Staging Your Home in 2022: Nifty Tips and Tricks

staging your home in 2021

Staging Your Home in 2021 plays a crucial part in helping you attract the right kind of buyers. According to realtors, how well you stage your home can mean the difference between “For Sale” and “Sold”. We, at Makeen Marketing, understand that the entire process of listing your property for sale, sifting through potential buyers, and negotiating deals can get overwhelming; we have got your back! Below are some home makeover ideas that are sure to drive in potential buyers.

Solid First Impression While Staging Your Home in 2021

Staging Your Home in 2020

The impression “First impression is the last impression” really rings true here. Just like with real life, the first impression the buyer gets will set the tone for how well the showing will go. Therefore, Staging Your Home in 2021 has become extremely essential for a property to sell out more quickly. So how can you make the exterior of your home more attractive? Our estate agents suggest hanging up attractive and legible house numbers. Isn’t it frustrating driving around for 20 minutes trying to find a house only to realize that you missed it several times because there wasn’t a visible address marker installed? These are things potential buyers notice driving up to your property.

Make sure to tidy up your front porch, mow the lawn, trim any hedges, power-wash the garage and walk-ways, and replace that rusty mailbox! while Staging Your Home in 2021. Additionally, laying out a welcome mat at the door will give your property a homely feel.

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Deep Clean and Declutter

Deep Clean and Declutter

There are few things worse than walking into a damp, grimy bathroom. If a buyer walks in and sees tile-grout they are bound to wonder what other rooms in the house have been neglected. To impart a good impression on the buyer, it is crucial that you are Staging Your Home in 2021. For many potential buyers, this can be a dealbreaker. So, make sure you take out a couple of hours to conduct a deep cleaning. Scrub the floor and walls, get under the bathroom sink, and add a water-proof sealer to the cracks around your tub.

Remember to pay the same attention to other rooms in your home. Get into the nooks and crannies—the buyer will be keeping an eye out for these as well!

A deep cleaning goes hand-in-hand with de-cluttering. Removing unnecessary clutter will give your house a pristine and minimalist look. Make sure you store valuables and other personal items in a safe space before the showing. Put away any unnecessary appliances that may be lying around on the counters. Put away things that can get in the way of your buyer; its hard to focus on the house when they’re busy trying to clear an obstacle course of your personal belongings!

Add Mirrors

Add Mirrors

While you are Staging Your Home in 2021, make sure your home has plenty of natural light. Mirrors are a great way to let some light in. How? Simply put up a mirror opposite or adjacent to a window to increase the amount of light being cast into the room. Moreover, mirrors are an instant way to make your room feel more spacious. Mirrors are multitaskers that help tremendously in your property staging efforts.  



While Staging Your Home in 2021, this is a step where many sellers may run into issues. Inherently, what this tip calls for is the removal of any personal items, such as framed photos of you and your family, posters of your favorite band, and other articles that may reflect your own personal styles. We want the buyer to be able to envision a life in your home; the presence of your personal items can severely impede that.

Go Neutral While Staging Your Home

Go Neutral

This point ties in with the previous one in a major way— you will have to forgo your own style for a while and go with a more neutral style while Staging Your Home in 2021. We know that you have spent a lot of effort turning your house into a home but while showing your home to a potential buyer, you must keep in mind what comes off as more palatable to them. 

Neutral themes have been found to be more agreeable with buyers, no matter what their personal style may be. Going with neutral colors doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be boring. Home staging trends in 2020 indicate that setting a theme of rich neutral hues is a popular choice. These colors include “barley”, “stone house” and, “providence olive”.

Therefore, when you are Staging Your Home in 2021, think of going neutral as providing a clean slate for your buyer to imagine their life in your house, without the imposition of your own tastes.

Don’t Forget the Backyard

Don’t Forget the Backyard: staging your home

Depending on the time of the year you decide to sell your home, buyers may want to check out your backyard. While in the winters, potential buyers might not attach too much value to the backyard, it’s a whole different case in summer months. Therefore, you should not forget your Backyard while Staging Your Home in 2021.

People indulge in backyard cookouts, and other activities and would be delighted to see a well-set backyard. However, it goes without saying that no matter what time of the year it is, make sure that the backyard is mowed, and the space is cleaned.

Follow these home staging tips in 2021 to attract the right kind of buyers to your property. Here are some more ideas on how to freshen up your home décor in Pakistan Looking estate agents to help you sell your property in Islamabad? Get in touch with Makeen Marketing and avail their years of experience in the industry.   

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