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smart cities in Pakistan

Over the decades, Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd has created an unparalleled reputation for itself as an esteemed real estate construction and development company. However, what many people don’t know about is that real estate is just one of the many sectors it caters to. HRL has produced some notable engineering, power, and infrastructural projects. However, none compare to the two smart cities in Pakistan that were introduced by the company.

Countries all over the world have seen a rise in the number of smart cities being constructed. According to an article in Forbes, these smart cities are indicators of how technology is really transforming our cities. As it turns out people quite enjoy this blend of communication and information technology in their lives.

Follow this article for more details on the two smart cities in Pakistan: Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City, and why you should invest in them as soon as possible.

Smart City in Islamabad

smart city in Islamabad

The smart city that’s been developed in Islamabad has been aptly named Capital Smart City. This housing society is quickly nearing its completion and has gained a lot of acclaim for its futuristic and eco-friendly design. Another thing to note is how well HRL integrated ICT into the smart cities. 

Perhaps this is due to the fact that Capital Smart City owners and developers paired with leading Singaporean development and consultancy firm, Surbana Jurong. Together, they were able to form a top-tier smart city that aims at elevating the living standards of its investors.

When it comes to Capital Smart City Islamabad location, this housing society is located near the M2 Motorway in close proximity to the newest Islamabad airport. Moreover, the Capital Smart City map indicates that the housing society is just a couple of minutes away from the CPEC route. This essentially means that residents and investors will enjoy increased accessibility through this route. Moreover, the project neighbors many coveted societies such as Blue World City, Eighteen Islamabad, and Al Mairaj City. 

Apart from the prime Capital Smart City Islamabad location, these smart cities in Pakistan offer a mirage of smart facilities including smart security, Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the city, smart resource management. Moreover, this real estate society has constructed “Capital Smart City villas” in one of the most exclusive blocks in the project.

Finally, let’s discuss the Capital Smart City Islamabad installment plan. The project gives its investors a wide variety of choices when it comes to plot cuttings. You can purchase 5 marla to 1- Kanal and 2- Kanal plots. The installment plans offer ease and flexibility— you can pay via 3-year quarterly installments. Want more details? Click here.

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Smart City in Lahore

smart city in Lahore

Much like Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City is also owned and developed by Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd. Because both the smart cities in Pakistan are sponsored by HRL, LSC is quite similar to its counterpart in Islamabad. However, keep in mind that while CSC has already been developed, Lahore Smart City is just starting out its development. Moreover, the Lahore Smart City map indicates that this society is located near Mehmood Booti Interchange as well as the popular Ring Road in the city.

This ideal Lahore Smart City location near the Ring Road means its residents get to enjoy the accessibility created by the ring road. Additionally, they will have access to the existing commercial and business hubs along the ring road.

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Why Should You Invest in Smart Cities in Pakistan?

why you should invest in smart cities in Pakistan

We are seeing a growing demand for smart cities around the world— something that can be gauged by the popularity of the smart cities in Pakistan.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a fully secure, climate-controlled housing society that contributes to environmentalism?

If you’re an environmentally conscious person, one of the main reasons you’ll want to invest in these smart cities is that these projects shape how energy is consumed. Thanks to streamlined communication between workers, residents, and the smart city itself, you will have a greater say in how the city is run.

Another great reason to invest in these smart cities in Pakistan is how affordable they are considering the wide array of amenities they provide. You will be provided beautiful recreational spaces to efficient public transport within the city, to smart homes you can control with the touch of a button. However, we highly suggest investing in Lahore Smart City because its plots are being offered at pre-launching rates.

If you note the trajectory of the prices of CSC plots, you’ll find an exponential increase from when they were offered at pre-launching rates. Smart real estate investors buy land when it’s at a pre-launching rate (they are considerably low) and sell them at exalted rates later on. This society carries immense potential for large ROIs.  So, hurry up and get your hands on an LSC plot while pre-launching rates are still available!

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