commercial Investment:

Residential Commercial
categories Homes


Corporate offices


Purpose Accommodation  Revenue generation
chances Accommodation

Renting out

Cash required Location dependent Location dependent
Rules easy strict
End users high medium
Maintenance cost low medium
Lease time low high


Whether it is residential or commercial investment, it is definitely a source of security and income generation. All you have to take care about is to invest at the right place in the right time, keeping in account the legal approval and the market trends of real estate. Both types of investments have their own pros and cons and one needs to be equally careful while investing in any of the following types. Feel free to contact Makeen Marketing if you are looking for the investment consultancy or contact 03300625336.

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