Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan

Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan

Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan:

Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plant is the most affordable opportunity for an upcoming housing project that aims to cater to the needs of residents in the twin cities. This project recognizes the unique requirements and preferences of individuals living in Rawalpindi and its twin city, Islamabad. By understanding these needs, Saffron City Islamabad strives to create a community that offers the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and modern living.

One of the key highlights of Saffron City Islamabad is the wide array of state-of-the-art and exclusive amenities that will be available to the residents. The project emphasizes the importance of providing top-notch facilities that enhance the quality of life. From advanced security systems to recreational spaces, every aspect of the community is meticulously designed to ensure a premium living experience. Residents can expect a range of amenities such as well-equipped fitness centers, swimming pools, parks, jogging tracks, and community centers that foster a sense of community and well-being.

Saffron City Developers:

Saffron City Owners have established a reputation for their exceptional work and unwavering commitment in the industry. The renowned builders, SKB (Sadullah Khan and Brothers), are responsible for the development of this project. Their expertise extends beyond the borders of Pakistan, with their services being sought after in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia. With a remarkable 25 years of experience in the field, SKB brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

At the helm of this exceptional residential community is Malik Tariq Awan, serving as the CEO. His leadership and vision contribute to the success and growth of the project. Additionally, Mr. Haroon Arshad holds the position of Director of Sales. With his extensive experience in the real estate industry, Mr. Arshad has a proven track record of achieving outstanding sales and profitability for numerous housing projects.

Saffron City Owners, led by the esteemed builders SKB, are known for their excellence and commitment in the field of real estate. With their services expanding internationally and a solid 25 years of experience, they bring a wealth of expertise to the development of this project. Under the leadership of CEO Malik Tariq Awan and the sales expertise of Director Mr. Haroon Arshad, this residential community is poised for success.

Saffron City NOC:

The approval for Saffron City’s NOC is expected to be granted in the near future. The developers are enthusiastic about informing their investors that the Letter of Possession (LOP) for the housing project is already obtainable. Additionally, all the necessary and official documents have been submitted to the appropriate authorities. Consequently, the owners will soon acquire the NOC agreement. Moreover, since the project falls within the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) will confer a legitimate status upon the residential project.

Saffron City Location:

Location plays a crucial role in the desirability of any housing project, and Saffron City Islamabad recognizes this fact. The project is strategically situated near the twin cities, ensuring easy accessibility for residents who commute to Rawalpindi or Islamabad for work or leisure. This convenient location allows residents to enjoy the benefits of urban living while being in close proximity to major commercial centers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and recreational areas.

Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan

Close Proximities:

  1. Giga Mall
  2. Rawat
  3. DHA Phase 3
  4. Bahria Town Rawalpindi
  5. T-Chowk
  6. Bahria Enclave
  7. Rawalpindi Ring Road

Saffron City Master Plan:

Saffron City Islamabad is an upcoming housing project that aims to exceed the expectations of residents in the twin cities. With its focus on state-of-the-art amenities and international living standards, the project aims to create a community that offers a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Its strategic location further enhances the appeal of the project, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a modern and convenient living experience in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The developer of Saffron City Islamabad has a clear vision of creating a residential area that meets international living standards. This means that the project will adhere to the highest standards of quality and comfort. From the selection of construction materials to the architectural designs, every aspect of the development is planned to provide residents with a modern and luxurious living environment. The project aims to incorporate contemporary and sustainable design practices to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing living space.

Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan

As per Makeen Marketing’s inventory, the residential plots in Saffron City are available in three different specifications for housing purposes:

5 Marla:

This plot size is suitable for individuals or small families looking for a compact yet comfortable living space. It provides enough room for a modest house with basic amenities and a small outdoor area.

10 Marla:

The 10 Marla plots offer a more spacious option for families or individuals seeking a larger living space. This size allows for the construction of a decent-sized house with multiple bedrooms, living areas, and additional facilities.

1 Kanal:

The 1 Kanal plots are designed for those looking for a luxurious and expansive living space. This plot size provides ample space for a spacious house with multiple floors, larger gardens, and more amenities. It is ideal for larger families or individuals who prefer a grand living experience.

These plot specifications cater to a range of preferences and offer options suitable for varying family sizes and lifestyles. Prospective residents can choose the plot size that best suits their requirements and vision for their future home in Saffron City.

Saffron City Payment Plan:

The authorities of Saffron City have introduced a pre-launch payment plan to cater to both investors and future residents. The developers are dedicated to making the buying process as convenient as possible for everyone interested in the project. To achieve this, they are offering flexible payment options, including installment plans and an easy down payment option. These provisions aim to ease the financial burden and provide more accessibility to potential buyers.

In addition to the flexible payment options, the payment proposal includes several other elements to enhance the overall purchasing experience. These elements may include discounted rates for early investors, special incentives for bulk buyers, or additional benefits such as waiver of certain charges or fees. The developers strive to provide an attractive and competitive payment plan that appeals to a wide range of investors.

One of the key advantages of investing in Saffron City is the current optimal time for investment. The rates offered in the payment plan are reasonable and fall within the range that most investors find attractive. This presents an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to invest in a promising housing project with the potential for good returns on investment in the future.

The plot prices for Saffron City in Islamabad are as follows:

5 Marla Plot- Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan:

Total Price: Rs. 2,550,000

Confirmation Rate: 10% of the total price, which is Rs. 255,000

Payment Plan: 30 monthly installments of Rs. 29,750 each

Possession Charges: Rs. 255,000

Booking Rate: Rs. 255,000

Additional Payment Plan: 6 bi-annual installments of Rs. 148,750 each

10 Marla Plot- Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan:

Total Price: Rs. 4,500,000

Confirmation Rate: 10% of the total price, which is Rs. 450,000

Payment Plan: 30 monthly installments of Rs. 52,550 each

Possession Charges: Rs. 450,000

Booking Rate: Rs. 450,000

Additional Payment Plan: 6 bi-annual installments of Rs. 262,500 each

1 Kanal Plot- Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan:

Total Price: Rs. 8,500,000

Confirmation Rate: 10% of the total price, which is Rs. 850,000

Payment Plan: 30 monthly installments of Rs. 99,167 each

Possession Charges: Rs. 850,000

Booking Rate: Rs. 850,000

Additional Payment Plan: 6 bi-annual installments of Rs. 495,833 each

Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan

These prices and payment plans provide prospective buyers with options for different plot sizes. The payment plans offer a combination of monthly installments and bi-annual installments, making it more convenient for individuals to invest in their desired plot size in Saffron City.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan:

What is Saffron City Islamabad?

Saffron City Islamabad is a residential housing project located in Islamabad, offering a range of plots for individuals and families looking for a modern living experience.

What are the available plot sizes in Saffron City?

Saffron City offers plots in three different sizes: 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. These sizes cater to the diverse needs and preferences of potential residents.

What are the total prices for the different plot sizes?

The total price for a 5-Marla plot is Rs. 2,550,000, for a 10-Marla plot it is Rs. 4,500,000, and for a 1 Kanal plot, it is Rs. 8,500,000. These prices reflect the overall cost of the plots.

What are the confirmation rate and booking rate for the plots?

The confirmation rate for each plot size is set at 10% of the total price. The booking rate is also equivalent to 10% of the total price. These rates are necessary to secure the plot and initiate the buying process.

What are the payment plans available for the plots?

The payment plans for the plots in Saffron City include 30 monthly installments for each plot size. Additionally, there are 6 bi-annual installments available. The specific amounts for each installment can be found in the respective plot size details.

Are there possession charges for the plots?

Yes, possession charges are applicable for each plot size. These charges are separate from the total price and are payable to acquire possession of the plot.

Can I opt for an installment plan for purchasing a plot?

Yes, Saffron City offers installment plans to make the buying process more convenient for investors and residents. The monthly and bi-annual installment options allow individuals to pay for their plots over a specified period.

Are there any additional benefits or incentives for early investors?

Saffron City may offer certain benefits or incentives for early investors. These incentives could include discounted rates, waiver of certain charges, or other special offers. It is advisable to inquire about such benefits during the booking process.

How can I obtain more detailed information about the payment plans?

For more detailed information about the payment plans, including the specific amounts and schedules, it is recommended to refer to the official documentation provided by Saffron City. This will provide clarity on the payment structure and help in making an informed decision.

Who should I contact for further inquiries about the society and payment plans?

To get further information or have any specific inquiries regarding Saffron City Islamabad and its payment plans, you can contact Makeen Marketing’s sales department or representatives. They will be able to address your queries and provide the necessary guidance.


Saffron City Islamabad offers a promising residential opportunity for individuals and families seeking modern living standards. With its range of plot sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, the housing project caters to various preferences and requirements. The payment plans provided by Saffron City make the buying process more convenient and accessible, with options for monthly and bi-annual installments. The competitive pricing and attractive incentives make it an opportune time for potential investors. For those looking to secure a plot in this esteemed community, Saffron City Islamabad presents an appealing option with its quality offerings, convenient payment plans, and potential for a fulfilling lifestyle.

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