What Makes CSC First Smart City in Pakistan?

Capital Smart City in Pakistan

Capital Smart City is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after First Smart City in Pakistan in Pakistan. The project is a project of Future Holding Development Ltd in association with Habib Rafiq Group. FDHL is one of the premier real estate development companies in Pakistan— they have worked on massive housing projects such as Bahria Town and DHA.

Moreover, Surbana Jurong, a Singaporean consultancy firm has been tasked with the planning of the housing society. SJ is known to be one of the largest and most reliable industrial and infrastructure consultancy firms.

What is a Smart City?

What is a Smart City?

According to a market report, the market size of smart cities around the world is expected to grow by 14.8% in 2025.

First Smart City in Pakistan aims to incorporate Information and Communication Technology to plan for, and deploy, advance practices that will help combat the challenges put forth by burgeoning urbanization.  This success of this ICT structure hinges upon an intricately designed web of machines that are able to receive and transmit data wirelessly, via the cloud.

Smart cities elevate the standard of living of its citizens by allowing them to stay connected with their homes and cars, through apps on their mobiles. So how exactly will technology make your life easier? It can help improve and streamline traffic congestion, energy distribution and even reduce air pollution.

You will find that FDHL and Surbana Jurong have executed the smart city project expertly— by incorporating smart villas and smart facilities throughout the housing society.

Smart Facilities in Capital Smart City Islamabad

Smart Facilities in Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad is the First Smart City in Pakistan to offer their residents a host of smart facilities that work towards bettering their standard of living. A few key features that make Capital Smart City a smart city is a connectivity to smart apps that help you track traffic, weather, electricity, and Wi-Fi throughout the city. The owners of the project guarantee around the clock access to services such as electricity, water, and gas.

Capital Smart City’s map shows us land allocated for hotels, a shopping complex as well as other recreational hubs where residents can go and enjoy themselves. Another thing that is indicated in the map is the smart housing plan, the 18-hole golf course as well as the overseas block.

Furthermore, This First Smart City in Pakistan is one of the few housing projects that priorities environmental conservation; it is designed in a way as to not disrupt the natural structures in its vicinity and has allocated a spread of land to parks and other greenery.

Individuals and groups in the real estate industry are anticipating the completion of Pakistan’s first-ever smart city—it will be monumental in redefining the country’s real estate and development sector.

Smart Villas in Pakistan’s First Smart City

Smart Villas in Pakistan's First Smart City

Perhaps the highlight of this housing society is its smart villas. To develop these villas, FHDL has contracted Trivelles International, a UK-based property development firm. The employment of foreign technology guarantees that these villas will be smart, novel and offer a fresh experience to residents.

Not only will these villas comprise of high-end tech but are also situated in perhaps of the most scenic areas in the project— in the middle of Crystal Lake and the golf course. This affords the villas a view of the entire society.


So, what are these smart home features we have heard so much about?  The first thing you need to keep in mind is that certain smart facilities are offered based on the type of villa you purchase. Firstly, the classic villa comes with custom tiles, windows, and other fixtures. The premium villas allow you to customize your home to your tastes. Lastly, the exclusive villas offer you an elegant, lavish living experience. These villas are smart homes in the truest sense—your phone is paired to your home and you can track things like traffic and weather through it. Other smart features of these homes include gas sensors, smart switches, automated locks, surveillance cameras, as well as temperature sensors.  

These villas come in the following architectural designs:

Georgian Type Villas

Georgian Type Villas

If you are someone who is drawn to symmetrical designs with a touch of old-school Victorian, then a Georgian type villa is just what you need. This classical home offers a sturdy looking square structure, with symmetrically places doors and windows. The grand entrance adorned with columns, high ceilings and arches will have you spellbound.

Mediterranean Type Villas

Mediterranean Type Villas

If you appreciate houses with warm tones, that incorporate natural building materials such as ceramic, wood and iron, you will love the Mediterranean style villas offered by Capital Smart City. These villas embody southern European architectural design— a mixture of modesty and boldness. These villas are extremely spacious and well-designed.

Contemporary Type Villas

Contemporary Type Villas

Capital Smart City’s contemporary type villa is a minimalist’s dream come true. These are the most modern structure offered by the project. They are built keeping in mind the concept of minimalism— structures accommodate open floor plans, massive windows, and asymmetry.

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